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1Conversation with Sheila Empty Conversation with Sheila on Sun Feb 12, 2017 12:45 pm


My opening statement with my withdrawal from posting on Tentmaker but a continued fellowship with Sheila:

this will be my last post, here is the reason why:

to try to attain that which we have always been is to miss the mark

the irony in that is, we have no idea we missed the mark until "HE" reveals to us that we did,

it is at that point that all discussion of it becomes desolate and void

so long friends, see you all on the other side of Jordan


Hey ..... what's going on?

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Wisdom is not measured by time, it is measured by understanding

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My response to "What's going on?"

There are two governing bodies in this world, one of politics and one of religion, I never did follow politics, but I did follow religion .....

to be free from both goes beyond any understanding I can even try to explain

I have come full circle, back to the beginning ..... back to before my journey even started and I found, I have always been loved by Him and I could do no wrong, for I was born of Him and always have been, because every choice I made was according to the plan He had designed for me ..... He has always been, always is, and always will be in complete control of my life.

and that my friend is complete peace with no guilt of sin ..... complete peace and forgiveness from the Father through the Son to His Spirit of which has always been our inheritance, we just didn't know it ..... we missed the mark.


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Wisdom is not measured by time, it is measured by understanding

3Conversation with Sheila Empty Sheila's reply on Sun Feb 12, 2017 12:50 pm


I know...we stand without spot or wrinkle before Him...our spirit is of Him and has never sinned.

  we are just bound in these clay vessels[bodies] for this first part of facing the dragon in the earth.

  sin..is a demon...and has no part in our spirit.  that is part of the mystery of godliness and

godlessness  being revealed.  some are  still very much stuck in Babylon's religious prison..mindset

  seems those with Pentecostal background have the hardest time .

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Wisdom is not measured by time, it is measured by understanding

4Conversation with Sheila Empty My response on Sun Feb 12, 2017 12:53 pm


Couldn't agree with you more ..... you one of the few that get where I am coming from when I speak ..... you have been a blessing to me

Here is what I wrote in my journal just earlier today, I find it no coincidence that you spoke of it also

    Another thing that came back to mind, which I may have spoken about before, was "thought process", that each and every one of us that have lived from the beginning; our physical body is the vessel of manifestation, the manifestation of a thought process that the Father went through before He even created the physical realm. It is no wonder we can say that the Father knows everything, because He lived it in His mind before He even thought about creating physical things.

    But it is not that we ourselves are the physical body, we are the spirit or breath of God that inhabits the physical vessel. It is a deeper understanding of "we are in the world (or vessel) but we are not of the world (the vessel). We are a spectator watching the actor play out its role. What brings us (our spirit) into death, is believing that it is us that is doing these things of the flesh, when it isn't. The flesh is just acting out the thought process; we were just along for the ride (the spectator). The flesh is the accuser, and in pride it says to our spirit, "you did it, not me." The flesh has to lie to our spirit, because it is the only way it can stay alive, because if our spirit knows the truth, the flesh knows it will die.

    The flesh is just a tool used by the Father to teach us, the Father brought about technology to prove this point, through radio, television, we hear and see these actors playing parts, but we know that the characters they play are not who they really are; and this also applies to us, the flesh is playing out its part but it is not who we really are.

I would like to keep talking to you, because there are things He has shown me that I know others could not bear right now, but I believe you would understanding and at least listen and meditate on it.

One of the reasons I believe I grew so fast in understanding is because of what I read when His word says "believes all things" (1 Cor 13:7), everything that people would say I would believe is true unless the Father proved otherwise or that it was something I knew for a fact that I had already been brought out of.

So many limit themselves by not believing the revelations of others despite the fact that it was not a revelation to them ..... what I usually found was revelation after revelation when I believed the revelation of another. This is the purpose of fellowship, to help each other grow, one plants, one waters, God causes the growth ..... am I only a sower (of Christ) and not of His Spirit (His water)?

Here I am just rambling on, thanks again for all you have done for me ..... I would like it to continue on a private basis.

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Wisdom is not measured by time, it is measured by understanding

5Conversation with Sheila Empty Sheila's response on Sun Feb 12, 2017 12:54 pm


Hi...agree with you so much.  we are clothed in 'clay giftwrap" for our 'acting roles" down here.  Our true spiritual glory has been concealed down here.Moses face burning like a lamp and Jesus at the transfiguration..as well as Noah's birth account[in Enoch] are 3 wittness'es of record...of our glory in the likeness and image of God/Father.the whole creation groaning for the revealing of the manifestation of the sons of God....in their glorious freedom of their true spiritual form.

    as I understand it..we were conceived on the 4th creation day/lights of heavens] and as the stars/suns/sons of God...resided in star nurseries/as infant spirits until our debut on the 6th creation day..when  Adam..the first son placed in flesh... on this earth stage.Since then He has been 'sowing' our spirits in this earth field for our 'first phase' of our education ..when we rise we finish our training in the perfection stage. Most don't learn until they rise who they are..what has been going on etc.

    looking forward to our conversations. He states..they are the power of My thoughts..and I am not ashamed of them..in regard to His children. we differ in this.....whereas you see the flesh as our accuser...I see the 'sin' in the flesh as the accuser. I see our body/flesh as say a radio that has a receiver that picks up two stations...one is our communion with God the other is the adversaries.   we may expierence 'interference/static" as portrayed by Daniel waiting on Father to answer his prayer...and 21 day delay for both Gabriel and Michael to get through because of it.

    You are not alone in this...but few understand these things on this side. Our Mother Wisdom site and the Best Home,goodnewsinc also has these revelations and more

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Wisdom is not measured by time, it is measured by understanding

6Conversation with Sheila Empty my response on Sun Feb 12, 2017 12:56 pm


Yes, I stand corrected, that "sin" is the accuser ..... I am much about detail and as I read your words I knew that they were right ..... to grow is a submission of one to another ..... just as in a marriage, the husband submits to the wife and the wife submits to the husband (just as mind to heart and heart to mind ..... and emotion to thought and thought to emotion) one is not above another (flesh and spirit) they both have a purpose ..... "sin" is to miss the mark ..... one not submitting to the other ...... or in other words; not "as one" but a "duality"

I do not understand the example of Daniel, Gabriel and Michael but I know that there is an example in other terms that I do understand.

Thank you so much for the reply and I also look forward to more growth ..... could you please send links to the two sites you mentioned ..... and if you do not mind .... could we do this through e-mail so I can keep a personal record of it ...... my email address is  ..... jugghead993@yahoo.com

If you do not feel comfortable sending me your email, ..... I understand and will continue to talk through this board

Thanks again sheila

And on another note ..... have you ever noticed in the order of which Paul's letters were written ..... starting with the masses ..... then moving to just the churches ..... and then to individuals ..... do you see the same order in us?


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Wisdom is not measured by time, it is measured by understanding

7Conversation with Sheila Empty Sheila's response on Sun Feb 12, 2017 12:57 pm


I didn't mean to correct you,...all I can do is speak my understanding...and none of us have been given charge to 'lord it over' someones faith. It is all Him.   re; Daniel Gabriel and Michael...I was speaking of the warfare that Michael and Gabriel had to do spiritually to get the revelation through to Daniel.

    I use my grand-daughter's computer..and don't e-mail. I do have a facebook that my grand-daughter and Holly helped me set up.    sheila Richards,Washington,In.   we could message on that and the brother of the sites/links is my facebook friend.   http;//goodnewsinc.net/justify/ maybe you could type that in.

    I am going to ask my grand-daughter to show me how to get e-mails on this computer tomorrowand just maybe I can do that. I've been thinking about Sheryl's cats.......and hoping they are being taken care of......I hesitated asking..did not want to bring up painful emotions. Do you still drive a truck? I will look into the e-mail thing with my Joezie tomorrow..and if I can do that I will.

Blessings to you to,Brother

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Wisdom is not measured by time, it is measured by understanding

8Conversation with Sheila Empty My response on Sun Feb 12, 2017 12:58 pm


It really wasn't a matter of correction, but of choice of words ..... it was in that context of "sin" that I was using the word "flesh" ..... this is why I believe .... and also you ..... that it is important how words are used so there is no confusion in the communication

Not much for facebook, set up a page for myself but very rarely use it .....

Scheryl's cats ..... the outside ones are being taken care of by the Lord since the guy who moved into the trailer has a dog so they stopped coming around ..... Joe, the last inside cat was taken by a friend of his, so he is being taken care of also

Not sure if you knew or not, but I am now back in Tennessee, living with my son ..... Scherryl's brother and wife were having problems so he needed the trailer back for "just in case". Which is fine with me, I get to spend more time with my son and his family.

Yes, I still drive a truck, I looked up Washington, IN .... 20-30 miles north of Evansville on I69? Is that correct? Never have gone up that part of I69. Don't know if it would be possible to meet face to face sometime if I have time to stop at the truck stops in Evansville.

One last thing, if you don't mind me asking, why do you have to use your granddaughter's computer? And also, do you have a Walmart in Washington?

And want to share this last thing that I was being shown this morning ..... thoughts and emotions ..... they are our children (sons and daughters) that need to be raised properly. It is why they are not to intermix with the sons and daughters of the world/flesh/sin.


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Wisdom is not measured by time, it is measured by understanding

9Conversation with Sheila Empty Sheila's response on Sun Feb 12, 2017 1:00 pm


Hi JH....   actually the Holy spirit has been teaching me the  covenant roles of the thoughts/mind/male role and the emotions/heart/female role. I will share what I have come to understand.  Just as God took a portion out of the side[chest]area of Adam to form Eve[the mother of all the living] in a physical example; so too, in the spirit creation,

Father took a portion of the sons spirit from his chest/heart area...and formed the female. I was told...'you are our heart out there walking around" thus .. the male has authority to lead about his sister as a wife....=guard her[his heart] with His mind[thoughts]  like a warrior with his sword at his side[rightly dividing the sword of 'word of God' as it respects truth/discernment.....and intentions of the heart[song of songs from terrors of the night]  terrors of the night refer to-wicked ones intentions to destroy/the night comes and no man can work/break up the works of the wicked one.

    Every male has a corresponding sister/spouse that is uniquely his...as she is actually one spirit with him....she is 'the only daughter of her Mother[Jerusalem Above] and the most beautiful..because she is uniquely of him.   Father has a 'wife' Jerusalem Above...and we are created in their image and likeness...she is the Mother of Our spirits. all brothers are as a body cell of Christ the groom..and have positions in his body....and their sisters have corresponding positions in the body of the bride.

    there is no marrying nor giving in marriage..up there..but a bringing back togather of those already pre-paired from the beginning. Just as the animals entered the ark in pairs..each with his accompanying female/two by two and Noah and his sons. Thus,it is a wedding supper/a marriage feast.

    the bride coming down out of heaven from God..is the new heavens revealed in Rev 21......the Heart/love aligned with the Mind of Christ/Thoughts of God/truth....and the earth bespeaks of the spirit of man[just spirits made perfect]...this union in the new creation  and the perfect union in truth/love. the mind/thoughts of God moderate the expression of Love[not love wickedness etc] and the heart Love irresistibly draws/attracts the mind...righteous fruit/offspring ..... the heart dwells between the right arm and left.  the right arm=word of God /Christ's arm of salvation...and left arm..Holy spirit that leads into all truth..by MY Spirit.   Thus we see God's heart revealed...as His Love expressed through the work of His Word and Spirit to gather back into His Bosom. embrace.   the new creation....a mere female shall surround a man....is her embracing Him....surrounding Him with love/affection. thus...reconciliation/restoration is a mutual embracing in love/hug and make-up if you will..of those that were at odds...whether through mis-un-standings..offense..etc.

    I am about 40 miles n of Evansville......I use Joezie's computer[her grandpa gave it to her] cause my screen went out.   No, I didn't know you were in Tennesee. Beautiful state...hated to hear of the terrible fires.  Yes,it would be nice to meet face to face sometime..I don't know my way around Evansville very well though. Joezie has GPS on her phone..and if she would show me once..I could find my way..after that.


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Wisdom is not measured by time, it is measured by understanding

10Conversation with Sheila Empty My response on Sun Feb 12, 2017 1:00 pm


What you said was so beautiful to me ..... couldn't help but have His spirit overflow through my eyes ..... I know you hear the passion in what I speak, for I heard it in what you spoke.

When He showed me how all things are in relation to another as thought/mind/male and emotion/heart/female I began to see and get a taste of what and who our heavenly Father is; it put me in a place I never knew was possible, let alone ever even thought of and I love Him for it because He first loved me.

The Lord has led me to ask you something that I hope you will not refuse ..... I have money that I have saved up ..... no particular reason or purpose ..... but the reason I work is so others can benefit from what I make

I would like to give you a gift ..... I would like to send you $400 to buy a laptop for yourself ..... it is the reason I asked if you had a walmart close by ..... it can be sent directly to walmart in Washington, IN where you could pick it up and buy a laptop at the same time.

I will wait for your answer and am blessed with your words

Brother Jugghead
(and by the way, my first name is Richard)

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Wisdom is not measured by time, it is measured by understanding

11Conversation with Sheila Empty Sheila's response on Sun Feb 12, 2017 1:02 pm


Appreciate the offer,brother.  But my using this one is fine. Joezie hardly uses it[has one of those high-tech phones] she uses it to text/get online etc[the problem is my computer lack of skill] I am so glad you got what I said. He has lot's of wonderful,delightful surprises stored up[in store]] for us! lol!   I adore Him and am a 'daddy's girl".  Has the Holy spirit ever spoken in a female voice..instructing at night to you?  They are our 'upper sisters" virgins/virtues of heaven. Jesus 'breast' portions He received of the Father as  our High Priest. Only females give birth in heaven too. and we must be born again of a virgin of Heaven. SOS..ch 8...O'that thou wert my brother...... I would lead you and bring you into My Mother's house,who would instruct me[Mother is Jerusalem Above]]  there is ..Our Mother Wisdom..and the Best Home site.......wish I could do links

    Great,great war is coming.....glad you are not involved with religion/politics.many will become swept up/away in it.remaing undisturbed and in peace will be our strength.   Many are going to be reaped unto heaven...and if we do not look at this with Father's eyes....we will become distraught. people mourn when they think a loved one has died..but they are not dead...He takes them home ...... the flesh body never had life in it..it is the spirit that is life...and when they are called up,they rise..

    I was caught away up to heaven once..and saw the newly reaped ones coming in. Many do not know a lot about what takes place up there.  But if we sit in heavenly places while dwelling in these lowly places,He clues us in.  the sites I told you of have info on these things. Heaven will bear witness of them to you..so you will know this is from God.   You will meet some of our upper family members..of heavenly hosts that are our guardians and teachers. When you are ready...and hunger and thirst as if of your own accord...they will be there.

    It is a wonderful things to be part of all of it. Your archangel over you is different than the one I am under[I had a dream/vision of two large pearls joined by gold/earring on my ear]  the 12 archangels..as pearls are 12 gates to the city..Jesus being the main gate Father/Mother the two doors of the Holy city. Jacob/Israel and his 12 sons were a shadow of the real spiritual nation...Israel.  Just as Abraham portrayed our Father..as the father of many nations/tribes.

     Hope I haven't overwhelmed you with all this,just don't be anxious if you don't understand it...He will show you.

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Wisdom is not measured by time, it is measured by understanding

12Conversation with Sheila Empty My response on Sun Feb 12, 2017 1:05 pm


If there is one thing I have learned it is this, because we each are unique in the Father's eye, each one of us is taught in a different way also ..... what I mean by that is .... you may hear the voice of a woman at times ..... you have been caught up at one time ..... you have dreams (which I also have)....

But because of our uniqueness He uses different tools to teach us (but I know you already know this), He has used my love of science to teach me a lot ..... especially astronomy ..... all matter is drawn to other matter by a force we call gravity ..... through the Spirit ..... all spirits are drawn to other spirits by a force He calls love .... man can look at the collision between two physical heavenly bodies as chaos and destruction .... whereas through the eye of the Spirit ..... it is two becoming one ..... the matter that is expelled in the collision are our words (as in a conversation) all mixed together but will eventually be drawn back into the two bodies that are becoming one

This is exactly what is happening with you and me and our conversation ..... our words back and forth are the expelled matter that was a result of a collision (our meeting, our paths crossing)

I never have in my understanding been caught up the way you understand it  ..... or heard a woman's voice ..... but the Lord knows I do not need these examples because of the way He designed me ...... we all reach the same result but each of our walks is unique to each individual.

I found early in my walk that when I wanted to experience things in the way others have experienced it ..... was to be led astray by my own desires but now understand that to strive for something that is unique to another is to miss what He has uniquely planned for me.

I know you already know all these things ..... the reason I need to speak of them is so your words (experiences) do not become a serpent that I chase after.

You know I love the sharing of experiences (as do you) which is our fellowship in Him ..... and we both know that no matter what example He uses to teach us ..... His end result is the same for both of us.

Now ..... with that being said ..... I would like to share something with you, that you may already know, but it had a profound impact on my heart and was His affirmation in me that He does not make mistakes ......

Religion believes that Adam and Eve made a mistake in the garden when they ate from the tree, that evil (or sin) was never meant to come into the world ..... you and I both know He does not make mistakes with His children ..... since it was meant for them to eat and die ..... who died? ...... it was the man (mind) of ignorance/darkness and the woman (heart) of lacking love ..... she lacked love because she lacked the understanding of it ..... he lack understanding because he lacked a love for it....

Look forward to hearing more from you, still reading your last message over and over again to see what He shows me and with what He uses to show me. (Main reason I would like to email, to easily reread them)


Another sent before her response:
Realized (after again reading your last message) that we were describing the same thing with different words

You described it as "an acrhangel watching over us being different than mine"

I described it as "a unique walk to each of us"

The garden keeps expanding

Another sent before her response:
Something just came to mind ...... you are a member of "APlace2Rest" , the forum created by Scherryl ..... are u under the name "srichard"?

If so, we could have our conversation through that board and it would be a permanent record plus easy access for me to reread (and refer back to) our conversation


Wisdom is not measured by time, it is measured by understanding

13Conversation with Sheila Empty did u make it? on Sun Feb 12, 2017 3:49 pm


Just wondering if you found it alright?

Wisdom is not measured by time, it is measured by understanding

14Conversation with Sheila Empty Re: Conversation with Sheila on Sun Feb 12, 2017 4:13 pm


Yes,I'm here...been reading..... Very Happy

15Conversation with Sheila Empty Re: Conversation with Sheila on Sun Feb 12, 2017 5:03 pm


May I ask ..... reading what?

Wisdom is not measured by time, it is measured by understanding

16Conversation with Sheila Empty Re: Conversation with Sheila on Sun Feb 12, 2017 5:31 pm


some of the threads on the forum. I replied to your last posts on pm at the other site..did you get

them? re; God made no mistake....You may freely eat of ALL the trees of the garden...but........the

eating of the tokogae would/did begin our wrestling with the dragon. and the blessing Jacob/Israel

pronounced on his sons[patriarchs] 12 tribes ....12 angels as gates/pearls..each tribe/patriarch

having a particular blessing/gift/inheritance in Israel. what was shown in the flesh..12 sons....

in the natural..was a shadow of the spiritual nation of Israel in heaven. 12 disciples Jesus chose also

reflect the structuring in heaven.

I had company drop by..sorry for the delay.

17Conversation with Sheila Empty Re: Conversation with Sheila on Sun Feb 12, 2017 5:40 pm


Yes, I read them, just hadn't posted it here yet, so now we have a starting point here

With that being said, do you believe it was a mistake to eat from the TOKOGAE?

Wisdom is not measured by time, it is measured by understanding

18Conversation with Sheila Empty Re: Conversation with Sheila on Sun Feb 12, 2017 5:55 pm


No.....it was never His plan that we remain in terrestrial flesh. It was also necessary that man's flesh

teach the adversary what his judgement was.[death/dissolving] the exercise had already begun in

heaven with evil...war broke out in heaven..and satan and his angels were cast out...the continuance

of the warfare/enmity between the two seed picked up here on this earth/terrestrial plane.

19Conversation with Sheila Empty Re: Conversation with Sheila on Sun Feb 12, 2017 6:28 pm


are you there? just wanted to mention something that came to me when you spoke of two

constellations colliding. Secrets of Enoch..when Enoch was taken up ..ch 21;7 and I saw the

eighth heaven..which is called in the Hebrew tongue Muzuloth[heavenly celestial priesthood/see

Bullingers witness in the stars] changer of the seasons,of drought and of wet,and the 12 signs

of the zodiac,which are above the seventh heaven. and I saw the 9th heaven,which is called

in Hebrew,Kuchavim,where are the heavenly homes of the 12 signs of the zodiac.

12 arkangels...our elder brothers.original 12 pairs[with their sisters/female/male] the rotating

priestly service in natural Israel portrayed/mirrored the work.

20Conversation with Sheila Empty Re: Conversation with Sheila on Sun Feb 12, 2017 6:39 pm


to me .... To say that something was never His plan is the same as saying He didn't know it was going to happen ..... or He knew it was going to happen but did nothing to stop it

and if He did nothing to stop it ..... wouldn't that be part of His plan?

The reason I say this is because of the mystery that was hidden since the foundation of the world

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil is a representation of the law and the prophets and through the image of the transfiguration we know that the law and the prophets combined as one is Christ, the tree of life

If we understand that we ate from the tree of life all along is to understand that we have never sinned, even from the beginning

When He showed me that the TOKOGAE is the tree of life that all eat from it is understanding that we have always been in the seventh day, His day of rest

When He said "Let there be light" and He called the light Day, Christ is our Day, we entered in the Day we ate. It is understanding All in All, that All days (mankind) are in one Day (Christ).

This may be something you may not have been shown yet, but all will be revealed in its proper time (its appointed time).

Wisdom is not measured by time, it is measured by understanding

21Conversation with Sheila Empty Re: Conversation with Sheila on Sun Feb 12, 2017 7:18 pm


the law was written for the lawless..not us..our spirits can't sin for they are of Him. the TOL tells us

who we are..God's spiritual children....clothed with clay garments. A&E had not had who they were

revealed unto them yet..Father has to tell us..as creator and Father who we are etc.

our clay garments[corruptible] were sold under sin..sins law at work in my flesh..as Paul bewailed

who will deliver me from this body undergoing this death....the problem with the TOKOGAE is

the adversary comes quoting scripture[word of God] to you with his own twisted mind. and that can

and dose deceive/confuse us. in the TOL Father teaches us...prepares a table before us in the

presence of our enemy. He declares to us His judgements/knowledge..teaches us. part of the

confusion was portrayed when the sons of thunder wanted to call down fire from heaven to destroy

the people who did not receive them. they erred in spirit..as they did not know what spirit they were

of. there is another spirit[religiosity] that sits in the temple to show himself he is god..likes to quote

scripture with a twist...and keep man's mind in darkness[if the light that be in you be darkness..etc]

why do you think I believe that all this wasn't His plan?I do....the 'BUT" part maybe? All I meant

by that was He was informing when/and through what machination the exercise in evil would begin..

22Conversation with Sheila Empty Re: Conversation with Sheila on Sun Feb 12, 2017 7:46 pm


I'm rereading your post...TOL and TOKOGAE in the midst of the garden........ I see Jesus as the Tol

that come and fulfilled OT law covenant..as to sin in flesh condemned..'the little children[spirits]

were partakers of flesh and blood,so,too,likewise He partook..not that our spirits sin..but that we

wrestle with this power and principality in our 'corruptible' flesh. As Lord of both the living[spirits]

and dead[flesh and blood body undergoing this death]  Grace/free gift  TOL....

  duality tokogae/tol in midst of garden...curse vs blessing...death vs life etc.  ALL things are yours

 both death and life..Secrets of Enoch ch 30;12     I conceived a cunning saying to say, I created

man from invisible and visible nature,of both are His death and life and image.

      when constellations collide  Rev 6;14  it is as a scroll when it is rolled togather[fulfilled].  and we

know the departure of our  heaven[ spirits] are at hand...the fulfillment of the gospel/grace..age and

the ALL IN ALL is at hand.Mountains and Islands are moved.

23Conversation with Sheila Empty Re: Conversation with Sheila on Sun Feb 12, 2017 11:00 pm


alright..just realized what you were speaking of in regard to all in all. how I grasp it. there is nothing

but God....and our spirit portion is actually Him.[immortal/TOL] we have been with Him from the

beginning as when to God conceived the thought of us as His children and began His divine plan....

the Lamb that was slain before the founding of this world...our innocence[lack of knowledge of

good or evil/discernment] God has been in fact laying down His life[our spirit portion of Him]

so that we may live...and taking it back up again. Christ is the Sabbath[our rest..in that our spirit

portion is of God and we rest in His spirit] I do not see this as God resting though until all of the

children are raised back up and out of this temporal realm[clay] Jesus said in regard to the Sabbath

is it lawful to kill or heal on the Sabbath; and this, the Father has continued working and so do I.

because of this I see God's rest as when He has all the children back in heaven with Him.....

another reasoning I factor in..is the 14 years of labour Jacob served for Rachael.....Leah at 7 years

labour..dim-sighted[see through glass darkly] and 14 for Rachael...beautiful eyes

[understanding/love] takes

twice as long to educate/purify the woman...this portrayed with law on childbirth...and differing times in

regard to a male versus a female child born.

24Conversation with Sheila Empty taking it slow on Mon Feb 13, 2017 10:06 pm


I think we need to take things quite a bit slower so there are no misunderstandings between us, I believe we need to address things in more detail.

It is like your first line in post 21:

the law was written for the lawless..not us..our spirits can't sin for they are of Him.

Wouldn't it be better understood by both of us by stating it as: the law was written for our flesh (and the flesh of others) ... not our spirit (or the spirits of others) ... our spirits can't sin for they are of Him.

For the fact that, the law was written to reveal the "sin" in the flesh becoming our tutor to point us towards Christ so that He could reveal the righteousness in our spirit.

Does that make sense?

Another one is in post 23:

I do not see this as God resting though until all of the children are raised back up and out of this temporal realm[clay]

I still see God resting from His work because all authority was handed to the Son, is it not His (the Son's) work that raises us back up and then out of this temporal realm (clay)

Because when His (the Son) is all finished He (the Son) gives all authority back to the Father who was at rest while the Son worked

And does that also make sense?

Please let us take it slow, for I jumped to a conclusion with the words "it was never meant to" because I should have thought about it first and understood that you meant it was "temporary"

It will probably take longer in understanding what each of us are talking about by "how" we are defining what we are talking about.


Wisdom is not measured by time, it is measured by understanding

25Conversation with Sheila Empty Re: Conversation with Sheila on Tue Feb 14, 2017 8:22 pm


...to me it is not better to say the law was written for flesh..the law was the condemnation of 'Sin" in

the flesh...the true lawless one was the satan that seduced[coveted] Eve,Adam and their given

dominion of the earth by God/AND GOD'S RULE DOMINION OVER aDAM AND eVE. He lied/slandered

God's character,lead into disobedience/confused/deceived. When God judged the serpent..He

said..".because you HAVE DONE THIS."

It may seem of no account to make this fine distinction..but the serpent is more subtil than all the

beasts of the field. subtil[require fine distinction] so the commandment not to eat of it lest ye die..

was a commandment unto life for A&E...but sin..through the commandment slayed them. the law

was to protect Adam and Eve from the machinations/works of the devil...and was to

restrain the serpent...but he is the lawless one to be revealed/the wicked one of from whom

we are delivered.... through disobedience...'sin entered" the flesh...know...become one with/mingle

like clay and iron. Adam knew Eve. thus partaking of tokogae set in motion sin[wicked contrast

spirit]entering into and becoming 'one' 'know" intimate..with Adam and Eve's flesh...that is the

condemnation by God of it's evil fruit..and Jesus come to break up these wicked works of the devil.

I can see the term flesh and the law in this wise,though,JH. the serpent has his own strange

flesh...invisible unto our eyes..but it is made of the dust of heaven...and ours is made of the dust of

earth. a demon has not flesh as ye behold I have[it differs]He did not say it had not flesh......but

that it was not like His.

flesh and blood can NOT inherit the kingdom of Heaven...satans flesh coveted God's throne.....A&E's

flesh was terrestrial and given dominion of the earth..under God's heavenly Dominion.

Down the road these fine distinctions will be very much appreciated and important to build

with....though I have no desire to seem to strain at a gnat..at present.....

now..there were two trees and two ways to learn and grow by in that garden. One was the easier

way...obedience..listening and conversing with God in the garden daily..as He would teach through

the TOL[without the expierence of death at all..for God took Enoch that he would not expierence

death.] or..through the hard way of expierence through the TOKOGAE.....were suffering/death and

all the evil fruit/strife etc are .. He who knew no sin[Word of God come in flesh] the Prince of this

world comes and he has nothing 'in' me.

sin is a demon and his desire is to rule over you..but you must rule over him. I give you power

and authority to trample serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy.

sin is NOT our identity..it got the upper hand over the flesh of man when it entered into man's flesh

when God made man He said it was 'good'..not good and evil...but man is perfected by learning

obedience through suffering...whether through obedience laying it down willingly..without sin in the

flesh/as Jesus..who knew no sin..or by learning the hard way ...suffer for disobedience or

righteousness sake.

the man of sin,man of lawlessness/son of perdition is to be revealed[nothing hidden/unseen will

not be revealed]

and our spirits can't practice sin..but we can err in spirit..as in 'ye know NOT what spirit ye are of"

Father,forgive them they know not what they do...as this confusion comes by mixing,your leaders

have caused you to err;[mingling/tokogae/good and evil] there is a way that seems good..etc

I'll wait for dialogue with you on this....I'm sure you have reasoning/understanding you may

further want to expound on. Blessings

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