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Welcome to the Beginning!!

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1 Welcome to the Beginning!! on Fri Mar 15, 2013 12:03 pm


Hey guys, now that Daniel is completed, I'm going to open things up with a writing I did a while back on Genesis. The intent is to go through the ENTIRE BOOK on a verse-by-verse pace with the same emphasis as we did in Daniel in that we can include the literal, but our pursuit is to see what the literal is pointing to in the spiritual understanding.

I know there are several members of our forum that already have a passion for this particular book, especially the opening chapters, myself included. I want to encourage everyone to get engaged in this, let it become a daily conversation where we all can grow from each others insights and experiences with this book.

Like everything else I've posted here . . .it's not my intent to establish any one point of view. It "is" my intent to create an atmosphere where revelation of the Father may flow freely in, and through all who are thirsty and also want to engage in either sharing what they're seeing, or asking questions for clarification. I know there are also several here that ENJOY discussing matters of the spiritual, so let this be the gateway into a room of wonderful and mind-blowing experiences for all of us . . .Yes???

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