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1 Introduction on Fri Mar 15, 2013 12:30 pm


In this kingdom truth that is now being introduced to our earth, the necessity to return to our beginnings is paramount. It is in the beginning that foundations are laid. If those foundations were originally built with incomplete perceptions of truth, the rest of the temple that God called, Christ chose, and the Holy Spirit lives in, will be limited in the freedom that was originally intended for us. It’s like a child who’s been given a new toothbrush with a cartoon character molded into the handle. They embrace it with giddiness and use it regularly. They talk to it, brag about it and even play with it when they’re not brushing.

Then the day comes when they are toying with it and they find a little tiny button. Immediately after pressing the button, the toothbrush comes alive. It’s bristles make a buzzing sound as they rapidly rotate all on their own power. All this time, the child was manually doing what the toothbrush was made to automatically do. That little revelation changes the child’s whole perspective on that toothbrush.

Well, it’s been the same way with the kingdom of truth. Jesus came and through the most powerful act of the cross, he reversed the curse of Adam’s rebellion, giving man the ability to return back to the original state from which he was created. Before Christ, it was man’s responsibility to follow the law to the letter as a temporary redemption for his sin. After Christ, that law was fulfilled. We no longer have to manually maintain religious activity to gain or sustain righteousness. It’s automatically been done for us. All we have to do is step out in faith, into the one who fulfilled it.

Spiritual Righteousness By Way of Natural Actions
And even though that is the case, men have been deceived into believing that our actions are the focus of our attention. It’s believed that my actions are what make me who I am. I must attend church regularly. I must pray at least once a day. I must tithe. I must turn the other cheek. I must, I must, I must. It becomes an obsession of what I must and must not do. Preachers stand at their pulpits and pound on their people of the necessity to act right and live a pure life.

Marriage counselors step in and instruct how we’re supposed to treat each other if we want our marriage to be a success. They have 7-step programs that prove if you do a+b+c, it will add up to d and you’ll be a much better person for it. The church has come up with programs for every walk of life. For singles who’ve never been married, for married couples; for singles who used to be married. They’ve segregated us up into age groups for our youth. They set up counseling for alcoholics and smokers, drug-users and weight watchers. The church has created programs for just about every “flesh-is-weak” issue there is. Yet none of them can see the truth of the kingdom for what it is.

Dominion is Spiritual
It is in the kingdom of the Spirit where our dominion over our flesh resides. If we truly desire to be free from the desires of our flesh, then why doesn’t anyone focus on the realm of the spirit? Occasionally it’s talked about and some assume they’ve accomplished that piece of it through the baptism of the spirit and they talk in tongues and everything. But yet they still confidently put the emphasis in all of their programs and seminars as their means of taking the land.

What if there’s a little hidden button of truth that they’ve not yet turned their attention on to yet? What if all of this religious activity, all out of good intentions and pure hearts, but religious activity nonetheless, what if it all is no longer necessary to emphasize? What if this day we are in, is a day where God is illuminating rest and relationship over works and religion? That’s what the intent of this class is. It’s to illuminate the button that turns on the power to free the church from their limitations of understanding spiritual truth.

It’s All About the Spiritual Realm
This study is about the spiritual implications of Genesis. It’s not intended to be a verse-by-verse breakdown of the meaning of each word. But we’re here to talk about some of the keys God left for us so that we can unlock our understanding to rooms of his kingdom and truth that will bring freedom to every part of our lives. We don’t need the spiritual Band-Aids of programs that just get us by until the next crisis ; we need to realize our spiritual dominance in this natural realm which gives us eternal healing. But to do so, we must stop focusing on the natural issues and pursue the Spirit. So let’s get this started.

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