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Chapter six

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Chapter Six





Hebrews 13:8
Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.
Revelation 1
8I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty

It’s All Dimensional
In order to take this any further, it is key that we realize this. There are three “dimensions” in every thing. There’s a beginning, a middle, and an end; a yesterday, a today, a forever; a “was”, an “is” and an “is to come”. It’s all a pattern of God. One is to prepare you for entering into the next. It’s a progressive journey to spiritual maturity in Christ. One of the reasons that the tabernacle of Moses is seen as the frame-work of Jesus is due to the fact that there are three dimensions to it as well.

There is the outer court, where it is illuminated by “natural” light, the light of the sun, moon and stars. There is the holy place, where it is illuminated by “cultivated” light; a fire that required maintenance of the priests to keep it going. In the natural, it assisted in allowing them to see to carry out their duties in the temple. And in the Holy of holies, there is “spiritual” light. It was the glory of God that illuminated the mercy seat. Each has a distinct purpose with a distinct separation yet all were considered to be the “tabernacle”.

One God, In Three Dimensions
There are three dimensions to God. God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Tradition would have you believe they are three separate entities that are one in agreement. But such is not the case. Have you ever asked yourself why it was that the Holy Spirit could not be poured out upon all flesh until “after” Jesus was no longer here in bodily form? Who is the Holy Spirit? He is the Spirit of God, who is in Christ. He is the Spirit of Christ who is in God. Jesus himself said that when you see him, you’ve seen the Father, as he and the Father are one. To some, he comes as a Judge. To others, he comes as a Redeemer. And yet to others, he comes as a Comforter. He is one in all, and all in one.

He’s the same entity, but it’s the state of the individual that actually dictates what form God comes in. If they are in a fallen state and call out to him, he comes as Christ the Redeemer, God the Son to them. If they rebel against him, or reject him, he comes as a Judge, God the Father. And if they are a part of him and he’s a part of them, he manifests as a comforter, God the Holy Ghost. He is one and the same, but it’s where the person is in their relationship with him that decides what form of him they see him come in.

Holy Trinity?
The traditional church would actually respond to this with disdain and gasp at the idea that we would even imply that Jesus and God are one. But the truth is, man didn’t make that one up, Jesus is the one that was saying it. There are many “golden calf’s” that the church has in it’s protective custody that you just don’t tamper with. This would be one of those. They take places like where Jesus was baptized in the Jordan, and they emphasize that God spoke, the dove hovered and Jesus never moved his lips. That’s proof that they are separate. We’re not saying there aren’t three manifestations. We’re simply saying the three are all of one.

Baby, Savior, Conqueror, Comforter
The upper room experience could not yet manifest because the spirit that fell on those men on the day of Pentecost, is the same spirit that lived in the temporary flesh of Jesus. For the Holy Spirit to be released into all men, he first had to leave the body of flesh he was born into. That upper room experience was actually the second coming of the Lord. (gasp!) And just as the disciples that were on the road to Emmaus didn’t recognize who Jesus was because he appeared to them in a resurrected form and they were still picturing him in a crucified state, so Christ did return in the upper room also, just in a different form. He came as a baby, matured into a Savior, ascended as a Conqueror, returned as a Comforter and has been among us ever since.

The problem is, they are disregarding Jesus’ own words that he and the Father are one. And they’re relying on the natural to base their logic on a spiritual truth. The truth is what the truth says it is and truth said that he and the Father are one. This is not a special case we’re talking about here. The more you pursue the spiritual kingdom, the more you are going to find inconsistencies in the traditional churches theologies. The question is, which are you going to release, and which are you going to bind yourself to.

Remember when you began this, you were instructed to allow your heart to be leveled. Remove the highs, the platforms, the idols within you. Not natural idols and not even ungodly idols, but perhaps religious idols. Things that you thought were clear to you for years and years to where they are on a pedestal that lifts them above the other principles in your life that may not be as firm to you. Perhaps understanding the trinity as it’s been taught by tradition is one of those things that you must now allow God to remove in your heart so that he can build a foundation that “He” originates and not from the doctrine of a man.

Truth Needs No Defense
One good way to test whether or not you have high places in you, is your reaction toward another perspective that may be alien to what you’ve previously believe. If you become aggressively defensive, that is a sign that there’s something out of alignment. Truth needs no defense from men, it stands on it’s own. Jesus never defended his values or beliefs, even though he had plenty of opportunities to do so as the religious crowd constantly tried to goad him into debates and arguments. He knew the Father would do the defending of his Son.

He simply stated truth indirectly through parables and when they tried to use the Word against him, he’d brush it off because their interpretation was tainted due to the fact they were trying to enforce spiritual truth by natural application. And in doing so, it would never actually apply to Christ because he not only “knew” the Word, he “was” the Word. And even though the word they read and the word he knew, was one and the same word, it had the opposite affect on them than it did on Christ. When you leave your old nature and step into the spirit, there will be a major change in how you see truth to be. Truth is constant, it’s our perspective of truth that keeps changing.

Does it truly matter whether you agree that there is a trinity, that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are separate entities? No, and that’s the point. It isn’t going to change your destination in the end at all. If you reject these steps that are leading to another place, it will be difficult for you to get to where this is all going. But it’s not going to alter your final destination as a person. It’s all about the condition of your heart. Is it brittle? Or is it pliable. Tradition tells me that my inheritance is waiting for me at the end of my life. What the kingdom is saying is, your inheritance is for you now, not at the end.

This whole concept of the kingdom is to bring the bride into the realization of who she is now, so that she will exercise the authority that’s in her now. If the enemy can convince me my rewards, inheritance, authority is all stuff that comes at the end, then I won’t be looking for it now, which means that he can continue carrying out his assignment against me and those around me that God has led me to and led them to me so we can bring freedom to each other.

Reproduction Comes Through Submission
Just at there are three dimensions to God in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, there are three dimensions to us. Our spirit, soul, and body. We are patterned after our creator. He is a three dimensional God, we are a three dimensional people. And his word is a three dimensional Word. It is my Spirit that receives life from His Spirit flowing in me. His Word is the seed of life planted in my spirit and my spirit then transfers this spiritual seed into my mind. My mind is a womb where ideas and principles are birthed.

But if my mind is what is dominant in me, then my spirit can neither receive or transfer the seed. My soul must be in submission to my spirit to receive the seed of life. Only then will the seed be transferred into my understanding where it grows. I don’t cause it to grow any more than a mother causes a baby to grow in her womb. But as it does grow, this life my mind is now impregnated with, begins making room for itself and it brings change to my principles. A religious spirit will want to abort this new life. It’ll make it sick in the same way a mother with child has morning sickness.

Her body is making changes in preparation for carrying this new life within it. In the same way, my mind gets sick, it gets frustrated, perhaps defensive and aggressive toward new principles. It uses it’s only weapon against spiritual principles. It uses logic. Such as, can the entire mainline church be so wrong and only a handful of scattered churches be right? This was covered with the 4 soils.

The Hardened Path of Religion
One was rocky, and the seed did take root, but there was no depth to the roots and as soon as the weather turned hot and dry, it withered and became a victim. Another was choked out by thorns, another was fertile ground, the good soil, but the other was on a hardened path. That is the one that depicts the state of the church. The fact that it’s a path, indicates that it’s a well-traveled road. Everyone walks on it. And because it’s such a popular path, they’ve packed it down so much so that the seed of life can no longer penetrate the surface because if religion does anything, it hardens the hearts and minds of the believers.

We have been taught and convinced that our mind should guard our hearts. But again, that is the logic of men talking and not the spirit of truth. Truth says you’re to be led by the Spirit. Because the Holy Spirit is in direct communication with your spirit. And you are told in 2 Corinthians that your spirit is to take captive the imaginations, the images of your mind. Now, if this is the case, then how can your mind effectively guard your spirit, when your mind is supposed to be in submission to your spirit in the first place.

Womb of a Woman = Womb in the Mind of Man
Once the order of truth is reconstructed in me, in that my spirit does become dominant over my mind, then, the seed of life from the Holy Spirit that was breathed into my spirit, can now be inserted into my mind where it incubates and grows into a life of it’s own. Just as it is God who works “in” you both to will and to do his good pleasure, it is the same as what a baby does inside a womb, pushing back other elements and organs as it gets bigger and bigger, expanding in the womb. It’s the same with the seed of the spirit in our minds.

Once we lay our minds down and allow our spirit to receive the seed of life without my head trying to filter it first. But accept it by faith, to believe in what can’t be seen, to accept what can’t be naturally understood. Once we do that, then the seed in my spirit will become planted in my mind where I continue going about my life as usual, all the while, this seed begins to form something in my mind. At first, I may experience spiritual sickness. I may have a hard time holding down my normal diet of spiritual food. I may crave things that my mind can’t explain. But it’s all coming from this life in my womb.

It is not by coincidence that this analogy seems so closely related. We are God’s workmanship. He created us after his patterns. And as his spirit experiences it’s next trimester in my mind, things begin to expand in me. It’s that first trimester that the risk of death is at it’s greatest in a new mother. It’s the same in the spirit. The reason for that is due to the fact that life takes time to take root in truth. If the seed is not received openly, it will be aborted. The spirit of religion is the greatest threat against the seed of the kingdom of life. This has been mentioned before, but religion teaches that your mind should guard your spirit from allowing false teachings to infiltrate your spirit and defile you.

The religious mind will quote passages of Scripture at you, one on top of the other, as to why true kingdom principles are inaccurate. But again, according to what Romans says about enmity between soul and spirit, natural logic can not be depended on when it comes to spiritual truth. The key to all of this is training your mind to submit to your spirit so that the things your mind doesn’t understand, can still take root in your spirit and eventually birth his kingdom in your mind through the proper order in which you were originally created. Spirit, over soul and body. The Religious spirit is a spirit of death. If it doesn’t understand something, it’s first response is to kill it.

Like the patterns seen in Scripture where Pharaoh attempted to kill Moses due to rumors that a new king was born, and again with Christ for the same exact reason, and now, we are all considered as kings, spiritual kings, where we reproduce after our own kind One level of understanding in this order of reproduction is what we’ve been elaborating on here when speaking of this seed of life incubated in the womb of your mind. The enemy will do all he can to kill it. He will put out decrees in your earth, in your flesh, in your natural mind, to attempt to kill this spirit of life that has now found it’s way in you. The reason for wanting to kill it is because the one thing your mind wants most, is control. Before we advance this picture, perhaps it’s time for another key to assist us in our thinking.

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