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Not to sound like a broken record ..... all I asked was to "take it slow" and you write this long speech.

I will go back to the beginning and rephrase what I should have asked in the first place

How are you defining "the lawless" in your phrase; "the law was written for the lawless"?

Is it referring to people?
Is it referring to sin?
Is it referring to flesh?
Is it referring to sin in the flesh?

I need to know the context in which you are using the word; how else can we get on the same page if you define it in everything that follows as one thing that I am not sure of and when I speak of it, my definition or what it is referring to is different than yours?

Wisdom is not measured by time, it is measured by understanding

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lawlessness/lawless one revealed. sin is a demon/evil spirit/power and principality..that we

wrestle..for we wrestle not flesh and blood.a spirit that sits in some people's bodies pretending

to be God[our bodies are God's temple]

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Hi Sheila,
    I now know why the Father had me make my last post, I am in the garden where Christ drank of the cup .... it is time to hand all authority back to the Father ..... Although my spirit is blameless, this corrupted body wants to keep telling others of what the Father has shown me .....

you said it yourself ..... there is a power in this corrupted body that wants to stay alive and keep working ..... it is the nature of the first Adam that Christ took upon Himself that would lead Him to the cross.

I am at that cross (crossroad) and it is no longer my will but His. My ministry is finished for only the Father through Christ can change the heart of men with His Spirit, of which I was a part.

Mankind is the TOKOGAE that I can no longer eat from ..... of which Adam is the seed producing after his own kind ..... I can only eat from the TOL

It's been a pleasure speaking with you, we will have a lot to talk about when we are both on the other side.

Bless you Sister

Wisdom is not measured by time, it is measured by understanding

29Conversation with Sheila - Page 2 Empty conversation with Sheila on Mon Feb 20, 2017 4:03 pm


yes...you spoke rightly..that corrupt nture exhibited in our flesh is not

us/nor our Father's.Our spirits are all one with Him...and He has been

laying down His life[our spirits] in order to take us back up again.

He has power to lay it down...and take it back up again..no man[of sin]

takes it from Him. Our spirits individually are as body cells of His spirit

body..nd as such is immortal/incorruptible. This treasure[HIM] is in

lowly earthen vessels[our flesh of clay] and is our eternal inheritance

the battle began in our mind...and two ways were placed before us

tokogae and tol......one was death...and one was life...now ALL things

are ours..both death and life....and nothing can separate us from His

love. for as all men have bore the image of the corrupt[nature of

adversarys image in our flesh] so,too,shall all men bear the image

of the incorrupt. translation/change of rainment......it is pictured

as Joshua having a clean turban placed upon his head..with satn

resisting and being rebuked. no more wrestling with a duality

of the adversaries thought imputs into our minds...that we must

bring into subjection in these wrestlings of two ways..that mind

to be crushed under our feet[the crown of thorns that torments

the logos come in flesh] for there will never be a thought[stranger]

pass through us again. blessings

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