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Gay Marriage

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1 Gay Marriage on Thu Mar 21, 2013 12:19 pm


I was on face book for the past two days in deep discussions over this issue. it started from someone posting the fact that Rob Bell has publicly come out in support of gay marriages. At the end of the two day discussion, a friend, and also a member of this forum posted this video ... I thought it'd be great to post it over here as well.


I hope you can bring it up . . .

2 Re: Gay Marriage on Fri Mar 22, 2013 12:18 am


Nate thank you for posting this!! I was in tears. What a BEAUTIFUL testimony to His love!!! There is a thread going on over at Tent right now about this exact thing. I posted it over there too.

Wow. That was awesome. I love you

3 Re: Gay Marriage on Fri Mar 22, 2013 10:26 am


I have had a great struggle with this issue personally . . .not that I have had problems in this area, but that I've struggled with how to handle the subject. And the fact that it just seems to be taking over our culture and society . . .even Rush Limbaugh addresses it on his show. As a Christian, there's always been this "extra" emphasis around the sinfulness of this lifestyle. This video is the first thing I've encountered that has truly helped me understand the most effective way to handle it and . . .basically let go of my attempts to control. I'm glad you see that as well.

4 Re: Gay Marriage on Fri Mar 22, 2013 6:05 pm


I like what he said at the end about it being a good thing that the activists are so vocal today, it will cause the church to go back to God's grace. No doubt. Evil always works against itself. The serpent will bite his heal, but it will only cause him to crush the head of the serpent. So it is to be. I saw the first openly gay ad on regular tv the other day, it was for the Amazon kindle I believe. It didn't really bother me at this point but it does say something about the reality of the gay movement in our culture. Once the ad agency's in the business world feel that there is a market segment to go after that is viable, they do just that. There is a level of acceptance than none of us have seen before in our life times. We don't need to accept the choice but we do need to accept its existence. The more this lifestyle, or any other lifestyle for that matter, is embraced and pursued, the more it will leave the heart empty. There is a great dawning that is going to occur and it will only happen once the night has reached its apex. So it is to be as well. We live in glorious times. Let Christ live through you and you will be the hope of glory for everyone regardless of their 'lifestyle' or 'orientation'. We are all broken, we all must come by way of the sacrifice that is not our own. He must have preeminence.

5 Re: Gay Marriage on Sat Mar 23, 2013 2:05 pm


That was awesome klm4jc , lot of truth in your post

6 Re: Gay Marriage on Thu Apr 11, 2013 9:10 am


I think there is something that can be learned through this whole issue.

Look, the bible is clear. We all know what the end of this behavior is, but wait! That same end awaits many of the behaviors that we ourselves have been involved in. My favorite one to pick on, which has become more of a personal issue in recent years as I age, is gluttony. Actually, I have been buffeted on every side. I love buffets and often feel I have to get my money’s worth when I go. Folks, that has a clear end too, not unlike the topic at hand. Point is, that we have to be careful with our biases. We think ourselves to be objective when really we are just setting up our own personal bias structures.

One day, I was driving down the road. I remember the place well. The Lord said to me, “Todd you are not so far from being gay.” At that time in my life I was outspoken against this lifestyle. The Lord’s word to me was shocking. As I listened to Him, I realized that the dysfunction in my own life was simply on a continuum and would lead to self destruction apart from the Lord. I was a pervert before I was a convert. All weird love (eros) happens in the absence of His love (agape).

This was earth shattering to me. I had laid waste to relationships because of this issue, and I am sure in no ways had I ever demonstrated the love or compassion of Christ. Those people to this day will not speak to me….all because of zeal without understanding.

Look, the Standard does not change, but requiring men and women to adhere to the standard without knowing Him??? Well, that is quite a task. It always ends in failure.

7 Re: Gay Marriage on Fri Apr 12, 2013 9:01 am


Thats kinda how I see it too Todd.

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