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Chapter Two

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Chapter Two


Before we go any further in the explanation of these idolized doctrinal platforms that were in my life before God brought them down. The same ideologies maintained and worshiped in the mainline churches still today, I first need to address the difference in how the Bible, and its truths have drastically changed as well. Everything is so tightly connected to everything else that it’s difficult to put a specific order to it all. But as I read scripture there are endless revelational truths lying beneath the surface of everything written there. But relying on hours of studying and gathering of information is not what unlocks the things Paul referred to as “mysteries”.

The Mystery of Christ in us is not a learned achievement that comes with 4 years of theology and biblical teaching, it comes by way of revelation. There are endless keys that God placed all through scripture that unlocks and assists us in being able to see those truths. One of the biggest keys for me is seeing the Bible as a whole, dimensionally. Here’s how and why.

Dimensional God = Father, Son, Spirit
It is clear that there are three major factors to “God”. And they are simply, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Each one has unique characteristics that sets one apart from the other, yet they are all still one God. This is border-lining a religious idol that I intend to address later so that’s as far as I’ll go with it right here. But the key is to see that there are three separate natures, characteristics, or “dimensions” of one God.

Dimensional Man = Spirit, Soul, Body
Because man is made in God’s image, we are three dimensional beings as well. Ours is, spirit, soul and body. I am a spirit that has a soul, that lives in a body. My spirit is the eternal part of me that was directed and appointed by God to manifest in the body I live in. I came from the spirit realm before I was born in this body of flesh. I don’t believe my spirit just came to be at the physical conception between my mother and father.

Ecclesiastes 12
7Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.

I don’t believe Adam had a body of flesh when God first created him. Yes, he “formed” him out of the dust of the earth. But the earth he was originally formed out of, was an earth that was blessed, not cursed. If anything, the forming of man could just as easily be the framework of a man, the bone structure. I really don’t want to get caught up in the natural aspects of this, as my intention is to pursue the spirit over any other dimension.

After he was created, he was “placed” in the garden. He wasn’t “created” in the garden as a three dimensional being, he was created from the earth as a three dimensional being, and then placed “in” the garden which I believe to be a spiritual realm rather than a physical place. It’s not that I don’t see Adam having a body, I just see that in the garden, spirit was predominant over flesh. Just as in this realm, flesh is predominant over spirit. We still have spirits, you just can’t see them. In the same way, I believe Adam had a body, but because he was living in a predominantly spiritual realm, his natural body was secondary and his spirit was primary, because he was a spirit being.

But when he chose natural reasoning over revelational life, the serpent, the carnality “in” that natural reasoning became dominant, at which point, coats of flesh were then given to them by God to enable them to adapt to, and reproduce in, the realm they chose to dominate them. There’s a lot more going on there than God making them wear animal skins supposedly from the sacrificing for their sin. Men have read more into that than what’s there and its turn the focus to sacrifice rather than accommodations for life in a place of death. My skin is my protection in this realm. The point here is, I am a dimensional being mirroring the dimensional God who created me.

Dimensional Word = Natural, Moral, Spiritual
So, God is sovereign in that there is only one God. But He’s three dimensional, and man is three dimensional. And I believe scripture is no different. I mean if you’ve got a three dimensional God inspiring a Word to be written to a three-dimensional people, then would not the written word be three dimensional as well? Everything written is dimensional. But it’s not just what’s written. We are three dimensional beings living in a three dimensional world. The common egg is really a great prototype of all life. It’s in three dimensions as well. You have the egg yoke, the egg white and the egg shell. The truth is, EVERYTHING is dimensional.

But I’m here to focus on just scriptures. I see scripture on three levels or dimensions and they are,

1st dimension, natural/worldly;
2nd dimension, moral/corporate church;
3rd dimension, spiritual/inward man.

The entire Bible is literally real and true. I’m not here to debate about how the whole earth is flooded with Noah, or how big Goliath really was or any of that. scripture actually tells me that flesh profits nothing. What I read, I must read in faith. I’m not here to prove anything. I’m here to share what I see in faith.

John 6:63
It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.

So for that reason, I choose not to get into debates with others about the literal stories or implications. I believe we are called to walk in the spirit. And it is in that realm I choose to pursue and search for the nature of Christ to totally transform my own thinking process. Seeing something in another dimension is simply understanding that what is being said is symbolizing something inwardly. The parables Jesus taught were simply dimensional principles. It’s kingdom language.

Natural Applications
My reasoning here on this matter is due to the fact that again, our minds want to make everything pertain to us, personally on a natural level. Our minds function in the natural realm so everything must be interpreted to our natural surroundings. And things do pertain to us, but not on the same level our minds work, but on a level where our spirit operates. I see our minds were designed to allow us to successfully operate in this realm, on this earth. I have the ability to see, smell, taste, touch, hear and reason. It takes all of these elements combined to assist and enable me to thrive on this earth. But when you cross over into the spirit, the tools used for the natural realm no longer apply. I believe the church has continued to use natural means to come to spiritual ends and all it’s accomplished is division and defeatism.

So our minds have taken something that physically has nothing to do with us, physically, but we’ve interpreted it to be all about us. When reading subjects about “end of the world” events, we’ve chosen to believe that Paul is telling these bran-new churches that 2,000 years from then, Jesus is going to return. But you can’t “say” 2,000 years later something would happen because then no one would listen anymore. If it’s not pertaining to me, then I’m not nearly as interested. So in order to keep them coming and in our control, we have to keep people believing that “any minute” Jesus “may or may not” come back and snatch us away.

The church has been embracing the “Jesus could come back any minute, you better be ready” mindset ever since man’s mind began interpreting scripture instead of man’s spirit simply receiving it. But this again is physically dealing with “that” generation. Paul is instructing infant churches in how they should conduct themselves. Not only were they infant believers, but they were infant Christians who needed an apostle to bring this instruction and nourishment to their lives.

They didn’t have electricity, they didn’t have cell phones. They’d never seen a plane fly. They never heard of an alarm clock, microwave, or television. In other words, these were simple people in simple times, that required step-by-step instructions. This was 2,000 years ago. Man has advanced in technology beyond imagination over the last hundred years. In fact, I believe it’s safe to say that in the past hundred years, man’s intellect and accomplishments have grown more than all of the hundreds and thousands of years previous, put together.

So the books of learning and wisdom from a thousand years ago are a far cry from the books being printed out today. Why is it that the church still remains in the dark with their spiritual maturity then? Why do we still want to insist that the things written are to be interpreted literally, when they were only to be literally understood to those to whom it was literally written for?

Later, we’re going to go much deeper into this, but Hebrews 5 and 6 show us that we’re to let things go that got us to where we are so that we can grow into greater things. But when we embrace the elementary elements, our spiritual growth is greatly affected. This is where you see people getting burned out in ministries, falling into sin, or just walking away all together.

How did our technology become so advanced? Did it come by way of generations embracing only what was literally written in books written by others? Did it come from every generation starting from ground zero? Or did it come by way of each generation learning from those who’ve been this way before, and taking what they learned as a framework, but then begin experimenting and expanding, doing things never done before, saying things never said before, seeing things our ancestors never saw?

The church is the only system that prides itself on remaining the same. The fear is, if I venture away from what my ancestors claimed as truth, I’ll have to admit I was wrong as well. Or, who am I to claim this, when everyone else is claiming “that”? It’s in our own history books. It wasn’t “that” long ago when the general public was convinced that the world was flat, and if you sailed to far out, you’d fall off the edge of the earth. Thank God there were visionaries who were willing to put their lives at risk to follow their heart despite of what their heads were screaming at them.

Spiritually, the church is still in that kind of mindset today. With these huge doctrinal sacred cows on the thrones of their identities, they’ve essentially committed themselves to stop advancing the kingdom. While at the same time, claiming that their desire is to advance the kingdom. It’s hard to advance something you know nothing about. But the truth in all of this is, there is no ceiling of maturity in Christ. There is no end to the life and excitement. The desire only grows greater than when it first began.

To see something in faith is to accept it, even though your mind doesn’t understand it. I must believe in what I cannot see, and accept what I don’t understand. I believe for the most part, the Scriptures are not used to build faith. Instead I see them being used to establish proof. All proof is doing, is confirming knowledge. Knowledge is not faith. Knowledge is just retaining information. We’ll get to that later on. But first I want to give you a quick example of what we’re talking about in using the scripture affectively.

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