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2018 November

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November 4, 2018

So much to write about and not enough time in this work existence to do it. But even that concept, in the context of time, is an example of being impatient. We live in this physical existence and know that at some point within this existence, we will cease to be directly connected to it through the means of our physical body; in other words, we know this physical body will die.

When we come to understand things through and by His Spirit, we should no longer fear the death of this physical body. The apostle Paul tells us that in the words "to die is gain" and through the words "absent from the body, present with the Lord". To look upon mankind and see that the majority of people live in fear, the fear of not knowing what will happen once they have crossed over.

But just as we cross over from infancy into childhood, and then from childhood into adulthood, it is this physical example of understanding that can bring peace to the mind of the one who chooses to believe that our own spiritual life, in itself, is this journey of our spirit.

What I mean by this is seeing the bigger picture of the process of growing up. We started out in the presence of our Lord as an infant, then at some point during the process of growing into maturity, we then are crossing over into childhood. The thing is with this understanding, there is no definite line as to know an exact point this takes place.

We know in this physical existence that at some point in a child's life it can start to rebel against it's parents, the first examples being, that the child does not want to do what the parent is asking. I believe it is before this point of rebellion in the heavenly; the spiritual realm, that we are then sent into a physical body so that we can fully understand what rebellion causes, so that at the point of the physical death of the body, we return with everything we need to know in what rebellion causes. This physical existence was created by God so that our spirit would not corrupt the heavenly with our rebellious ways.

To put this into perspective, is to understand that we start out in the heavenly; the spiritual existence, being an infant. We then are sent into the physical existence, of which is our growing period of childhood into adulthood. Then when this growing period ends; meaning our physical body dies, we then return to the spiritual existence to move into adulthood by what we experienced in the physical.

This understanding, is just a more detailed explanation of: our focus is not to be in an understanding of;
a physical being that has spiritual experiences, even though it can be understood in this way,

but that our focus is to be on;
a spiritual being that has physical experiences,

of which, I believe is summed up in "focus on the things above".

If we believe that this physical existence is just part of our growing process, then we should have no reason to fear the death of our physical body, of which, I believe, is a greater understanding of "love casts out fear" because since "God is Love" and He wants us to come to the knowledge of the truth, fear is cast out when we fully believe that this existence is "just a part" of our growing process in the Spirit, our growing in "The Spirit of Love".

Wisdom is not measured by time, it is measured by understanding

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