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If you don't know me . . .

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1If you don't know me . . . Empty If you don't know me . . . on Fri Jun 07, 2013 2:40 pm


Todd struck yet another chord in me when he recently stated . . .Let me say for the record, if you do not know me, you have little right to instruct me and I sure am not going to receive a word from you...

I have seen this deformity in the church first hand, and I feel certain enough to even say I'll bet most of you have encountered this as well at one time or another where a visiting speaker comes to your church and prays over people and speaks a "word of knowledge" over them and it becomes a bit of a circus where all the saints line up to have this fortune teller tell them their future.

Because I grew up in the church from a very young age, this was just a part of the church life for me. The pastors were always fully supportive and primed the pump long before the speaker ever took the pulpit. I remember a few times I would go up just out of mere curiosity to find out if the speaker would pick up on the fact that I was a fake . . .because in my eyes, I was. I was only in church because mom and dad made me go. I felt the security from evil in the numbers of the church. Not in the power of the kingdom within me. Looking back on that part now, I can tell you it was a false security and the evil was a trumped up charge as well . . .all in the name of God of course. And they were totally sincere and believed in everything that was happening.

But it wasn't until I had become pastor of my own church and had walked away from the traditions that I realized the very same thing Todd had just shared. Yes, there are those with a prophetical gifting . . .now that I mention this, it reminds me there is actually a thread somewhere on this forum from another individual who kind of had a similar nature about him as our friend John. The guy was under the impression that he was a prophet and he seemed to see himself as a Jeremiah or Nahum . . . they get their word directly from God and were sent to us to have us follow them. When it didn't go his way, he left as well.

But the point is, these giftings given to the church are not based on the individual exercising them. They are based on the RELATIONSHIP between brothers and sisters, and even neighbors. The factor is in the relationship. It's not intended to be given to one person to touch on intimate matters with some person they've never met. Everything about Jesus was based on relationship.

His desire for relationship was so strong that he poured himself "into" us so that he could be in us our entire lives and directing us and strengthening us from the inside out rather than . . .like religion . . .the other way around.

So if I have the "anointing" of speak a word of knowledge, where would I exercise it? For me? I'd say you exercise it first, over your family, second, over your godless friends who have never experienced a word of wisdom in their life. And third, your own spiritual kids . . .those whom the Father has led into your life whom you'be built a relationship with and they are receptive to you and you are connected with them. Anything outside of that . . .for me . . .is just religion. Everything derives from relationship.

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Okay I've been quiet for so long it seems like I can't keep my mouth shut the past couple days... phew lol. Smile

Nate I totally hear what you're saying here! I have been given some amazing relationships with amazing and godly people whom God has brought into my life and we have shared these things that you speak of, words of knowledge, words of prophecy, dreams, etc. It is truly AMAZING to be a part of these things with people you love so dearly and who know you inside and out, and vice versa. For example, Sheila could literally say ANYTHING to me and I would not get offended in the least. She could rebuke the HELL out of me (<-- hehehehe Wink ) and I would not be at all offended. Because I know she loves me, and not with the "love" of the world, but with GOD'S own love, His true unconditional love and when she does rebuke me she speaks the words straight from HIM!

On the other side of this, there truly are people who are so in sync with God and His Spirit that He does use them to speak words of prophecy or knowledge to those whom they have never met before. My friend Rebecca (Cardinal, who is a member of this forum but has not had a chance to post here yet) is one of them. Whenever she gets her access to the net back I would love for her to tell her story of when God sent her to Oklahoma... the stuff that He did through her there was awesome. Again, these people are truly led by God and speak HIS words, (the words that He speaks to THEM personally, NOT simply words written in the Bible that can be used to bash people if said in the wrong spirit... in fact God showed Card not too long ago that Satan was the first preacher... affraid )

I cannot stress how much I love this place... and all of you. So glad to be here!! I love you

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I could not agree more Bro Nate ,
It really is our Loving relationship with HIM that makes all the difference !
we can not begin to love others TILL we do Love God first , and when that happens we can appreciate and also respect the same attributes/ Christ like natures in others with spiritual growth
its been noted , that our differences are our strength , yet in the same function and Body which is Christ

Cannot begin to tell you just how much I appreciate the Holy Spirit and those with the Holy Spirit in them dealing with me for so long , not the quickest learner nor the most easiest to deal with , but Love is patient and love is kind and keeps no record of wrong I love you

Love you Holly ! rebuke can be painful , but growing pains are like that ya know , it stung , but we healed by the grace of God eh !! If you don't know me . . . 1900833013

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Hey Rose, Love that group hug icon!! Hope that we will

be able to do that literally shortly!!

5If you don't know me . . . Empty Re: If you don't know me . . . on Fri Jun 07, 2013 6:06 pm


Yes Sis ! hope its soon too !! Love you girl !

6If you don't know me . . . Empty Re: If you don't know me . . . on Sat Jun 08, 2013 1:47 pm


Love you too Rosie. Rebuke "stings" for sure but is always good when it's true and coming from the Holy Spirit!

And I really cannot wait for that group hug either!!

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