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Why You Are Here

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26Why You Are Here - Page 2 Empty Re: Why You Are Here on Sat Jun 01, 2013 2:54 pm


I appreciate your loving ways towards me here , all of you have that Love of God in Christ in you , I realize that !
I will quit being such a whiny baby now ..lol
secure in Gods love amongst all friends and family of God

27Why You Are Here - Page 2 Empty Re: Why You Are Here on Sat Jun 01, 2013 9:59 pm



Blown away in the spirit……


Yes, Rose, blown away…..That has to happen. He is not out of His mind, but very possibly He is out of yours.

First, we must understand that the mind of God stretched out the universe (says this in the Psalms). There are things in God that are coming forward now that are beyond my ability to believe. He is that big. But once I made the mistake of saying “that this was going too far”. When I did, the visitation of the Lord ceased. It has been a cold dry walk since 1997 in comparison to what was happening at the time, and I tell you it has taught me one thing. I would rather make a million mistakes and dwell in the presence of a loving Father that says, that’s ok son… just learn from it…. Than I would spend one more day waiting in blindness.

Rose, I am not sure what you were referring to as far as this week, but I can guarantee you this one thing that I think others will also confirm. The Lord will bring you to the brink or the extent of your own understanding and then ask you a question. “Will you follow me?” …meaning Him of course.

As many as who believed, God gave them the right to become the sons of God. When God begins to accept you as a son, this is what happens. I am telling you because I have paid a very heavy price to understand this. You will find from this day forward that God Himself will challenge your understanding and everything that you believe will be put on trial for its life. I say this to you to help you understand that when God brings you to a place that is beyond what you feel you can understand, you are being promoted to a new level in Christ. At the end, is purpose and destiny.

God bless you Rose.. GOD BLESS YOU ROSE. It’s a new day.

The desires of your heart lie straight ahead. Just keep taking the steps where God’s lamp has lighted the path.

28Why You Are Here - Page 2 Empty Re: Why You Are Here on Sat Jun 01, 2013 10:02 pm


Oh ya, don't worry about the numbers. It starts here a little there a little. Then line upon line upon line. Nathan argued with me at first and now he teaches me !!!!! HA !! Glory to God.

And indeed you will teach us too... Just believe that we are the real thing. We will seek to find that connection regardless of the subject.

29Why You Are Here - Page 2 Empty Re: Why You Are Here on Sat Jun 01, 2013 10:57 pm


Thanks Todd
for the message I sure can relate too !

your right about mistakes or for me the wrong attitude in those firey trials . Changing the mind is harsh , painful even
we have had a lot of literal death and change to deal with in the past year , I always think of the son of perdition [son of loss , destruction ] Its set up by the Lord that way to all fail
when all we have is Him thats enough , to finally cry out to Him for that much needed help , save me , from that old selfish man of sin , thats how its been for me anyhow
I sure can appreciate the good fellowship here , they are to few and far between to find , another soul to relate to , truly relate to in this life , Loose something and gain empathy
compassion on others suffering loss has become a way of life when you do take up your cross and Follow Jesus .
Much love and blessings in our Lord , Rose

30Why You Are Here - Page 2 Empty Re: Why You Are Here on Sun Jun 02, 2013 12:48 pm


Dear precious rose:

I would never ask anyone to leave, just because they do not understand fully what I am speaking. We all are members in particular of the body of Christ the heart does not do the same thing that the eyes do. Nor does the ear do the same thing that the feet does. But since we are all members of the same body of Christ we cannot say to anyone I have no need of you. I need you dear precious rose!!! I need you to be just what God has created you to be. I love you

I Know that as you seek to hear him teach you his truth then you will understand what is being said by him for the divine purpose he has for your life. You are going to hear Him say things to you that I have NEVER HEARD HIM SAY. And as you share what he has given to you it will edify the whole body.

It really is not about how much you know, but it is about how much you flow with His life to all around you. Knowledge alone will puff you up. But as you flow with Him then he will give you the knowledge and understanding that you need, and it won't puff you up in any way.

On a color wheel all you need are the three primary colors to mix all the rest of the colors. The three primary colors are red, Yellow, and blue. Numerically they are 1,3,and 5; or 135, 153 for reconciliation, or 351 for healing, depending how you mix the seven spirits of God that they correspond to. Remember 1 and the color red is the spirit of understanding- comprehension. If you are lacking comprehension Ask God to give you the spirit of understanding. 3 is the color yellow and is the spirit of the wisdom of God. The wisdom of god operates solely through the divine purpose of God for your life. The spirit of wisdom brings us the revelation of divine purpose for our life. 5 is the color blue and corresponds to the spirit of Might. With understanding and wisdom comes the power to do create what Gods wants in his divine purpose for our lives.

When you mix red with yellow you get orange. When you mix yellow with blue you get green. When you mix blue with red you get purple. When you mix all 6 you get white. since we are talking light mixing the colors of light always produces white light. But when you are talking color pallet of paint when you mix all 6 you get black. Funny how that works.

You are truly loved and accepted for the magnificent expression of Christ you are to the rest of the body of Christ.

You are most assuredly a Why You Are Here - Page 2 257131910

31Why You Are Here - Page 2 Empty Re: Why You Are Here on Sun Jun 02, 2013 1:24 pm


Thanks Bro Patrick!! , when you see with the view of the eagle far above the body of death . I know the Lord God is dealing with me at this time
a time I am so gratful for , you all here have no idea what it means to be accepted , and have a place to grow in truth and grace and in Jesus peace .
the Lord prepares us for Himself .
just yesterday I was shownsomething so simple and never really undertood it , like the ligtning bolt of revelation of sorts

it was about red and and Adam being red [adam 120Strong's H119 - 'adam
, that one blood of adam that all shall die [flesh and blood shall not inherit the Kingdom of God ] and Acts 17 where the one blood of Jesus all shall live , this was Pauls message an angel messenger of the good news /gospel

Having simple truth and being taught by His Spirit its governing our lives to not be that selfish old man of sin , though your sins be red as scarlet , he shall make us whiter than snow

Isa 1:18 Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.

the redness of satan to the whitness of wool a lamb in the sheepfold

baby steps and basic , but I thank Him for this much !!

Love to all , Blessings Patrick in Jesus name , Rose

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We are all growing sis into the fullness of God that is in us. But without God pressing us through tribulation we would not enter into many of the things that God wants to bring us into.

Through much tribulation we shall enter into the kingdom of God.

No matter how much I have grown in him: Every time God brings me into something new I always feel just like a baby. It is a wondrous thing to be.

Love what you said about comparing the red as the blood of Adam and the blood of Christ. Just keep listening to him and he will reveal so much more for you to walk in.

Grace and Peace Patrick

33Why You Are Here - Page 2 Empty Re: Why You Are Here on Mon Jun 03, 2013 12:37 pm


Hi everyone. Smile
I just wanted to say that so much of what has been written here has been witnessed to me by the Father and wanted to say how grateful I am for this place again. I don't post often because I am still quite young and feel like there isn't much I have that you all haven't got years ago haha. :)But I greatly enjoy reading everything that Father has revealed to you all and very much of the time it is a witness to what He has recently shown me. I love you

Also the love that is poured out in all of your posts reduces me to tears quite often. I thank God for all of you. I love you

Rose the numbers thing is all very new to me as well and I don't have the time right now to even try studying it so certainly don't feel like you're the only one not "getting it" lol! The colours thing really interests me even more than the numbers (I've never been much of a math fan haha Wink ) so would love to seek the Father's truth in that area in the future at some point too!

Much love to all of my brothers and sisters here at aplace2rest. You are all very precious to me even though you don't hear from me much. I love you

34Why You Are Here - Page 2 Empty Re: Why You Are Here on Mon Jun 03, 2013 4:07 pm


Some starting thoughts Rose and Holly....


White - purity, righteousness
Red - salvation, blood of Jesus, fire
Blue - kingship
Purple - royalty
Black - sin, death, earth, darkness
Pale - a corpse, death
Green - life, new beginnings
Rainbow - bow, a covenent, a promise
and so on... There is always a message in the colors....


This so fascinating becasue there is no limit. The numbers comes from many sources and can combine by addition or mutiplication (subtraction and division also). They come in mutiple forms 30 is like 300 is like 3000.... often in the meaning of the context. Zeros, which are nothing, can be placeholders - 2016 is like 216 and so forth.

It is important to note that hebrew thinking is circular. This is the wheel of God, therefore, cycles repeat. For example 7 days a week repeats on and on. Those seven days repeat again and again and have for thousands of years, however, each day is unique as time progresses. So we get things like 70 weeks. Which represents 70 x 7... In this case those days are symbolic for years, or 490 years. It is the number of forgiveness, which prophesied the end of the age of the Law.....but I digress...

Ok, so here is a starting list... These are taking from the context in the bible in which they occur. This is by no means a complete representation. I am thinking we all need to work together on this to make a reference guide or something like that...

1. Unity, Primacy
2. Division, double witness
3. Divine Fullness, Perfection
4. The earth; Material Creation
5. Grace, Favor
6. Man, Man’s Wisdom and Labor
7. Completion, Spiritual Perfection
8. New Birth, New Creation, New Beginnings
9. God’s Visitation, Judgment; as 3 x 3, it signifies the Gift and Fruits of the Spirit
10. Divine Order; Law
11. Imperfection, Disorder, Two witnesses
12. Divine Authority; Governmental Perfection
13. Depravity and Rebellion
14. Release, Deliverance
15. New Direction
16. Love
17. Victory
18. Bondage, Oppression
19. Faith
20. Redemption
21. Trouble, Distress
22. Sons of Light, Sonship
23. Death
24. Priesthood
25. Forgiveness of Sins
26. Gospel of Christ
27. Preaching the Gospel
28. Eternal Life
29. Departure
30. Blood of Christ, Dedication, Spiritual Maturity
31. Offspring
32. Covenant
33. Promise
34. Naming of a Son
35. Hope
36. Enemy
37. Jesus, as The Word of God
38. Slavery
39. Disease, Infirmity, Weakness
40. Trials, Probation, Testings
42. Man’s Opposition to God, Antichrist
45. Preservation
46. Herod’s Temple, Man Without the Holy Spirit
49. Jubilee
50. Holy Spirit, Pentecost, Jubilee
51. Divine Revelation; Peace
52. Building Wall around Jerusalem
55. Mercy
60. Pride
65. Apostasy
66. Idol Worship
70. Universality, Restoration of All Things
76. Cleansing or Blotting Out
100. God’s Election of Grace, Children of Promise
119. The Call to Resurrection (yet falling short)
120. Probationary Period Awaiting the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit
144. The First Resurrection Saints
153. Gathering the Sons of God
200. Insufficiency
210. Time of Jacob’s Trouble (see 21)
220. Light (see 22)
276. The Flesh, Satan, Babylon
390. No King in Israel (see 39)
414. Cursed Time
434. Judged Time
490. Blessed Time (see 49)
600. Warfare in the World (see 60)
666. Man’s Authority Over God’s Creation
888. Fullness of Christ’s Body
1000. Glory of God, Completeness
49000. Creation’s Jubilee

35Why You Are Here - Page 2 Empty Re: Why You Are Here on Mon Jun 03, 2013 4:18 pm


I think one of the most amazing numbers of all times is 666. We all have a sense that the occult use this number often, but when I saw this link here, I about fell over...Even if you don't get it all, check this out. It blew me away. The coincidences are mind blowing even if this is not your thing...


36Why You Are Here - Page 2 Empty Re: Why You Are Here on Mon Jun 03, 2013 5:29 pm


Thanks Todd made a copy of the number list Smile
going to look at your site now

37Why You Are Here - Page 2 Empty Re: Why You Are Here on Mon Jun 03, 2013 5:32 pm


I have some other great links if you want to email me....Thanks! That number list comes from Dr. Jones' Kingom Ministries website.

38Why You Are Here - Page 2 Empty Re: Why You Are Here on Mon Jun 03, 2013 5:39 pm


Ok this is cool cause I have had the bible wheel site for years now in my favorites and when I looked this past week I was surprised how much Blessing was in it,,, because it was way over my head them many years ago and now its amazing !!!
thanks I have been looking at the cherubim on this site just Saturday!! cheers

39Why You Are Here - Page 2 Empty Re: Why You Are Here on Mon Jun 03, 2013 5:42 pm


todosan wrote:I have some other great links if you want to email me....Thanks! That number list comes from Dr. Jones' Kingom Ministries website.

Hi Todd ,

Thank you so much , the same Stephen Jones ?
I have him already and Elwin Roach and Dayspring from on High , I really like them sites
I do not know how to hyperlink here
But thanks so much for your sharing !!
God love ya Bro !! I love you

40Why You Are Here - Page 2 Empty Re: Why You Are Here on Mon Jun 03, 2013 5:45 pm


Yep, same guys.... Also, check out Ron Oja on youtube. Great stuff....

41Why You Are Here - Page 2 Empty Re: Why You Are Here on Mon Jun 03, 2013 7:50 pm


Thanks Todd for sharing that! I always figured there was meaning in the colours. This is especially obvious with the horsemen in Revelation. I have also always wondered about the colours of the temple veil and priestly garments too. If anyone wants to share what you have been given about that I would be very interested to hear it! (If it's been written on the board somewhere already feel free to just point me in the right direction.)

Thanks again!

42Why You Are Here - Page 2 Empty Re: Why You Are Here on Mon Jun 03, 2013 7:56 pm


Hi Todd I have gotten lost many times on that site. There is just so much info that can be found there. I noticed something just last night that blew me away. I am now putting it together and will turn it into a pdf and I can send it to any one interested, just pm me with email address. I will post some about it in a few days.

Grace and peace Patrick

43Why You Are Here - Page 2 Empty Re: Why You Are Here on Mon Jun 03, 2013 8:00 pm


Hi holly just check out my recent posts from this last week you will find something interesting on the vail. I am at work posting during my lunch break and do not have the time to be more specific.

Grace and peace Patrick

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