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Chapter 8

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Chapter Eight

The Laver

The laver is also still in the first dimension because it’s still illuminated with natural light. And there’s been no veil to pass through that separates it from the altar of sacrifice. The laver is another important step in the walk as it is a picture of baptism. It’s a picture of the cleansing power of the spirit. It’s also connected to the lake of fire, but that’s for another time. The laver is where the priests would wash their hands and the high priest would be washed from head to toe in preparation for going into the temple to minister. One is always to prepare you for the next.

It’s also a picture of what was, what is, and what’s to come. It’s not technically changing you, it’s an obedient step that is proclaiming to the earth that there’s already been a change “in” you. It is a picture of death, Christ’s and yours, burial, and especially resurrection. Is it important that we are submerged in our water baptism? It’s so easy to be tripped up by the natural words that were written. This isn’t about whether or not you are baptized through submersion, being sprinkled, or having water poured over you. It’s about seeing the pattern God originally intended. The submerging is a picture of burial. For resurrection to occur, something first has to die.

Come as a Child
An interesting thing about the correlation between a child and the nature of man. You don’t have to teach either of them to fall down. They will do that on their own with absolutely no instruction or assistance. What we have to teach our minds to do is, to stand up and walk. But even then, it’s not “teaching” so much as it is “supporting”, “instructing”, or “guiding” when the time comes for us to do so. A child will walk with or without parental assistance. It’s all a matter of maturity and strength.

It’s the same with infant Christians, if they are brought up in the family of God with a healthy balance of truth, mercy and grace, they will mature into the kingdom. But if there’s been a divorce or division in the parental marriage, the child will be affected by the division. If there has been a divorce between your spirit and soul, there will be a manifestation of this in your beliefs. May we all find our adoption through the blood of the Lamb, who chose to lay himself upon the altar of sacrifice as his spirit washes the blood, the evidence of our act to remove life from the Lamb, may his spirit wash us at the laver that was overlaid with the looking-glasses of the women of Israel, or the souls, the mind of the nation, what does the mind reflect?

You Are What You Behold
Another picture depicting that when we look into the water, which is a picture of the spirit, when we look into the water, the reflection we should see is not that of ourselves, but instead we should see the likeness of the one we behold. You are what you behold. If you have the mind of Christ, that will be the reflection you see as you look into the spirit where the blood of sacrifice, (life is in the blood) is removed from flesh.

2 Corinthians 3:18
But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, [even] as by the Spirit of the Lord.

After experiencing the altar of sacrifice and the washing of the laver, the priest would then find himself at the door, or veil of the tabernacle. And from there, things changed as far as responsibilities go. There is a distinct separation from outer-court to inner-court relationship with Christ. Looking at the tabernacle in correlation with the dimensions of man, there is a distinct difference between your body and your soul. Just as there is also a distinct difference between your soul and your spirit. It is your spirit that receives seed from God’s spirit.

Spirit, Soul, Body, The Order of God
As a man becomes intimate with a woman, it’s Romans 1:20 all over again in that your soul is married to your spirit. Your soul is where ideas are born. It is where thoughts originate, beliefs are decided on. It is the womb of your nature. This is where the power of truth is conceived. The order that God originally established in man was, he is first a spirit, (the image that is the same as Gods’) who has a soul, who lives in a temporary body.

Eternal life is not in the flesh, nor is it in the mind, but it is in the spirit. The tree of life in Genesis is a picture of Christ, actually, the overall picture in the garden is a picture of the body, soul, and spirit of Christ. This will be covered later. What we need to understand here and now is when God told Moses to pay close attention to the details when building the tabernacle, it was because he was building from the blue-print of Christ. The tabernacle is the Old Covenant’s picture of Jesus.

Tabernacle Frames the Body of Christ
In fact, if you had an aerial view of the tabernacle, as you look down on the seven articles, you’d see they form the cross. Where each article is located, blood flowed from the body of Jesus. From the altar of sacrifice, his feet were run through with large spikes. Where the laver is, a spear was pierced in his side and interestingly enough, the same contents in the laver also flowed out of the side of Jesus, blood and water. As you enter into the temple, on your right and left where the golden candlestick and the table of showbread are, represents his hands.And where his crown of thorns was forced down upon his head, a picture of Christ overcoming the cursed mind.

All of this is a picture of the body of Christ, who was God in spirit, manifesting in the flesh. Above all of this is the ark of the covenant that rests beneath the mercy seat. Inside the ark are three things again. Dimension of the nature of God again. You see God the father who is the judge who gave the commandments. You see the nature of the spirit through Aaron’s budding rod as he was the Father of prophets. And last but far from least, the manna. Jesus said himself that “he” was the manna that was sent from heaven. It’s all a pattern of the truth of the kingdom. The body, the message of Christ, points to the kingdom of love, peace and rest.

Three Dimensions Within Three dimensions
As you pan back and see the formation of the camps of the Israelites, you’ll find that they also form a cross. The placement of the articles of the covenant in the tabernacle, is a cross within a cross. Just as there are three distinct separations in the tabernacle; the outer court, inner court and holy of holies, each dimension depicting our relationship with God, there is again, another three dimensional picture within these three dimensions, and that is what we discussed in the contents of the ark. Everything laid out in the natural, forms a spiritual pattern.

There are three distinct areas of the tabernacle in the outer court, the inner court and the holy of holies. There are three dimensions to the ark itself in that it contains the law, the budding staff, and the manna. Three articles, one ark. It’s the divine nature of the three dimensions of God. The law is a picture of God as judge and ruler, the budding staff of Aaron is a picture of the breath of prophetic life of the spirit, and the manna of course is Christ as the daily bread.

Tabernacle of Moses Compared to Twelve Disciples
When looking at the tabernacle of Moses in comparison with the disciples, you’ll see there are parallels of three there as well. You have the nation of Israel encamped according to their tribes round about the tabernacle. You have only one tribe that is allowed to carry out the responsibilities the temple requires, from it’s tearing down and moving, to it’s animal sacrifices, no one but the tribe of Levi was allowed to enter into temple ministry. And then you had one person, out of all the nation of Israel, only the high priest was allowed to enter into the holy of holies and even then, it was once a year.

Now, the correlation that we see here is, just as out of all of the people on earth, one nation was chosen to be God’s nation, out of all of Israel, 12 disciples were singled out to be Jesus personal followers. They were hand-picked to become apostles that would be the foundation piece of the framework of the manifested church of Christ. So as you go from all of Israel down to one tribe to do the ministry work, so also, out of all of Israel, 12 men were picked to carry the gospel to all nations. And just as, out of the tribe of Levi, there was only one person that could enter into the most intimate and holy places on earth, of the 12 disciples, only three of them were allowed to see intimate things of Christ that the others were not allowed to see. The pattern never changes.

As we said earlier, as you look down on the entire layout, you see the tribes of Israel are stations around the tabernacle, and they actually form a cross. And as you see the articles of the tabernacle laid out, it also forms a cross. It is a cross within a cross. And with the twelve disciples, they are a picture of the church of Christ. And of the twelve, there were clearly three that were much closer to Christ than the other nine. They are also a cross within a cross. The pattern never changes. They were the closest of the chosen. The elements in the ark were hidden beneath the mercy seat. The more you grow in Christ, the more you see his patterns in everything around you.

So, everything written in Scripture has three dimensions of truth in it. The first is the historical, the second is applying the moral principal from the historical story to your life today. The third is the projection of the nature of Christ. Know the history, apply the moral, pursue the spiritual.

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