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2017 December

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December 3, 2017

This morning as I was waking up, I had the image of a red hot branding iron in my mind and as I lay there thinking about it, God started filling in the details of what it meant. In other words, expanding my understanding of its meaning in both "the nature of man" and "the nature of God".

When understanding what it is capable of doing, we can understand that it has the ability to "transfer an image", what I mean by that is; in whatever the image the metal has been formed into, when it is heated up and then is placed in contact with another substance, the image of what the metal was formed into is then "burned" into the surface of the other substance.

What is the purpose of "branding"? The purpose of branding is to show ownership, who it belongs to, we know this to be true from history in that men would brand cattle to show ownership of who the cattle belonged to. And we can also understand it through trademarks in products of this world, they aren't "burned" into the surface but they are "printed" on the surface of the product itself or the container in which the companies product is in; like "Reebok" and "Coca-Cola", the brand name "Reebok" is on the product itself whereas "Coca-Cola" is on the container the product is in.

My point to this is to understand what "a name" represents, with a brand on cattle that was "burned" into the hide of the animal, it was also associated with the name of the owner of the ranch in which the brand represented.

A "name" is always associated with the "quality" of the product, but it should also reflect the "attributes" of the owner, whether his attributes are of a high quality, in other words; whether he is someone who's dealings are reputable.

When it comes to buying products, what people of the world have done in themselves is to "not care" whether the producer of the product is reputable or not, their only interest is "a superior product". And by this they blind themselves to the producer because they only care about the product.

This same principle applies to man's understanding in the world; "the law" is a superior product because contained within the law is "judgment against evil men". And I believe "it is" a superior product in this world because it helps protect mankind from evil men.

But in this world "a law" is written because they have already judged something as evil (as sin) and then write a law against it, but they also use the law to judge a man as evil if he breaks those laws.

Mankind has become "a judge" through their knowledge of what is good and what is evil and by it they govern themselves and have appointed themselves in authority. Yes, this authority is a good thing, but to claim that mankind is the highest authority when it comes to "the law" is to place themselves above God and His authority.

When we think of God, what image comes to mind? Is it the image of "a judge" or is it the image of "a loving Father"?

And what I mean by this is: is the image of God that has been branded in our minds one of

"a judge" who will use His law to "judge and condemn us as sinners"
or is it one of
"a loving Father" who uses His law to judge sin and His grace to forgive the sinner?

In what I have come to understand through the study of Scripture, those who are still under the covenant of the law use the law to judge and condemn "sinners", but those under the covenant of grace use the law to judge and condemn "sin" but they love the sinner through the forgiveness of those sins.

Wisdom is not measured by time, it is measured by understanding

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December 4, 2017

If there is anything I have learned it is how easily passion can be mistaken (misunderstood) as anger.

I grew up, starting to work for my dad when I was 14 or 15. My dad yelled a lot, it is a trait that I also have, not so much yelling any more but speaking in a loud voice which people mistake as; me getting angry.

My dad's work ethic was "do it right the first time so you don't have to come back to fix it later", this has always stuck with me. When it came to my dad's work, he had a passion for perfection, it wasn't until later in life that I would come to understand this.

This is also what I have come to understand about our heavenly Father, during the time of the Old Testament, with mankind being in it's early understanding of who God is and what He was doing, I believe many of the writings in the Old Testament about God's anger or God's wrath is misunderstood by man, a misunderstanding of God's passion for perfection that He wants for all of us and we in our misunderstanding believe He is angry and turn away from Him or hide from Him.

Our first example of this is in the Garden of Eden when they ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they disobeyed God, their eyes were opened to realize their disobedience and they believed God would be angry with them and kill them with the result being "a fear of death" because they remembered that God said they would die and because of that they hid from God.

But before they hid they covered themselves with leaves, in which, leaves are a picture of "clothing" which can be understood as "righteousness", but with them it is a picture of self-righteousness in that they made "righteousness (clothing) for themselves" in which was manifested through their words in that each claimed to be innocent and put the blame on someone else, which can be understood as "they are the unrighteous one, not me". They became indirect accusers which is exactly what the serpent did.

Satan (the carnal mind) is so crafty that he indirectly accuses by telling a lie, for in the carnal mind (an unrighteous mind) those words "you shall not surely die" is an indirect accusation that God is a liar. And the reason the lie can be believed is because "a gain" is given along with it not knowing that the very thing they do to gain something will cause the loss of something else.

To seek after the knowledge of good and evil as gain is to lose the innocence of not knowing you are unrighteous. But through the wisdom of God after eating He restores that innocence through the blood (Spirit) of Christ in the forgiveness of that unrighteousness. How can we not forgive another when they have no idea what they are doing? in other words: forgive them Father for they know not what they do.

Did Christ say this to the Father in heaven as they watched what unfolded in the Garden? And did the Father say to His Son, I will, but since they chose to eat of the knowledge of good and evil, they must learn it fully, thus began the process of understanding, God's passion for us in being perfect in all understandings of both trees in the garden, first to fully understand the knowledge of good and evil and then to fully understand the Tree of Life.

God's passion is His process in us

Wisdom is not measured by time, it is measured by understanding

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