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From the Shadow to Manifestation

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1From the Shadow to Manifestation Empty From the Shadow to Manifestation on Wed Jun 05, 2013 12:09 pm


Hi all,

Going through quite a transition these days. Want to share something that crossed my path.

For many many, years, I wanted to witness the establishment of the government of God in the earth. There are books and teachings, but most have very little clue about what is really true in this regards. Everyone wants to be an expert on this subject, but no one actually does it.

When I personally sought the Lord in this matter, He led me on several trails, all of which I thought were completely unrelated until this week. The world’s biggest problem is that it is governed by the mind of man. Perhaps some of you are looking for a single person to be the man of lawlessness, but I think Adam is making his case to rule the world at the moment…. But I digress.

One of those trails was a short season of learning about the true apostolic ministry. Let me say, what the Lord showed us had nothing to do with anything we saw in the publish domain. I felt almost like I was pursuing a false doctrine. Those who sat upon the platforms of religion seemed to be very different from us. They held great ministries by their words. They planted churches. They directed large groups of people. They pontificated at length, ad. nauseum, about what the new year would prophetically bring. Admittedly, I was at awe with some of them. Others were repugnant.

That season came and went. Today, the Lord brought something back to me that I want to share.

I have been talking about the shadow. This could be the very thing that allows heaven to break into earth. I am passionate about the change that needs to come, like Y’Israel, but I see things a little differently. I don’t believe that ministry is God’s primary purpose for working in our lives. It is down the list a little bit. I don’t believe that we can bring forth the Kingdom with observances (observation). We have to let the spiritual dimension expand within us. We have to feed on the Bread of Life until we are fully prepared for the good works of service.

All my walk, I have felt that I was ready to go. God would never release me. Now, I feel the most unqualified I have ever felt, and the change is now coming. Weird. The way up is down. Time will reveal if this is it, or merely another season of training…. And I do know I am being trained for sure.

So the new revelation is that in all our doings and ministry, we have never really landed that portion of anointing that would address the continuing spiral of mankind down the sewer hole. We feel like we are being drug along without any say-so in the matter, until now.

There is no repeat of ministry activities that will bring about the change we are looking for. Doing the same things will produce the same results…. Guaranteed. The hunt is on for that new understanding from God that will propel us forward with Kingdom power and authority. This is possibly the shadow.

The shadow is the image of those things God created, even before time, in the heavenly realms and dimensions. They can be technologies, processes, ministries, teachings, and even government. In our walk, we touched on government, but did not understand it at the time, so we never pursued it. Now, that has come to the front and center. The world is governed by corruption and the love of money. It should be governed by the Son and His brethren. So here is the true apostolic ministry in a few sentences.

The Apostle carries the shadow. He or she sees the image in the heavenlies and seeds it into the earth, or in this case, the other doma gifted ministers.

The apostle causes the prophet to look into the heavens.
The apostle causes the evangelist to look for God’s supply.
The apostle causes the pastor to look to God for His nature.
The apostle causes the teacher to look to God for His processes.

So the apostle is a portal or gateway. They connect the heavens to the earth so that sonship can come in the form of the sons of God.

The sons of God are a form of the true government of God, and they become the portal for the anointing of Kingship to come to earth. We saw this for a moment in the life of David… the true anointing of Kingship. THAT is what is coming and when it does authority will be handed over from the corrupt to the incorrupt. It is the thing that is happening now….

There is much to share on this, but I want to read your responses first..

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