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The Three Suppers of our Lord

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1 The Three Suppers of our Lord on Fri Aug 31, 2012 3:25 pm


Following the Pattern of Three, I found this very interesting, maybe you've seen it before. Do ya'll see a pattern emerging out of all this? I do but I'll wait to see what you see.

That there were three suppers, and not only two, at the close of our Lord's ministry will be clear from a careful comparison of the three Scriptures.

There was the supper recorded in John 12:1-9. This was probably in the house of Lazarus (*1), and, being "six days before the Passover", must have taken place on the Friday evening, on the Lord's return from His first entry into Jerusalem from Bethphage (see Ap. 153).
Having slept there on the Friday night and spent the last Sabbath in retirement there, this first supper was made after the Sabbath had ended at 6 p.m. At this supper there was an anointing of the Lord by Mary (see Ap. 158).

The second supper, recorded in Matt. 26:6-13, took place "two days before the Passover" at the house of Simon the leper, which was also in Bethany. See Mark 14:1-9. At this supper there was also an anointing by a woman unknown (See Ap. 158).

The supper recorded in John 13:1-20 is the same as that recorded in Matt. 26:20, Mark 14:17, and Luke 22:14. It was "the last supper", "the hour was come", and when supper was begun, or going on (not "ended"; see note on John 13:2), the Lord first washed the disciples' feet; and later, the events took place as recorded in all four Gospels. John's Gospel adds some antecedents; but gives the same consequence.
The rendering of genomenou in John 13:2, by "ended" instead of by "taking place", or "beginning", has been the cause of much confusion.

(*1) For all the family were present; and "Martha served" (cp. Luke 10:40-42).



2 Re: The Three Suppers of our Lord on Tue Sep 04, 2012 11:27 am


Quite interesting.. I have not seen this before. I am eager to hear about the pattern you have seen ...

3 Re: The Three Suppers of our Lord on Wed Sep 05, 2012 3:53 pm


What I see, since this is "supper" in all three. It is our eating of Him, and a progressive growth as we become partakers of His flesh and Blood.

The First Supper, there are two things that stand out to me.
One, is the number "six" which speaks of Adam/old nature.
Two, it is all surrounding Lazarus, which was raised from the dead.

This, I see as our beginning in Him, such as the Prodigal son, we were once dead in Adam, but have become aware that we are no longer that way, because we have met "Life" Himself.
As Lazarus, we have now went from death unto Life. (And all of this in the 4th Day.)

The second Supper, I noticed that there is another Anointing in this place too. But as it mentions Simon "The Leper" and two days before the Passover, I see a struggling going on.
The number two speaks of division, unless they agree. But since leprosy is mentioned, I see it as there must be still things we are coming to understand in Him, such as no more condemnation, no more shame, etc. even though in this place we still have a ways to go, and more to learn, for we have not been made perfect in Love. Still things we need cleansing on, especially with the mind.

The Third and Last Supper, is a marriage, and a Union that takes place, He washes the disciples feet, to me, I see the feet as a "sending forth" He was about to "Send" them forth as sheep among wolves. In this place we have fully consumed The Lamb, and are ready to be in this World as He is. We have recognized "Who" The Lamb is, and see ourselves on that cross with Him, this is a place of ....No longer I who live, but Christ.

The first two Suppers, He was Anointed by women, The Last Supper, He Anoints us, and sends us forth. There is one more thing I did notice with this Last Supper. In Exodus, they were to eat the Passover Lamb while standing, and loins girded.
But here they were "SEATED".

There's probably so much more to this than what I'm seeing, but on the surface that was it.

Sorry it took so long to get back on this, I've had a rough couple of days.



4 Re: The Three Suppers of our Lord on Wed Sep 05, 2012 6:55 pm


I wondered where ya been!! Very Happy

Great word! I had never seen this succession before either.

5 Re: The Three Suppers of our Lord on Wed Sep 05, 2012 7:27 pm


cross-eyed wrote:I wondered where ya been!! Very Happy

Great word! I had never seen this succession before either.

Yea, me either, and you know what? Until today I never seen why The Lord waited till the 4th day to raise Lazarus.

I was praying for one of my cats who is very sick, and I was saying something like Lord I know that all things are possible for you, after all you raised Lazarus from the dead and that after 4 days.........And BAM!!! it hit me like lightning from the sky. LOL. You would think since it was a Resurrection it would have been on the 3rd day right, I mean 3 does normally go with that. But why 4? Because, ........When did our Life appear in this earth? The 4th day, That's when Christ was made manifest in the flesh for us.

I believe this is the "Out Resurrection" while still in the flesh that Paul talks about in Phil. 3. He went from the first Adam to the last Adam before our eyes, as a witness to what was about to be made manifest.

I hope I explained what I was seeing in that.


6 The three suppers on Thu Sep 06, 2012 12:51 am


Wonderful observation....the more you look, the more you see. Each supper progressing into something greater. Even the last supper was accompanied with a death..."What you do do quickly." I too had not noted the three suppers but perfectly in accord with the pattern. Instead of all of these incremental advances "to the next level" that accompany so much of the activity of the middle room and are really negligible at best; we begin to realize that each step involves a death to something old and a resurrection into something new.

I liked your observation of the fourth day as well. It also says that Jesus remained for two days after hearing of Lazarus being ill. He was not interested in demonstrating that He was the healer. It was time to demonstrate that He was the resurrection and the life. Luke 13:32 talks about the fact that Jesus does cures and miracles for two days and on the third day is perfected. There is a perfection in the resurrection that we long to see. A fourth day resurrection was wonderful but my understanding was that Lazarus ultimately died again. Raised from the dead in a fourth day manner, he ultimately lost that life. We look for a third day from the cross (the seventh day from Adam) when death will ultimately be defeated. Jesus was manifest in the flesh on the fourth day and will manifest in His body on the seventh. That day has already begun....even if the dawn of the light over the eastern sky has not broken...and we look for that which our ears have heard. Having passed through the portals of death at two levels, we enter into a life that cannot be destroyed.

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