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More than a Friend

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1 More than a Friend on Sun Sep 23, 2012 4:39 pm


This is something I wrote, I guess you could say it is my testimony of a sort, as it poured out of my heart about the night that I knelt down in tears and receive Him after drawing my first picture ever of Him. I seen much more than an artist's rendering, I saw an old Friend. And to this day it is the only picture I've every drawn that doesn't have my signature on it, which if you knew how important that is to an artist, I think you'll understand why.

I once knew a girl who thought she had everything, a nice home, fancy clothes, and even diamonds in her rings. She had never really been hurt by loved ones or been betrayed by friends.
It seemed like to her that the turmoils and trials in other peoples lives just passed her right on by.

I guess you could say that she had been sheltered all her life, if she wasn't someone's lover; she was someone's wife.
What wasn't given to her she was able to buy. At times she would reflect on all the things she had, and wonder why there was such an emptiness and longing that made her feel so sad.

She didn't understand what this feeling was she said to herself I have it all. Everything I've ever asked for.
And yet day by day the emptiness and longing persisted, and pushed her towards something more.

It didn't matter what she received or what she bought, it could never take the place of what she really sought.
She thought about a man she knew once, as a child, and remembered when she was with Him; she never felt that emptiness inside. She wondered if she might draw His picture, as she remembered Him to be. Because, to her He was more beautiful, than anything She'd ever seen. You see this girl was an artist and loved to paint and draw, but nothing could prepare her, that night for what she really saw.

I guess you realize by now this girl is me, and I don't know how to put into words, how that night set me free. And the emptiness I'd felt so long was now a memory. All I set out to do that night was to see an old friends face. I had no idea that I'd die that night, and that He would take my place. I saw much more than a friend that night; I met the Saviour of the world. Now there's no longer that emptiness inside, for He fills me completely with peace, joy, and a love I can't deny.

I'll never forget that girl so long ago, who thought she had everything. At least that is what she was told. So, if you have an empty place inside, that can't be filled by things. Look for a friendly face in the dark, and you'll find something much more, than money can't bring.


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