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2017 March

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March 2, 2017

    This morning He showed me, “Do not eat from that which is divided”, which speaks of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, simply because “knowledge” is what is divided. We are what we eat, if we eat that which is divided, that in itself causes us to be divided and that which is divided will not stand. (Understanding this is we can now eat of the knowledge of good and evil, but we no longer eat of Christ crucified, law and prophets separately, we eat of the tree of life, the law and the prophets as one).

    Second thing was, after posting yesterday on the board under the thread of whether someone believed in Satan or not, I posted “to overcome that which can be feared is to destroy that which the mind itself has created”. Do I believe Satan exists? Not as men teach about him, I do not believe he is a person outside of ourselves trying to influence our behavior. I believe Satan, the devil, whatever you want to call him is our own carnal mind.

    His word tells us that he is the most cunning beast of the field, what is really cunning is to believe the lie that we, in ourselves, created. The Father created a living being and so did the carnal mind, it created Satan (the devil), want to know how cunning the carnal mind can be? By creating a being that can have influence over ourselves, we create our own scapegoat, so we do not have to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions.

   The Father took responsibility upon Himself for the sins of men, but men always want to find someone else to blame. By creating Satan, man can blame him for being deceived rather than admit his own ignorance.

    Men will teach that the greatest lie of Satan is to get you to believe he doesn’t exist, I beg to differ, what I believe the greatest lie men can believe is: believing he exists as an entity that is not ourselves. This goes back to personification of the TOKOGAE, good and evil, the personification of good is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the personification of evil is the devil (a father), the false prophet (a son) and the beast (a spirit), our own carnality that is enmity towards God.

Wisdom is not measured by time, it is measured by understanding

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March 5, 2017

    Two statements came to mind this morning:
FIRST: The physical act is a manifestation of what already is
SECOND: Eating from the tree will always reveal what you did not know

     Both of these statements are the same truth in that; when they (Adam and Eve) ate from the TOKOGAE, the manifestation of what already is; is “nakedness”, which the second statement is the result. Are we, as one spirit, both living and dying at the same time? What I mean by this is, when we eat of knowledge, either good or evil, part of our spirit is dying (or decreasing)..... simply because we now know something we did not know before ..... and at the same time we gain in knowledge thereby increasing (coming to life) at the same time.

    Is God’s standard that of; increase and decrease at the same time? Is living and dying the way He uses to teach us His understanding of increase and decrease? Which, by this example, we get back to a oneness, in that our spirit is not divided at all in that one dies as another comes to life. Paul speaks of “reckoning yourself dead”, the only way I can see this fitting in with this concept is the viewpoint of what I have described before in that the man of ignorance dies. Is this what Paul was referring to when he spoke of this, that when we reckon ourselves dead, we are reckoning our own ignorance as dead? After rereading what I just wrote, it makes perfect sense.

    It all comes down to perspective and whether you can believe that what the world would consider as contradicting terms are both true and that which was hidden since the foundation of the world is that truth. What I mean by this is our own perspective of what really happened with the words spoke to Adam and Eve; are they a contradiction? The words "do not eat or you will die" was spoke to Adam (the mind) but the thought brought into the mind of Eve was that “you shall not surely die”.

    Is the truth of this that since the words “do not eat or you will die” were spoken directly to Adam (the mind), that the man of ignorance would die, but when the words “you shall not surely die” were spoken indirectly to the mind of Eve (the heart) and therefore was a reference to the heart, not that the heart would die, but would be laid down, in order to be picked back up again and that being done through the renewing of the mind?

    In short, that the words “do not eat or you will die” was in reference to the mind making that statement true …... AND ….. the words “you shall not surely die” was in reference to the heart making that statement true also. Only in God’s kingdom can what man sees and understands as contradiction becomes truth. With men it is impossible for both to be true at the same time, but with God, ALL things are possible, simply because, when truth is revealed, ALL becomes possible, even what we perceive as contradiction.

    Eve’s perception of God’s words became the serpent in that it was a contradiction she could not comprehend. When Christ said “I have many things yet to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now” (John 16:12), is this one of the things He was referring to? So many things have to be understood completely before this contradiction in the garden is no longer a contradiction but becomes one truth. What just came to mind with this as I wrote was, the beginning and the end in the same moment, the same moment of “taking thought” to it being a contradiction when it wasn’t. So, is this the principle of increase and decrease in that at the fullness of the mind, in its own perspective, it was now time for it to decrease through the renewing of the mind (making all things [thoughts] new) while the heart increased?

    Is Christ being crucified before the foundation of the world, a picture of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in that knowledge (word) was divided into what was good and what was evil? And a picture of the knowledge of good and evil being divided into the law and the prophets in that the law is the bread and the prophets the spirit of the word (wine) which is a picture of communion? And, is this same truth a picture of Adam and Eve being divided in that they are of one flesh (flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone) but divided into male and female and can be understood as mind and heart.

    Also can the phrase “flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone” be an example of one is just a pile without the other, that the flesh is just a pile of flesh without the framework of bones, and bones are just a pile of bones without flesh being attached to them? Both have to be one and working as one in order for both to walk upright, a house divided cannot stand. Also when a mind and heart are divided, they cannot stand, meaning neither one has the ability to walk upright (righteously) without the other. And the same applies to the flesh and the spirit, without flesh, the spirit cannot be manifested in the physical world and without the spirit the flesh is dead in the spiritual world. Is this a picture of what happens to us after we physically die, that the room He has prepared for us is the new flesh body we occupy upon arrival back home? Do we receive it right away, or do we wait for all to arrive so that all receive at the same time?

    We know that some receive things here before others do, spiritual things; spiritual understandings, is the reverse true when we arrive in the spirit realm, that some receive their new bodies before others do? God gives us these spiritual understandings in due time, His appointed time for each of us, is this same principle true in the spiritual realm, each receive at their appointed time?

    It has been a long time since I have gone to the depths of thought, it is refreshing, these last few weeks have had me at a loss in that it seemed that I was lost or had no purpose to refraining from posting on the boards. I myself see this as, it will get posted on “A Place to Rest” and is there for others to read if they search it out. Whether they believe what I have written makes no difference to me, it is out there and may get people to rethink what they thought was truth; or at least consider these things as truth.

I know there are some who will reject it, there are some who will attack it, but if it is of God, it will stand, if not it will be burned away.

Wisdom is not measured by time, it is measured by understanding

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March 17, 2017

    Saw a sign the other day, I had seen it before and the same thoughts came to mind but I didn’t follow through with their understandings. The sign said; “Who is ruling your life, Jesus or self”. Of course because of what I have come to understand, in that Jesus is the heart of the Father and self is our own mind in what perspective we have of the truth.

    It reminded me of law and grace, grace being of the heart and law being of the mind, in that the example of the angels who came to earth and took as wives daughters of the earth, which is the same as saying, the thoughts of the mind took as wives the feelings of the heart and by it, the truth gets lost in translation in that it has now become a mixture of two that were meant to be together thus giving birth to that which is not of the Father, of which we are delivered from.

    Law and grace have to be reconciled as one, when they are not; there are two sons or in other words, a double mindedness. What I mean by that is: in the minds of the ones who have mixed heavenly thoughts with earthly feelings we get two different results for mankind. Mankind becomes divided in the minds and hearts of men in that there are two outcomes according to what “we” do while we are physically alive. If we follow the law, the Father shows us grace and if we do not follow the law, God shows us punishment. But even punishment can be viewed in the perspective of discipline and that the Father disciplines those He loves.

    Now the million dollar question, “How does the Father discipline us?” Are we to think that He brings about circumstances of trials? Could not trials be view as punishment? That because we did not do something we were supposed to, He disciplines us with a trial. (but again, that means it was not supposed to happen).

    One of the first verses that had meaning to me was Hebrews 12:7, “Endure hardship as discipline for the Father is treating you as sons, for what son is not disciplined by his father?” But thinking about this from a different perspective in that trials or hardships are caused by our own sin, meaning by missing the mark, we have brought the trial or hardship upon ourselves, in that it was our own doing and not what the Father did against us. Our Father declared the end from the beginning in that we would die if we ate from the tree. It was not Him that brought death into existence, although He knew it would, because He sees it from a different perspective, it is the beginning that dies, it is left in the past, the former things have pasted away, meaning the former things have died.

    Again, going back to what I have said before, it is the man of ignorance that died in the day that they ate, that was man’s beginning, and his end is to be made into the image of the Father and the Son, into the image of His Spirit. To say that something was never meant to be is to say that something happened that the Father did not want to happen, and to say that is true is to say that the Father is not or never has been in complete control of everything that goes on; and that is something I cannot believe, He is far too great for that.

    Why is it that the Father knows everything, it is because every thought that man could ever even think of was first thought of by the Father before the foundation of the world. Eons and eons of thinking, going through every scenario possible, and we are the result of those scenarios; we are the living word of those thought processes. The problem with the minds of men is that they cannot believe that even who they consider to be the evilest of men is doing the will of the Father, the things is, they just don’t know it.

    My point to all this is, is God the cause of our trials and hardships or was that just their perspective back in the Old Testament because not all things had been revealed yet? Even Christ said, there are more things He wanted to say to the disciples but they could not yet bear them. I find this principle to be true in the lives of everyone, for the simple reason; can they bear the thought of everything I just wrote as truth?

    Even these are just parts of the whole: it has been 12 years since I had my experience that set my life in motion for the truth and I know He is not yet finished with revealing all that was hidden under the tower that men built in my mind,

for what was hidden, was hidden in the heart,

the foundation upon which all truth is based,

not of the mind, but of the heart;

for in the heart is built the kingdom of heaven that will put to ruin the kingdom of the earth that men have built in the mind.

Wisdom is not measured by time, it is measured by understanding

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