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2018 October

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October 1, 2018

At the end of last month, I received a revelation that I thought was so astounding that I had to share it with others on a Christian chat board.

What is a revelation? What I believe a revelation is by the standards of our heavenly Father is the bringing together of an idea that is in this world and then the Father through the Son by the Spirit reveals its spiritual truth.

What I am speaking about, that was an astounding revelation to me was the very simple term of "give his word". What I shared with others was this:

If a man "gives his word" to another is it not his promise to do something, is it not the same with God?

..... expect when God "gave His Word" it came in the form of a man

A corrupted flesh will not and cannot keep a promise, but to have the incorruptible Spirit it can make the flesh incorruptible by letting your "yes be yes and your no be no"

and when God gave His "ONLY" begotten Son, His only begotten Promise ..... it was to save the world from sin, His Promise for all men to come to the knowledge of the truth ...... the knowledge of "THIS" truth

So many things to understand ... and they cannot all be understood in this short physical lifetime, it is no wonder the Father had to give His Promise of on-going life (eternal life) after this short physical life span.

We have all been given the promise by God, and "to not receive it" IS "to not believe it" ..... and that unbelief is the darkness we remain in if we do not change our way of thinking, that change being: "belief in on going life" (belief in eternal life).

We have been given the power to believe, but what is that power directed at? Is it directed at "a lie" or is it directed at "the truth"? And what do we believe "to be a lie" and what do we believe "to be the truth"?

If there is one irrefutable truth that I have come to understand, it is this: "The mind has the ability to create darkness" and to expand on this principle is to know:

Light is of the heart
Darkness is of the mind

So by this, when the mind creates darkness, it becomes like clothing that covers the light of the heart. If the promise of eternal life is the light of the heart, what is the darkness that covers that promise? And if the promise is truth (light) would it not stand to reason that an untruth would be the darkness that covers that truth? In other words, is it not "a lie" that covers "the truth"?

and through this understanding, if we continue to believe lie after lie, would this not be that the truth is being buried by all those lies, seeing that this truth; this light has been put into a grave, in other words, that this truth has been put into a greater darkness; a greater darkness of the mind.

God let the promise be buried and it was for the purpose of understanding. We, being spirit, a piece of God Himself, a piece of His heart was placed inside this physical body and understanding that this physical body was empty, empty of life, that when God breathed (placed) us into this body, this physical body became alive and to understand that when this physical body became alive, it is a spiritual understanding that darkness became alive. In other words, the flesh became alive.

But the thing is, do we understand the purpose of what and why God did what He did? And can we even wrap our minds around the concept that darkness is light in a different form? What I mean by this is: when we look at the microscopic level of matter, matter is a very dense form of energy.

Wisdom is not measured by time, it is measured by understanding

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