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The Meat of Religion

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The Meat of Religion

The meat of religion is the law, and they add love as a seasoning to make it taste good.

It is in this concept we can understand that Sons are the salt (seasoning) of the earth, Sons are the love of the earth, Sons are our Father (Love) of this earth, a Love that is “in” this earth, but a Love not “of” this earth. We do not serve Him as a seasoning; we serve Him as the main course. A Son of God serves Love (the Father) as the main course to others, not as a seasoning on the law.

We are not just servants (waiters and waitresses) that serve the law to others, we are Sons that serve Love (the Father) to others.

(Waiter = the lowest place in the parable of the seat of honor)

The Sons of God are being sprinkled upon (spread throughout) the flesh of the earth, preserving the flesh, the body of Christ, that which was meant to be righteous from the beginning. The first Adam had the body of God (Christ), but he did not have the Spirit (the salt = the Spirit of understanding) of God, therefore the meat spoiled. But now we have the salt (His Spirit) that preserves the body of Christ, preserves His meat (the flesh) from spoiling, from becoming unrighteous.

We, like the first Adam, have the body of Christ, but without His Spirit it spoils, it becomes unrighteous.

When the meat of religion is the law rather than Love, it is also in this concept that we understand that Love is the meat (substance; Christ; Son) of God and we come to understand that the law was only milk and we have to be weaned from milk (the law) so that we can partake of meat (Love). The more Love (the body of Christ; the substance of the Father) we consume, the stronger we get and we no longer need the law (milk) because in this understanding; if we are always Love (the Father in Christ; a Son) the law is always completely and automatically fulfilled.

My thoughts from this morning and wanted to share

Wisdom is not measured by time, it is measured by understanding

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