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Chapter 11 (it's coming together!!)

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1 Chapter 11 (it's coming together!!) on Thu Mar 07, 2013 3:33 pm


Before we go any further, I feel I've personally just had a bit of a break-through on my own with how to approach these prophecies. If you take a step back and look at the broader picture of what's going on, this is more than just trying to match up the characters of the historical past to who the angel is pointing out in these prophecies. This applies to every prophecy given in the entire Bible really, but for this topic, it applies to every vision Daniel has had up to now.

God is merely having a relationship with Daniel, through which, God wants to reveal to Daniel some things about this nation he's a part of. He wants to talk to Daniel about the influences around his identity . . .which is Israel.

There will be many conflicts. There will be various forces coming from different directions across the land, next to the land, or far from the land but all will still have an affect on the land. Some forces will profit the land, others will want to destroy the land. The issue isn't about "who" the forces are as much as how the land of Israel will be affected by them.

Rather than get all distracted by the imagery, or even by the nations themselves. The message isn't about them, it's about Israel and it's connection and relationship "with" them.

So . . .from "that" perspective, it's a much more smoother transition for me to see how this then applies inwardly. God is basically setting down with us and putting his arm around us and looking us in the eye and saying . . ."Look, I want to tell you some things about how the outside forces around you can affect you. Some are good, some are bad, and some are neither. But I want to reveal to you the differences and which you can embrace and which you want to avoid . . .and others you need to use the power I've given you to over-come.

So . .. in that light, it's see where these last two chapters take us now.

1 I have been standing beside Michael to support and strengthen him since the first year of the reign of Darius the Mede.
2 “Now then, I will reveal the truth to you. Three more Persian kings will reign, to be succeeded by a fourth, far richer than the others. He will use his wealth to stir up everyone to fight against the kingdom of Greece.

As we go through our walk with the Father, we also go through different "phases". In my own life, there really was no order in it until I got married. Before that, one phase could be measured by my school years. The next phase could be defined as my single years . . .then when I got married, there was a short time, my wife and I lived in an apartment. 1 1/2 years . . our "honeymoon" phase.

Then we moved into a mobile home where we lived when our two daughters were born. We lived there 6 years I think. Then we moved into our first house for another 6 years. Then we left that house for a church parsonage. That was the beginning of my "pastoral" phase. We've moved two more times since the first parsonage. And the phase now? I'd call it the phase of freedom. It began a little over a year ago when I left the church.

In each of these phases, there were different motivations and influences. I see this vision the angel is pouring out to Daniel to be the exact same thing. There are different phases coming. Greece and Persia rule, but this fourth king of Persia will bring division and strife within Greece.

He's telling Daniel what phases are coming "before" they actually come. Daniel himself won't experience any of them. But this isn't about Daniel as a person. Daniel's identity is as a nation. Also, there was a tipping of the hat on another subject here and that is the fact the angel explained what he was going to do "after" this encounter with Daniel was over with. It was at the end of the last chapter.

Daniel 10
20 He replied, “Do you know why I have come? Soon I must return to fight against the spirit prince of the kingdom of Persia, and after that the spirit prince of the kingdom of Greece will come

These things obviously haven't happened yet, but there is still intercession happening "for" the nation of Israel. There were battles taking place against the enemy in the kingdom, LONG before the battles broke out on earth. By the time they broke out on earth, it was already decided who would be the conqueror in the spirit.

So . . . take the leap inwardly. The fight over "our" walks in life have already taken place, and . . .they've already been won. That's what this is all about. Rather than us having to pray and fast until our knees bleed for there to be a breakthrough in our lives, all that we need to do is see, in the spirit, the battle has already been fought and won, and then, in the flesh, take the land.

There is no longer a need for man to struggle. That's what entering into his Rest is all about. There's no longer for any laboring. Any logical reason. The kingdom that has come is one that is of Solomon's kingdom. A kingdom that has already been established. The blood has already been spilled in preparation for us to walk in victory. Like Solomon, we are the third generation of kings. We've been born again into a kingdom flowing with milk and honey. Other kings that were once enemies will come to us and give us homage . . .they'll bow down to us.

This isn't about "people" bowing to us, this is about the powers and authorities that once held us in bondage. That once came against us, ruled over us, sold us into slavery. The bad habits of smoking or drinking that we struggled with so many years. The depressions, the anxieties . . .all of it. Those are the forces that rise up against other nations (natures) within us. That's what's going on here in Daniel.

3 “Then a mighty king will rise to power who will rule with great authority and accomplish everything he sets out to do. 4 But at the height of his power, his kingdom will be broken apart and divided into four parts. It will not be ruled by the king’s descendants, nor will the kingdom hold the authority it once had. For his empire will be uprooted and given to others.
5 “The king of the south will increase in power, but one of his own officials will become more powerful than he and will rule his kingdom with great strength.

The "one" kingdom divided into four . . .this seems to fit the pattern of the river in Genesis. One river splits into four. For me, that's a picture of the sovereignty (the number 1 = sovereignty) of God manifesting to men (the number 4 = things pertaining to earth/natural)

This earth, "my" earth is "not" a descendant of the Father. Carnality is not God's DNA. Earthiness is not God's nature. In the things of my earth (within me) arises division. When Adam came into "this" realm, he no longer had the same dominion he once was given in the garden. Dominion was given to others, my flesh is influenced by natural things. If I jump off a building, the law of gravity will over-ride my flesh and immediately, I will succumb to it's strength.

But then, another king with more power will come in and take control. This could be a picture of when I become born again, perhaps. or maybe I become religious and the king of doctrines brings relief for a short time, but then another king moves into power . . .see this is all a roller coaster ride of the rising and falling of our nature within us.

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2 Re: Chapter 11 (it's coming together!!) on Fri Mar 08, 2013 2:01 pm


So God is setting us down and is explaining to us more specifically what Paul spoke about when he said "I know what I should do and don't, and I know what I shouldn't do, but do it anyway . . .there is a constant battle going on inside us between soul and spirit. "This" that we see here in Daniel is "that" constant battle in us, and you wonder why some days seem like the whole world is against you.

5-6 “‘Next the king of the south will grow strong, but one of his princes will grow stronger than he and rule an even larger territory. After a few years, the two of them will make a pact, and the daughter of the king of the south will marry the king of the north to cement the peace agreement. But her influence will weaken and her child will not survive. She and her servants, her child, and her husband will be betrayed.

Even though "we" enter into rest and our soul comes into submission as our mind is renewed . . .it doesn't mean the battles are over . . .we are still in these bodies of flesh and there are still battles going on within us . .. carnality never sleeps. There are two constants, one is, carnality never sleeps. The other is, our spirit will always have authority over the carnality. Because this is an inward battle, our mind, may or may not be aware of every battle taking place within us.

How could that happen? The same way when God speaks inside us and we can't decipher whether it's God talking, or our mind. Some days we could go through a restlessness but not know where it's coming from. Remember "where" Daniel is when all of this is pouring out before him? He's next to "the" river. We haven't seen the last of this river, it pops up again in the next chapter. This river is always in us. This river is what does the revealing "to" us. Every individual has an invisible stream flowing from God's throne, directly into every one of our hearts. When we do take captive our thoughts with the authority of His spirit in us, we can come to this river and be refreshed, be strengthened, cleansed, purified . . . Remember the river Ezekiel saw? I believe it was Ezekiel

Ezekiel 47
47 1-2 Now he brought me back to the entrance to the Temple. I saw water pouring out from under the Temple porch to the east (the Temple faced east). The water poured from the south side of the Temple, south of the altar. He then took me out through the north gate and led me around the outside to the gate complex on the east. The water was gushing from under the south front of the Temple.

3-5 He walked to the east with a measuring tape and measured off fifteen hundred feet, leading me through water that was ankle-deep. He measured off another fifteen hundred feet, leading me through water that was knee-deep. He measured off another fifteen hundred feet, leading me through water waist-deep. He measured off another fifteen hundred feet. By now it was a river over my head, water to swim in, water no one could possibly walk through.

6-7 He said, “Son of man, have you had a good look?”

Then he took me back to the riverbank. While sitting on the bank, I noticed a lot of trees on both sides of the river.

8-10 He told me, “This water flows east, descends to the Arabah and then into the sea, the sea of stagnant waters. When it empties into those waters, the sea will become fresh. Wherever the river flows, life will flourish—great schools of fish—because the river is turning the salt sea into fresh water. Where the river flows, life abounds. Fishermen will stand shoulder to shoulder along the shore from En-gedi all the way north to En-eglaim, casting their nets. The sea will teem with fish of all kinds, like the fish of the Great Mediterranean.

11 “The swamps and marshes won’t become fresh. They’ll stay salty.

12 “But the river itself, on both banks, will grow fruit trees of all kinds. Their leaves won’t wither, the fruit won’t fail. Every month they’ll bear fresh fruit because the river from the Sanctuary flows to them. Their fruit will be for food and their leaves for healing.”

That last verse is the same thing John saw in Revelation of Jesus. Fruit coming forth every month; healing in the leaves . . . "that's" the river flowing into and through all of us on a daily basis. We just need to drink from it.

In the earlier verses, Ezekiel measured 4 times in incriments of 1,500 feet. 4 x 1500 = 6000 . . .at the end of the sixth day, The Sabbath day, the river was over his head. Just something to think about.

3 Re: Chapter 11 (it's coming together!!) on Fri Mar 08, 2013 3:57 pm


6-9 “‘Sometime later a member of the royal family will show up and take over. He will take command of his army and invade the defenses of the king of the north and win a resounding victory. He will load up their tin gods and all the gold and silver trinkets that go with them and cart them off to Egypt. Eventually, the king of the north will recover and invade the country of the king of the south, but unsuccessfully. He will have to retreat.

10 “‘But then his sons will raise a huge army and rush down like a flood, a torrential attack, on the defenses of the south.

11-13 “‘Furious, the king of the south will come out and engage the king of the north and his huge army in battle and rout them. As the corpses are cleared from the field, the king, inflamed with bloodlust, will go on a bloodletting rampage, massacring tens of thousands. But his victory won’t last long, for the king of the north will put together another army bigger than the last one, and after a few years he’ll come back to do battle again with his immense army and endless supplies.

A member of the "royal family". He's talking about Israel there . . .first dimension. Israel represents "us". Inwardly Israel is "me". When these battles are happening in us, we're not just sitting idly by. We are engaged in battles of our own. It could be anything from physical cancer or disease of another sort in our body, to a broken marriage or family relationship to perhaps a personal loss in our homes or finances . . .it's a wide range we're talking about, but they are battles nonetheless.

And like every other prophecy we've dealt with both literally and spiritually, they all lead to a climax. And in the climax, they all end the same. And it's NEVER by our might, nor by our power . . .but it's ALWAYS by the Spirit, the river of life flowing through us. This one is no exception. But we're not quite to the end of it just yet.

4 Re: Chapter 11 (it's coming together!!) on Fri Mar 08, 2013 11:39 pm


14 “‘In those times, many others will get into the act and go off to fight against the king of the south. Hotheads from your own people, drunk on dreams, will join them. But they’ll sputter out.

I can't help but see this to be our counterparts out there that search for God but instead of finding Truth, they've married up with religion. Not intentionally, but when the alignment between soul and spirit is out of order, it doesn't matter, religion will take root and control every time.

I was involved in a conversation with another person on face book just yesterday and we were discussing the topic of Daniel's 70 weeks as well as A.D. 70. The person I was in discussion with did not see the same things I was trying to share and we were both sharing our point of views which again, were fairly far apart. And in then end, we PEACEFULLY agreed even though we didn't see it the same way, we were okay with that and each other.

It was observed by a third party of how comforting it was to see "heretics" (they meant that in a friendly way) be able to have their differences without the conversation becoming heated and condemning like most of the traditional people tend to do. The reason why I bring this up is because of this passage just posted.

When we are walking in the true kingdom, we will still come across people of different perspectives . . .probably more so . . .but "because" we've truly been transformed on the inside by the Love of the Father, there are no "hotheads" out to go to war against another over fragments of scripture. I don't say this to brag, but to illustrate how ALL of us have experienced the heated arguments we get ourselves into from time to time. Just because I didn't get defensive in this particular example I've shared, doesn't mean I've never been there.

But I feel here God is telling his kids that those kinds of temperaments have a short life-span. They don't have revelations of their own, but they have bandwagons built by other men they jump on and in the rush of their emotion, they join in battles that are against their own people. Probably why it's short-lived.

But it's similar to what Peter was doing with his sword when he cut off the ear of the high priests servant. He assumed the sword was meant to be used to defend his relationship with Jesus . . .rather than let it separate bone from flesh, he elected to do it himself and as a result, he deafened the guy he was fighting against "and" got a rebuke from Jesus for his good intentions at the same time.

15-17 “‘When the king of the north arrives, he’ll build siege works and capture the outpost fortress city. The armies of the south will fall to pieces before him. Not even their famous commando shock troops will slow down the attacker. He’ll march in big as you please, as if he owned the place. He’ll take over that beautiful country, Palestine, and make himself at home in it. Then he’ll proceed to get everything, lock, stock, and barrel, in his control. He’ll cook up a peace treaty and even give his daughter in marriage to the king of the south in a plot to destroy him totally. But the plot will fizzle. It won’t succeed.

18-19 “‘Later, he’ll turn his attention to the coastal regions and capture a bunch of prisoners, but a general will step in and put a stop to his bullying ways. The bully will be bullied! He’ll go back home and tend to his own military affairs. But by then he’ll be washed up and soon will be heard of no more.

I have personally been a religious bully myself from time to time. And I have been put in my place from time to time. I pray that part of me "is" washed up and will never be heard of again. But again, this is God revealing to us the hazards of our carnal nature ruling within us. It's not that it'll never happen, but it's to let us identify with the warning signs of "when" carnality slithered in and . . .what steps need to be taken to replace the order within our temples . . . .I say steps, but really it's only one . . .submission.

20 “‘He will be replaced shortly by a real loser, his rule, reputation, and authority already in shreds. And he won’t last long. He’ll slip out of history quietly, without even a fight.

Are you seeing the pattern here at all? These leaders are not just men coming into their future, these are characters within all of us. It feels like I keep repeating myself but I hope the message of taking this inwardly becomes second nature to us. That's the whole point here. These personality traits rise up within us, create division and battlefronts within us, become defeated within us and we become stronger as a result of the experience. At least that's the hope.

5 Re: Chapter 11 (it's coming together!!) on Sat Mar 09, 2013 12:13 am


21-24 “‘His place will be taken by a reject, a man spurned and passed over for advancement. He’ll surprise everyone, seemingly coming out of nowhere, and will seize the kingdom. He’ll come in like a steamroller, flattening the opposition. Even the Prince of the Covenant will be crushed. After negotiating a cease-fire, he’ll betray its terms. With a few henchmen, he’ll take total control. Arbitrarily and impulsively, he’ll invade the richest provinces. He’ll surpass all his ancestors, near and distant, in his rape of the country, grabbing and looting, living with his cronies in corrupt and lavish luxury.

24-26 “‘He will make plans against the fortress cities, but they’ll turn out to be shortsighted. He’ll get a great army together, all charged up to fight the king of the south. The king of the south in response will get his army—an even greater army—in place, ready to fight. But he won’t be able to sustain that intensity for long because of the treacherous intrigue in his own ranks, his court having been honeycombed with vicious plots. His army will be smashed, the battlefield filled with corpses.

27 “‘The two kings, each with evil designs on the other, will sit at the conference table and trade lies. Nothing will come of the treaty, which is nothing but a tissue of lies anyway. But that’s not the end of it. There’s more to this story.

28 “‘The king of the north will go home loaded down with plunder, but his mind will be set on destroying the holy covenant as he passes through the country on his way home.

29-32 “‘One year later he will mount a fresh invasion of the south. But the second invasion won’t compare to the first. When the Roman ships arrive, he will turn tail and go back home. But as he passes through the country, he will be filled with anger at the holy covenant. He will take up with all those who betray the holy covenant, favoring them. The bodyguards surrounding him will march in and desecrate the Sanctuary and citadel. They’ll throw out the daily worship and set up in its place the obscene sacrilege. The king of the north will play up to those who betray the holy covenant, corrupting them even further with his seductive talk, but those who stay courageously loyal to their God will take a strong stand.

Even the prince of the covenant will be crushed . . .that's our identity. Some of these natures being revealed are disarmingly powerful. We may treat them as a small thing, but a small thing, when allowed to grow, can begin as an oppression, lead to an obsession and soon become a total possession of our own identity.

Now, don't you just want to embrace God even more for him to take the time to reveal these natures within our own identity like this? See how at the end of this, things are starting to take a turn? In the middle of the storm, there is a breaking in the clouds, a ray of light shines down, cutting the darkness and immediately, you know you are loved.

33-35 “‘Those who keep their heads on straight will teach the crowds right from wrong by their example. They’ll be put to severe testing for a season: some killed, some burned, some exiled, some robbed. When the testing is intense, they’ll get some help, but not much. Many of the helpers will be halfhearted at best. The testing will refine, cleanse, and purify those who keep their heads on straight and stay true, for there is still more to come.

This just excites me! This isn't just an encouragement, this is an order of alignment within. It's a promise of what happens when we do take captive our thoughts, when we do prepare the atmosphere for Rest to invade us. When we do have our spirit on our throne, we truly can endure through the darkness . . .not only endure, but we can become a beacon.

36-39 “‘Meanwhile, the king of the north will do whatever he pleases. He’ll puff himself up and posture himself as greater than any god. He will even dare to brag and boast in defiance of the God of gods. And he’ll get by with it for a while—until this time of wrathful judgment is completed, for what is decreed must be done. He will have no respect for the gods of his ancestors, not even that popular favorite among women, Adonis. Contemptuous of every god and goddess, the king of the north will puff himself up greater than all of them. He’ll even stoop to despising the God of the holy ones, and in the place where God is worshiped he will put on exhibit, with a lavish show of silver and gold and jewels, a new god that no one has ever heard of. Marching under the banner of a strange god, he will attack the key fortresses. He will promote everyone who falls into line behind this god, putting them in positions of power and paying them off with grants of land.

It's as I said earlier on, carnality never sleeps. "This is the land we're to be conquerors over. Not out on the street corners telling the world they're going to hell if they don't, but in the kingdom within us. We HAVE the authority over these nasty kings if our alignment is in the proper order. That's all that's required here, walk in the spirit. Don't let your flesh get the best of you. If you slip up, don't beat yourself up over it, we may not win every battle in us, but it's a GREAT encouragement to know the Father has already won the war.

40-45 “‘In the final wrap-up of this story, the king of the south will confront him. But the king of the north will come at him like a tornado. Unleashing chariots and horses and an armada of ships, he’ll blow away anything in his path. As he enters the beautiful land, people will fall before him like dominoes. Only Edom, Moab, and a few Ammonites will escape. As he reaches out, grabbing country after country, not even Egypt will be exempt. He will confiscate the treasuries of Egyptian gold and silver and other valuables. The Libyans and Ethiopians will fall in with him. Then disturbing reports will come in from the north and east that will throw him into a panic. Towering in rage, he’ll rush to stamp out the threat. But he’ll no sooner have pitched camp between the Mediterranean Sea and the Holy Mountain—all those royal tents!—than he’ll meet his end. And not a soul around who can help!’

In the end, the carnality in us WILL-MEET-IT'S-END. We're not at the end of God's plan just yet. We may walk in the finished state of his Truth in the spirit in the middle of all of the warring going on around us. Wars and rumors of wars . . .people are looking for that to manifest on the outside when the truth of the matter is, they've got some really unruly natures tromping over their land on the inside.

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