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My Weather right now

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1 My Weather right now on Mon Aug 27, 2012 12:23 am




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So the worst is over already for you? It looks like other than the one wave that spun off of it, the actual hurricane is in the middle of the gulf.

We got a nice soaking rain over the weekned . . Saturday night and Sunday. I've worked every weekend for the past three weeks. We're FINALLY getting some time off this coming weekend with Labor Day arriving. I also usually work 12 hour days during the week . . . it's been a bit busy for us lately.

The rains may have saved a lot of the soy beans in the ground, but most farmers have already written off the field corn, the drought was just too severe for most of it to even survive. But it does appear that the drought has lifted some and our lawns have turned green again . . .if only people ate grass!! That stuff survives ANYTHING!!!

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