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Forum vs. email stream

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1 Forum vs. email stream on Mon Sep 10, 2012 8:26 pm


We may not know how to use the search function yet, but I have to say how much I appreciate our new forum. When Todd invited me to v1.0 of this gathering, I could see the potential yet feared I would be lost trying to participate. I'm not really too technically challenged, and am pretty good at puzzles, but when things are streaming along in real time I become easily swamped. Like with these new video games and their complicated controllers. My sons get on there with their alter-egos and promptly commence to saving the universe, and my guy dies while the credits are still rolling! No

With this format I don't feel so hard-pressed to keep up. If I miss responding promptly to Scherryl's post, I just "quote" the passage that I want to address and voila! I'm still in the game.

Thank you for making this happen for us!!!

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