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Chapter Five

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Chapter Five
Stay On Point
Don’t lose track of what point we’re making. It’s to understand that everything that was done in the Old Testament . .as well as the New, they were done as type and shadows. Every word, every story, every action, every narration, what Jesus said, where he went, how he moved, it’s all done on purpose, with purpose. They were spiritual patterns. It’s all about God establishing his patterns for us to be guided by.

It’s Not About What You Do
They were natural people having natural experiences that painted a spiritual truth. It is very key you understand this. The whole point Paul was trying to make then, and many people in the body of Christ continue having a problem with today is, it’s not about what you do naturally that gives you your identity. But it’s about realizing who you are in Christ. Not what you do, but who you are. You do what you do because of who you are. You are not who you are because of what you do. When you focus on the natural realm, you become totally blind to the spiritual truth.

Look at verses 16 and 17 again. It’s not about what you eat, what style of worship you think is more effective, what order your service must be in, or what days you consider to be holidays honoring God. Celebrating Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentines Day . . .every one of them are just natural days with natural logic behind them. It’s not about what you do in the natural that matters as much as what you become in the spiritual. Natural has no power over spiritual, but spiritual definitely defines what takes place in the natural. All natural things and experiences have spiritual relevance. Wisdom comes through the observation of patterns. Revelation comes through relationship with the one who established the patterns.

More On Patterns
Another piece to the patterns that we’ve not yet talked about is actually a volume within itself. And that is that the patterns often take the form of metals, elements (such as wood, metal, stone, etc.) colors and numbers. Biblical numerology is a fascinating study when you focus on the spiritual significance of each number. Again, the traditional church does not fully embrace this due to the nature of the subject. It’s not a defined science to our natural mind, but once you begin to open this door in faith, you will see that God doesn’t just use the alphabet to proclaim his truth to us.

He uses the earth to reveal his glory. That’s what Romans 1:20 is all about. There are no limitations to how God communicates to us. We just need to look with discerning eyes to see what it is he’s saying to us. The written Word is our guide and our plumb line. Trees, rivers, mountains, fields, valleys, birds, animals, these are all just as important as the words on the page. Trees speak of men, rivers speak of the spirit. Mountains speak of government. Fields speak of the heart and minds of men. Valleys speak of what I lack, hills speak of what I have in surplus. Birds speak of spirits, clean and unclean. It goes on and on. But the important key is, when revelating in Scripture, what you see, you see in faith, not in logic. And each truth will always be illuminating the glory and nature of Christ. If it doesn’t, then it’s your mind and not yur spirit that’s doing the seeing.

When looking at colors, they are just as significant. There are specific reasons why the curtains of the tabernacle were to be of specific colors. Blue is connected to things that are heavenly. Purple deals with royalty. Black deals with judgment. There are four colored horses in Revelation that denote specific meanings. We’re not going into this at this time. This is just to give you some perspective on the many avenues in which God has chosen to proclaim to us the nature of his Son.

As you reach back in the corridors of time in Scripture and once again, as you read, look for the keys that will unlock the spiritual revelation of the nature of Christ. You will find that every thing, just as everything in Scripture is a pattern of something deeper, everything in Scripture is also predestined. That is a word that many churches have put on the “gasp” list. Which is simply saying that to believe in predestination is taboo, but like everything else for those who embrace a part of truth and call it the whole truth, the interpretation of this subject has been incomplete.

All predestined means here is that it was planned out long before it was ever played out by men. All men do, is physically live out what was already spiritually orchestrated. Even as men rejected God, including godly men in their weakened state, they still, in the very act of their rebellion, are proclaiming the nature of God. Peter comes to mind as a prime example of this when he rejected being connected to Jesus three times. That’s something for another time, for now, understand that nothing happened before it was supposed to, or after it was supposed to. It was all previously planned out to the very last detail. And as a result, the Bible is actually a book of time tables.

Moses did not come into this world until the nation of Israel’s time of bondage was coming to an end. Israel did not go through the wilderness for 40 years just because they didn’t learn their lesson in the first 39. But they couldn’t enter into the promised land until the evil of the Canaanites came to full term. Even when Babylon came in and defeated them, and took them into bondage for a specific number of years, it was a predestined amount of time as well.

It’s All According To His Time
Jumping ahead to Christ, many times the religious crowds attempted to take the life of Jesus, but they never could because Scripture purposely let the reader know, it wasn’t his time to go yet. It was all on a planned timetable that God had already drawn out. When reading the Bible in this light, seeing it as a book of seeds, patterns and timetables, it will change how you react to others who don’t meet your standards of what a Christian should be. It will by-pass all of the traditional platforms that men built but God never assisted in. And it will answer many questions that the natural logic of religious men never could fully explain. Seeds, patterns, and timetables. We’ll cover this even more a little later.

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