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Chapter Seven

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Chapter Seven


There is much to be seen and understood on the matter of what it is that we’re having aligned. When I speak about aligning within us taking place, the alignment is the dimensional order that defines who we are. We are spirits that have souls that live in bodies. There is an order established by God in which we flourish in having that abundant life Jesus spoke of. And that only happens when my spiritual order is in the proper alignment. My spirit is to be dominant over my soul/mind and my body simply manifests which ever one of those is in control.

If I’m allowing my mind to be in control, my body will manifest that through the decisions I make and the actions I take. If my spirit is in control, it’s the same affect. My body simply manifests whichever part of me is on the throne at that time. That’s what Jesus meant when He stated that it’s not what goes in you that defiles you, but it’s what comes out. Why? Because what comes out of you is simply a manifestation of the order that is in you.

Up until now, the church has chosen to emphasize changing one’s outward appearance by way of rules and regulations. They teach you how to talk, how to dress, how to act, where to hang out, where not to hang out, and so on. But God works in the opposite manner in that He transforms your heart, then your mind, not the other way around. We’re going to be getting into these areas more as the pages and chapters continue to turn before your eyes. There may be some repetition, but there is still a necessity for it. I see these repetitive comments on principles much like raking debris from my lawn. It takes more than just one swipe to completely remove and separate the chaff from the grass. It’s the same here.

Having said that, I want to reiterate again that this is not against the people of the church. But it’s against the bondages that many leaders in the church have brought their followers into. This book is to be your liberation, not your condemnation. But the church does emphasize outward actions while at the same time, proclaiming inward transformation. The problem is, the order of emphasis is misaligned. Scripture leaves us examples of people who are living in true order, and people who aren’t. It’s as Jesus said, you can tell whether or not they’re disciples of Christ by the fruits they manifest.

Yet all the while, they’re trying to get a pear tree to produce apples. They’re trying to illuminate the fact that you should practice manifesting certain fruits, such as love, peace, joy, hope and so on. You should work at manifesting those fruits, and it becomes a homework assignment given to you to accomplish through much discipline, bible study and prayer. Then when you’ve worked in those areas for the appropriate amount of time, your results will be that you’ll be more loving, caring, giving etc. What’s wrong with that?
The point scripture makes is, when Christ is working in you, you’ll manifest those characteristics of Christ. It’s not about you taking on the task of trying to be more loving. It’s not a spiritual diet you go home and work on. I’ve often eluded to a bit of a controversial quote lately that I still use from time to time because I believe it’s still true. And that is, it’s impossible to live for Jesus. The church seems to embrace the very thing that’s impossible to do.

You “can’t” live for Jesus. Why not? Because Jesus is a spirit. He can’t be seen with natural eyes, nor comprehended through natural means. But yet the church would have you go through natural efforts to achieve a spiritual end? Living for Jesus is a hopeless goal. Scripture states the “only” thing that will please God is “faith”. Emphasizing the importance that you must “live for Jesus” is not an act of faith. It becomes all about your labor, your efforts, not to mention goals set by other men. I think the one thing many are going to be surprised about the most when they do enter into the truth of the kingdom is that God is not nearly as worried about the things many have come to believe He’s worried about.

If the nature of God is Sabbath rest, then how would any of our labor enable us to enter into His rest? As much as it may surprise even the most devout church attendee, the changes that one experiences on the outside, have very little to do with what one has accomplished in their labor. But instead, it’s something that birthed out of an inward experience. That’s why one of the huge keys is all of this is that we come to realize that it’s not about learning more information about Jesus, but instead, that we come to a place in our relationship to where there is an inward experience.

Why must it be inward? Because that’s the order of God. He transforms us inwardly first, then our outward perspective changes dramatically, not because life changes, but because our perspectives change. These things I’m sharing are based in the book of Genesis between the relationship of Adam and Eve. It’s really interesting how much it really comes alive, when you read it from this point of view.

There are three players in Genesis 3. There is a serpent, there is Adam, and there is Eve. Adam was created before Eve, not just that, but Adam was created out of the earth, Eve was created out of Adam. And Adam was given dominion before Eve came to be. But if you understand that the serpent is the carnal nature attached to natural life, and Adam is the spirit of man, and Eve is the soul of man, this whole thing takes on a completely different life of its own.

If Eve represents your mind, then you can see how it is your mind that chooses who it wants to follow. She chose to eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge, yet nothing happened when she ate it. It wasn’t until Adam ate that knowledge overwhelmed them. And the knowledge they obtained, was not knowledge of goodness, mercy, grace and life. It was knowledge of nakedness. It evoked fear and shame immediately.

God did an interesting thing though, He put enmity between the serpent (carnality) and the woman (mind). He put strife between the two. Think about that for a moment. I believe that was when conscience was created. God put an indescribable knowing and instinct in the man’s mind to give her (my mind is a her) warning signs of when the serpent was about. Remember as a child when you would sneak around and do stuff you knew you weren’t supposed to. Why were you sneaking? Because you “knew” whatever it was you were doing could induce trouble. Why did you do it anyway? Because dust is the serpents meat. Flesh gets hungry for fleshly things.

Carnality illuminates nakedness in us. It induces shame, guilt and depression. That’s why it’s so important that we not let ourselves become empowered by our “selves”. In order for us to walk outwardly in victory, we must first experience His true alignment inwardly. Adam derailed that original alignment. Jesus realigned it through the cross. He gave us back the authority Adam originally lost. And now, as we pursue the spiritual intentions of the natural things, we will come into that power of dominion once again in our lives and in the church. This isn’t the last time we’ll be talking about what all went down in the garden. You will be seeing this continually surface because everything is connected and often comes back to the origin for clarity.

The “Womb” in Man
Now, in this order alignment I’ve mentioned, our head does very much come into play. Our mind is the womb where seed takes on life beneath the surface of life as it takes shape within us and it starts taking on a whole life of its own. Just like a child in the womb of a woman. Our mind is where spiritual seeds are planted and given time to form and grow and expand our thinking.

It causes us to swell, and even get morning sickness where we really have a terrible time taking in any kind of nourishment because God has planted this living principle in us. As it expands in our thoughts, it causes us to walk differently. We tire much faster when sparring with others. We find our hands lightly caressing this life in us. We start making plans for its arrival. See how closely the spiritual truth parallels natural happenings?

So, the gates of hell, the authority of the dead will not prevail against this new foundation that Jesus has established in his church. Which, by the way, is who we are. Not only are we the church, we’re the gates as well. Gates imply two things. One is authority. There is a passage about how Samson removed the gates from a city of his enemy and he carried them away and took them to a high place. For me, Samson is not a picture of Christ, but instead, he is a picture of carnality. But even carnality is no match for the true Light of God. God used Samson to free Israel from her torment, even though Samson himself is the epitome of carnal thinking.

When he removed the gates from this city, he was taking the authority from them. That’s one use for gates in Scripture. They imply authority. You can’t enter or exit without first passing through the gate. The other purpose for a gate is it’s used as a passage from one arena into another. It’s a threshold that ushers in that which is without, to that which is within. We are all gates that lead others into greater experiences in Christ. The authority we have is not our own, but it’s through the relationship we have with the Son that we’ve been honored by the Father to become the threshold to bring others into the kingdom. And our purpose as thresholds now is to take people from their laboring experiences and usher them into the kingdom of rest and relationship.

I hope you’ve picked up on that by now. And now that the days of labor have come to a close and the earth is now seeing the Son rise of the Sabbath, these things I’m telling you are rising up in the body of Christ as well.

Intimacy Births Authority
Then Jesus does another intimate gesture. He gives Peter the keys. I wince when I hear a heated up preacher declaring that the church has the keys of authority to loosen and to bind. No, they don’t. Not all of them. Just as not all of the disciples saw the transformation of Jesus. Just as not all of the disciples saw Jesus cry tears of blood, just as not all the disciples saw Jesus die, and no one actually saw him resurrect. It’s the same thing here.

The keys to loosen and to bind go only to those who experience the intimacy. Only to those who’ve had that Peter Experience. See, for me, there are levels of maturity that we need to obtain before certain things of God are released in us. They’re to be cherished and are personally experienced. Not waved around as a banner to draw attention to ourselves, our ministry or our hidden agendas. It’s not about assembling an army to prepare soldiers with battle cries of taking the land and all. That’s all happening, but it’s happening “within” us first. And it must be the true fire of God taking us by storm. Not some cultivated fire built by man that is nothing short of emotional imploring to save people from hell.

The keys were not given to the rest of the disciples, just to Peter. I believe it’s because, if it’s clear God is giving you revelation, then it’s clear you are also trusted with the authority that goes with it. See, I just said something right there that I’ve never heard or seen before. I want to just soak that in for a minute before moving on.

When we obtain knowledge, we assume authority that is not ours to have. We gain confidence in our knowing and it leads to presumptions that are inaccurate. Knowledge puffs up. It makes us think we’re older in the Lord than we really are. And we begin abusing the things of God because we don’t have the true authority to minister in them. I believe that’s exactly what Jesus was talking about when he stated “just because you call on the Lord, doesn’t mean you’re going to see the kingdom of heaven”. In many ways, vision and authority are linked together and both are birthed from intimacy with the Son.

Authority only comes from intimacy, not from natural reasoning and logic. You really think, with the limitation of the carnal mind, that you have the spiritual things figured out? Is “that” why the church has become the baby-sitter it’s become? Because the church has all the answers? You just come and drop off your questions and wonderments of the things of God and they’ll take them, repackage them, and for a mere $49.95 you’ll be on your merry way. The church seems to always connect God with your wallet. That’s always bugged me.

But truth be told, Scripture tells me to do just the opposite. Proverbs 3 tells me to lean NOT on my own understanding. Romans tells me my mind is always at enmity against God. Now think about that for a minute because that’s the same language used in Genesis between Eve and the serpent. And no, the serpent isn’t the evil entity the church has painted it out to be. It is the devil and satan and all of that, but in the coming chapters, I will attempt to share with you what I believe God is revealing to all of us in this Sabbath day of light about what all of that really is.

But this enmity issue deals with our mind as well. Eve, which again, she’s a picture of the mind of man, God placed enmity between her and the serpent. And regardless of what you think the serpent is, it’s clear that the serpent is anti-God as well. Which is to say the serpent is at enmity with God as well. Enmity simply means “at war with”.

Our minds, in and of themselves, are at war with God. Consciously? No, of course not. We don’t set out to be at war with God. But what it’s saying is, your mind is going to argue every spiritual truth because your mind doesn’t have the unlimited understanding required to grasp spiritual truths. So what’s the point? Why bother even trying if my mind isn’t able to understand any of it?

The key is not “understanding” it, the key is “receiving” it. And the only part of you that can receive it is your spirit. But your spirit can’t receive anything if your mind is controlling your nature. Scripture says our spirits are to take captive our thoughts. Our mind wants proof of truth. But that’s not how the spirit realm operates. It doesn’t operate out of natural reasoning or physical manifestation. It operates out of faith. And what is faith? It’s believing in what you can’t see, and accepting what you can’t understand.

Revealing Versus Informing
Understanding does come. That’s why this isn’t about understanding. You’re mind will begin understanding things as it is renewed through the spiritual process of faith. But for me to accept what I can’t understand, means that I have to take my mind out of the equation. That’s why it’s “revelation” knowledge and not “information” knowledge. There I did it again. I’ve never heard that before.

Informing knowledge is simply my mind learning facts about something or someone. When I’ve been informed, I have learned knowledge about something. An informed person is one who understands the information and they can accumulate more and more information through which they come to a conclusion with their own efforts.

In Revelation knowledge, it’s far different because your mind is not engaged in the developing and concluding of the facts and information. It’s simply observing what’s being revealed as it passes through. Revelation knowledge is a completely different arena. Revelation transforms upon conception. It’s a living truth that grows with a life of its own in you. And your nature transforms with it. You don’t control it, you don’t turn it off or on, it just always is.

It’s like an aroma in a room. It’s just always there in the room and as you enter into the room, you breathe it in and it becomes a part of you. It’s spirit to spirit communion with the Father. There is no pressure or requirement for understanding what’s being seen because in the revealing, there is a knowing that understanding will come in due process. So instead of tensing up trying to guess what direction things are going to go, or how it will apply, we simply live, and move and have our being.

Speaking Unknown Truths
Only revelation knowledge can flow out of you into others, even though it’s just as new to you as it is to them. Information is the opposite of that. The only way I can give you information, is if my mind is already containing it. But with revelation, as I speak light flows and often times my mouth says things my head has never seen or heard before. My mind is just watching it flow out of my spirit and it’s seeing and hearing for the first time as well. It’s a beautiful and invigorating thing. Often times I struggle to remain composed. And more often than not, the emotion of it all spills out of me to where I’m either yelling, crying or both.

With revelation from the Father also comes this freeness of no offense. You share what you see and if others reject it, there’s no reflexive response to try to convince or sell them on it because you know that one, it’s not a product, it’s a person in you. And two, people live in seasons where their earth changes its composite.

There’s always a season for planting and if they aren’t in season yet, back off with your sharing and wait a while. They’ll be in season eventually. People are fields, we all have seasons of planting and seasons of harvest. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed these last several paragraphs. I just love it when this sort of thing happens.

I think that we need to readdress what we think faith is. Because for me, it’s essentially the very thing I’ve been relaying over and over. Faith, to me is, putting your mind into submission to your spirit. It’s to accept things I can’t comprehend. My mind wants to control and understand and God is just too infinite for that kind of relationship. He can’t be explained. When Moses asked for an explanation to relay to those holding the people in bondage, God simply told him “Tell them I AM sent you.” What does “that” mean? God is “I AM”. My mind can’t comprehend that.

Then in the next covenant, Jesus comes along and says he is that which was, which is, and which is to come. Huh? The church is all excited about the second coming of Jesus. Another idol that we’re not to approach unless we’re bowing to it, but I digress. We’re so one-dimensional it’s a wonder we comprehend his presence at all. Did you know Scripture never says there’s going to be a second coming? For me, I believe the second coming came the day Jesus was found by Mary in the garden.

“No, it has to be after he ascended.” Oh, in that case, then the second coming was ten days later when they were kicking back in the upper room. When they were in the elevated place Jesus led them to. I believe even after that, he came many times to Paul and Peter even had him come to him with a sheet full of animals. “No, we mean he’s coming just as they saw him go” Oh really?

Let’s give that a little more thought there shall we? It’s a great picture once again of the church. As Jesus was speaking, he simply faded out of this realm and returned to the spirit realm from which we all have come. And the followers just stood there, continuing to stare at nothing. He was there and now he’s not, but that’s not enough to get them to carry out his message. They preferred to continue to stare at the nothing. Why? Because they’re minds were trying to comprehend what just transpired, and it wasn’t working. They weren’t able to grasp what was going on.

So, messengers appeared unto them and asked them a great question. “Why are you still staring at the sky?” Don’t you know that just as you saw him go, you’ll see him come back?” That is a foundational passage used to supposedly support the second coming. My problem with that is, if you believe he’s yet to return, then you have to also believe that the angels lied. Because “if” that is your basis for Jesus coming back in the flesh, then those standing there at that time never saw it happen, even though, they were the ones the angels were speaking to. So which is it?

I think we take for granted what receiving revelation really is. It’s not a topical study or a fundamental belief. It’s a personal experience to an individual. It doesn’t come through traditional thinking in mainstream churches. It’s an unveiling. It’s something that is covered up to the general population of believers and nonbelievers both, and it’s “uncovered” to individuals who’ve entered into the intimacy of relationship with the Son.

It’s not intended to be anyone’s doctrine. When revelation comes, it does just the opposite for me, it actually causes me to let go of my doctrine because the revelation itself doesn’t line up with doctrines of men and something has to give somewhere. Either I must let go of my doctrine, or the revelation gets rejected because it doesn’t fit in the boundaries of my belief system.

I believe what these angels told the listeners that day did come to pass “to each of them”. If you give this some thought with a heart for truth, I think there’s a question that will become very evident in your awareness here. “If they meant for Christ to come over 2000 years later, would they not have worded their message accordingly?” The church loves to declare “the last days” to the world. Wouldn’t “that” have been a great opportunity for the angels to state “in the last days, Jesus will return just as you saw him go . . .”? But they didn’t state it, or even imply it.

What they did say was, ‘Why are you standing here staring? He’ll come to each of you in the same manner that he left here today.’ What manner did he leave? How did they see him go? Tradition would tell you that he left in the flesh and that he’ll return in the flesh. I beg to differ. I believe he did not ascend in the flesh. If he were in the same flesh as before, he’d be dead. But this was not the same flesh, this flesh was “resurrected” flesh. “That’s” the manner that he left them.

He left them in a resurrected body, and he appeared to each of them in a resurrected state. Just because Scripture doesn’t record every experience does not mean that it didn’t happen. There is no lying here in the message of these angels. There is no double standard being applied in seeing this in this manner. Christ ascended in a resurrected manner, and he returned to them in a resurrected manner. Just as he left, that’s how he returned. It’s not about the flesh. It’s about resurrection of the spirit. He came to Paul with a message of resurrection

1 Corinthians 15:30
And why do you think I keep risking my neck in this dangerous work? I look death in the face practically every day I live. Do you think I'd do this if I wasn't convinced of your resurrection and mine as guaranteed by the resurrected Messiah Jesus? Do you think I was just trying to act heroic when I fought the wild beasts at Ephesus, hoping it wouldn't be the end of me? Not on your life! It's resurrection, resurrection, always resurrection, that undergirds what I do and say, the way I live.

I think if you do a word study on “resurrection” in the New Testament, you’ll see a pattern forming in they way it becomes the emphasis of the message after the ascension. Even when the 11 disciples chose the 12th to replace Judas had this as a requirement. You had to be a witness to the resurrection of Christ. So what of the second coming then? At this stage of life, Christ has returned so many times to so many individuals, that the question becomes a mute point. If you are born again, Christ has returned to you as well. He’s not returning in the flesh because that’s not how he left.

When revelation of God comes, we need to make room for that revelation to take root and transform us. If we don’t, we may continue to grow outward, but we’ll never mature inward. It’s never been about manipulating the masses by way of instilling fear of eternal torment. It’s always been about personal intimacy through relationship with the Son which births revelation from the Father.

Growing Into His Authority
Anyway, scripture talks about God giving us gifts, he gives us rewards, he gives us many things, just not all at once. If we show that we aren’t ready to deal with the small things of God, then how can we expect him to entrust us with the greater things? Remember the parable of the talents? Many parables dealt with spiritual maturity.

There are things we need to let go of that the church has caused us to embrace. We need to be able to discern what we’re to release and what we’re to bind, and let me give you a hint, it isn’t about demons and spirits. It’s about those things “within” you. Thoughts, for instance, 2 Corinthians 10 tells us we’re to take captive our thoughts. See how all of this is connected?

Tell No Man
In alignment with this thought is verse 20 there in Matthew 16. Right after this huge milestone of Peter having his first revelation, Jesus instructed them not to tell anyone about this. Doesn’t that just sound odd? Was not the purpose of this entire thing Jesus was doing with the disciples was to tell the world about him? Why would he then instruct them “not” to tell anyone he was the Christ? “Well, it wasn’t time for that to be known yet.” So? What could it hurt? And I’ve mentioned this before, but why was this sort of an underlying pattern of Jesus? He did this a lot with them. But why?

This is what I was implying earlier, but I believe there are really only two reasons. One is because it’s not knowledge. When Peter said “thou art the Christ” that was not a learned fact, it was a revealed truth. And revelation only comes through intimate relationship. I believe that’s why you don’t see hardly any televangelists preaching things like what you’re reading. It’s not for the masses. It “is” for the masses, but it’s not to be broadcast in mass productions. It can’t be. It is a personal experience, not a corporate creed.

That’s one major difference between the old and the new. The old way of thinking in the church is about saving the world. The new way isn’t about the world outside of me, as much as it’s about the world “in” me that I need to be preaching to. It’s an inward experience, not an outward broadcast. The results are far more reaching when you go inwardly than if you just scatter seed abroad. And the world will truly be transformed because it will go beyond hearing. Instead it will go from friend to friend, brother to sister, neighbor to neighbor through living truth instead of preaching about it.

“Isn’t writing a book broadcasting to the masses?” Not in the same way. A book is dealing with one individual at a time. It’s a personal avenue through which undivided attention is utilized for greater and deeper affect than one person on a stage in front of hundreds to thousands of others. A book can repeat itself as many times as the reader wants it to, and the message remains the same.

You can come back to a book later and pick up where you left off. You can meditate on one sentence without missing the rest of the message. But mostly, when you read a book, it’s just you and the pages your eyes are fixed to. It has a much greater affect to unveil life to you. Books are also hand picked. You bought this one because you were led to it. That makes a difference as well.

The second reason why I believe Jesus told them not to tell anyone that he was the Christ is because of order. The oil of anointing always started at the head of the recipient and flowed its way down the body. If revelation doesn’t start at the head of a body, it can bring division instead of transformation. I encourage people I speak on these things but to be careful who they talk to about these matters. It can divide unnecessarily families, churches, households, and so on. It can do that as it is, but it can make things worse if all you accomplish is dropping the bomb and they’re hearts aren’t prepared for such a thing.

Paradigm shifts can be very volatile to relationships between one another. We want to use as much wisdom and discernment as possible, to know the seasons of another before trying to plant anything. If they are hard and cold toward your approach, then simply stand down. Seasons always change. They may not be aware of it, but the kingdom is going to be flooding the land whether people are knowing about it or not. Glory is coming. Scripture states that the knowledge of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. I believe this kingdom message is the introduction to that. Before it covers “the” earth, it first must cover “my” earth, within me.

I want to hop back on that Peter issue and wrap that up before moving on to other things.

Matthew 16
21From that time forth began Jesus to shew unto his disciples, how that he must go unto Jerusalem, and suffer many things of the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and be raised again the third day.
22Then Peter took him, and began to rebuke him, saying, Be it far from thee, Lord: this shall not be unto thee.
23But he turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.
24Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

Winds of Change Come With Maturity of Relationships
This is picking up from where we left off with Peter. And as I mentioned, it states that from that time on, Jesus changed his direction of ministry. It went from teaching them about his kingdom, to teaching them about the dimensions of his purpose. Death, burial, and resurrection. It’s always in dimensions of three. Father, Son, Holy Ghost. Spirit, soul, body. Outer court, inner court, holy of holies. Faith, hope, love. Yesterday, today, and forever. The bible is packed with them. They are dimensional keys.

Remember the keys of authority to release and to bind? What does Scripture say truth does? Actually, truth in and of itself does nothing. But when we “know” truth, it sets us “free”. It unlocks us from our bondage of being veiled. The word “know” doesn’t mean knowledge, it means intimacy. Back to that relationship thing. Jesus began teaching about his death, burial and resurrection. The third is always greater than the previous two. Faith, hope, and love. The greatest of these is love. Resurrection is greater than death.

This is why I expounded on this earlier at great length. Jesus’ ministry took a turn once it became evident that God was now directly communicating with us about Christ. Jesus came and preached the message of the Father, when they received Christ, then the Father began revealing the nature of Christ within everyone who had a “personal” relationship with him. Christ no longer preached to them about the Father because the Father was already received. So Christ then turned to building a foundation of resurrection, which is the nature of the Father.

Yes, Jesus died for my sin. But I believe he didn’t just come to die. I believe he came to give us resurrection. But in order to give us that, he first had to die. Before you can live in Christ, you first must die. Death always precedes life. It doesn’t end life, it introduces it. Before a seed grows, it first must die. My flesh must die so my spirit may live. But as Jesus began teaching the disciples, Peter decided with his new found ability to hear from God, that he’d intervene here and protect Jesus from this horrible thing.

Missing the Resurrection
The fact that Peter was reacting to Jesus’ death and not even hearing what Jesus was also leading into about resurrection, is evidence that Peter is still acting out of his mind and not his heart. My mind will always identify with death before it sees life. Why? Because until our mind experiences true resurrection of the Spirit, it is still in the fallen state. If left up to its own devices, it would never enter into the kingdom because again, it doesn’t have the capacity to produce life on its own. Its function is not to produce life. It can only receive seeds of life and incubate them and birth then into my nature. But of itself, it can not bear a child.

Peter’s mind couldn’t get past the death and burial to see the real reason why Jesus came. It was to bring resurrection. Preaching the simplicity of Christ as Paul refers to it, for me is all based on pursuing the resurrection. Peter was still caught up in the death of the cross rather than in the resurrection. Sound familiar? Ever see how churches are very big on the death, on salvation, but not so much in the life, pursuing resurrection.

The idea of resurrection is great on paper. No one will tell you it’s not important. Everyone would agree it plays a big role in the gospel. It’s a great idea to have that in your doctrine. But when it comes to principle, that’s a whole other matter. Do you realize the principle of resurrection is totally against all human logic? It is humanly impossible to resurrect anything or anyone from the dead. But once again, his ways are not my ways and his thoughts are not my thoughts. In other words, Truth is the opposite of natural reasoning.

To go further with this is to take dead aim at one of the idols in the religious system. And that’s the subject of satan itself. So in the next chapter, that’s just what we intend to do. It’s time to pull the pylons that support this belief system of satan down. May God arise and his enemies be scattered, yes?

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