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Tape Twenty

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1 Tape Twenty on Wed Feb 27, 2013 11:44 am


We’ve spent several sessions in the 13th chapter dealing with the image and the mark of the beast breaking down what we truly believe the original message is all about. There have certainly been many years of teaching and opinion of what is thought to be connected with the mark of the beast and I hope by now I’ve made it clear that the idea of the beast and the antichrist being one physical man is off the mark of truth.

The image of the beast is not something that will emerge or the mark won’t be something that will be introduced to us in this generation but it’s origin comes clear from the beginnings of the Old Testament. But we don’t have time to readdress that again, we need to move forward.

Revelation 14
1 And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father's name written in their foreheads. 2 And I heard a voice from heaven, as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of a great thunder: and I heard the voice of harpers harping with their harps: 3 And they sung as it were a new song before the throne, and before the four beasts, and the elders: and no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand, which were redeemed from the earth.
4 These are they which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins. These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth. These were redeemed from among men, being the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb.
5 And in their mouth was found no guile: for they are without fault before the throne of God.

Disregarding Devil’s Doctrines
I feel that every time we come to this study to remind you that the revelation, the word apocalypse which means to unveil. This is a revelation of Jesus Christ. I’m not trying to be controversial when I continue say that it doesn’t matter what has been traditionally taught concerning this book because I understand the devil has doctrines. Paul warns Timothy and the first century believers to be aware of the doctrines of devils.

If I were the Devil
If I were the devil, and I had a doctrine, then it wouldn’t be one that’s so bazaar and off base that the church would recognize it right away. But instead, I would lace it and put it in the frame-work of that which is already been accepted as truth. Yet perverted enough in order to twist your understanding of seeing who he is so that you’ll never come into the fullness of who you are. As long as I can keep you from seeing who he is, then you’ll never know who you are.

The question that was posed to Adam in the garden is the same question that was posed to Jesus in the wilderness. If thou be the Son of God . . . He’s always trying to get you to question not only God and his character, but question your identity. So, with out sounding like I’m purposefully attacking the teachings concerning Revelation, that we must give ourselves not only to what this means prophetically, but what it means historically. These are the two predominant perspectives that we have been using to approach this book.

Proper Context
I can’t understand what any of the books of the Bible pertains to now, not accurately, if I don’t first understand what it meant “then”. A principle of interpretation known as context. Context is of the most importance because if you don’t understand the original setting, you don’t have context, you have pretext. If I’m going to appreciate the value of a diamond, then it’s important for me not only to consider one characteristic of it which would be it’s color, but I need to also understand it’s cut and clarity. So often we look at things in one dimension. Truths of Scripture from just one perspective.

But like all of the other books of the Bible are, Revelation is like a precious diamond that we have to turn and see it’s different dimensions in order to grasp it’s depth and value. We have to back off of it, look “in” to it and so forth. So what was it that John saw here in the 14th chapter? 1 And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion . . . you should already recognize by now much of the terminology can be found in the 5th chapter where John sees the elders and they’re singing as song.

Chapter Begins with “And . . .”
But now, this chapter opens up in an unusual way. The divisions of chapters again, are not divine. They were not divided by the inspiration of the Spirit as is the content of Scripture. So when it opens up here, it’s odd that the chapter begins with the word “and”. What that should immediately indicate to me is the fact that what I’m now reading in chapter 14 is simply a continuation of what I’d been reading in chapter 13. In the 13th chapter we have this whole insight to the mark of the beast of what that means, but now it’s changed from the mark of the beast to the image of Christ.

Remember God’s original intention in the garden was to make man in his own image. This is what we went heavily into in the last chapter. The truth is, image is everything, but the image that I’m talking about is not the image the world emphasizes. Christ is the image of God in you. Christ is the image of the hope of glory. We examined Scriptures that state Christ being the image of God and that’s the same image we’re to pursue. It’s not about self-esteem, but it’s about Christ-esteem. It’s not about self-help or about you feeling better about yourself emotionally and mentally or positively thinking or metaphysics.

Transformed Image By the Word
It’s not about you having a good attitude all the time. It’s not about you. See, having that kind of mentality or focus is the kind of focus that’s on you and that becomes idolatry. But the focus is on Christ. I am changed into the same image that I see in the mirror, not a physical mirror, but the mirror of the Word 2 Cor. 3:18 I’m changed into the same image of the spirit of God. It’s not about self-analysis or introspection. Or inspection of other people. I find myself comparing my image to your image and when that happens, I feel better because my opinion of my image is much better than my opinion of your image. Idolatry.

I’m not going to change into the image of Christ as long as I’m focusing on myself and comparing myself with others around me. I have to “look” at Him. We’re all changed as we behold . . .HIM. Most preaching is about sin or your behavior. But it’s not about Christ. The reason why most churches have so much sin in them is because the preaching is emphasizing on sin rather than life. What you preach about is what people think about.
You’re not what you think you are, you are what you think!!

For whatsoever a man thinketh in his heart, so is he . . . If I can preach enough of Christ to you, I have a real problem with some of the religious slogans that are sold to the people today. It “sounds” good, which is true, they are feeding from the tree of the knowledge of “good” and evil. The problem with the word “good” there is that it’s got one too many “o’s” in it. There are a lot of things that are good, but good is sometimes more dangerous than evil itself. I can get through to someone who’s evil easier than I can get through to someone who’s already convinced themselves they are good.

Reviewing the Lamb
That’s the image of the beast, it’s imprinted in the mind of men. So what is it that John sees when he saw a lamb? It doesn’t mean that he literally saw a white wooly creature. This lamb that we saw in the opening of the chapters of Revelation is a symbol. All of Revelation is “symbolized” Symbols that relate to other things. Everything in the kingdom of God is “like” something. Matthew 13 has an endless metaphors depicting what the kingdom of God is like. It’s like a sea, a net, leaven and so on.

So when he sees this lamb, he’s not looking up on some physical mountain somewhere and see a lamb. Remember where he is, he’s on Patmos and this vision is written in prophetic language. Many of you would do well to begin to understand that God often speaks to you in images that you must learn to interpret. You think that’s abstract but it’s not. The way you live your life and interpret things is abstract. God speaks to you in images, symbols and objects is actually more concrete in it’s interpretation, than the things you call concrete and clear.

So he sees the lamb. It’s unmistakable that this is Jesus. Again, this isn’t to say that he’s seeing an actual lamb that’s been sacrificed, it’s symbolism. When we see Scripture mentioning or giving reference to a lamb we ought to immediately recognize that the particular revelation of his personality that’s about to come to us has to do with his death. Isaiah says he was led like a “lamb” to the slaughter. He is a lamb that was “slain” before the foundations of the world.

Comparing Days of the Sacrificial Lamb to Symbolism
So that immediately ought to give us a clue as we read these verses that this is a revelation connected to redemption. We could go back to Exodus and talk about how they had to eat a lamb. And not just any lamb, but a hand-picked lamb, a first-born lamb and it was inspected from the 10th day to the 14th day and on the 14th day they were to eat it. How many days of inspection 3 days, and on the 14th day they were to eat it.

Why 3 days? Because it was prophetically figured that Jesus, who was the Lamb of God, would be inspected, his life would be scrutinized by the Pharisees and the Saducees. And on the 3rd day the lamb was to be sacrificed and eaten. Just in that right there we could spend another hour on the fact that God wants us not so much to live for him, but he wants to be “in” us. The message of the Lamb.

A Lamb, Standing
And where we’re going right now with Revelation 14 beginning with verse 1 is another revelation of his redemption. And what does he see? This lamb is standing on mount Zion. It’s very important to understand mount Zion. Where is mount Zion? He’s not just referring to a place geographically. It’s a greater principle than a church down the street called “mount Zion”. He is standing on mount Zion with an accompaniment of people of the number of 144,000. Which is another area of gross misunderstanding of interpretation.

Dealing With the Significance of a Mountain
But right now, I want to take a moment here to help us understand the principle of why John saw him standing on a mount. The book of Isaiah speaks about Jesus being an inheritor of the mountains. An examination from Genesis all the way to Revelation will show you very clearly that whatever God has done in redemptive purpose from Genesis to Revelation, has always happened on a mountain. He didn’t do it somewhere in a cave or valley.

Garden Of Eden On a Mountain
It seems and I think we could make a biblical case for this, that the garden of Eden was on a mountain, that’s not just an assumption. If the garden of Eden had four rivers that flowed out of it and watered the whole earth and Scriptures say that it did, which in itself is the picture because you are the garden of God and he wants to water your earth and all the earth around you by opening up rivers around you. Out of your bellies shall flow rivers of living water.

Ark of Noah
You are God’s garden, you are God’s husbandry, that’s a whole other teaching there. But for these rivers to flow out of Eden, then Eden had to be an elevated place didn’t it? God started on a garden and you only need to go 6 chapters in Genesis and you’ll find out that Noah’s Ark comes to rest on another mountain, mount Aarat which means “reverse the curse”. Why did God put Noah in an ark to begin with and sealed it within and without.

The ark had three levels to it, which corresponds with God’s purposes and dealings in the tabernacle of Moses. Outercourt, inner-court or holy place, and then most holy place. There are three heavens right? Death, burial and resurrection. But the ark comes to rest on mount Aarat. You may ask “what does that have to do with mount Zion?” it’s because we have to understand the progression of things and how God brings us to mount Zion.

Isa 65:9
And I will bring forth a seed out of Jacob, and out of Judah an inheritor of my mountains: and mine elect shall inherit it, and my servants shall dwell there.

If Isaiah says he’s the inheritor to mount Zion, then why does God reserve certain things in history that have to happen on a mountain? Have you ever wondered why men . . . just a few months ago, on television of some men scaling mount Everest. In fact there’s another documentary out about how men have lost their lives in expeditions and the severe conditions and these men that do come back are severely disfigured from frost bite. They appear to be relatively intelligent men and they understand the nature of the mountain. But the question begs to be asked is what drives these men to go through such extremes just to look off the top of such a desolate place where nothing can grow?

When I look at that and listen to those men and you can see it in their eyes that there’s something there that perhaps they don’t even understand. Because there’s something beating in the heart of man that was there when Adam was created and cast out of the garden. Who wants to reach up and get above, go back to where he was originated. The highest peak. There’s something in him that causes him to want to ascend and he looks longingly to the highest peak.

Ararat means reverse the curse. If they were cast out of Eden, the paradise of God, Eden, historically speaking, around the Tigris and Euphrates river is where Babylon also originated with all of it’s famous hanging gardens because Satan wants to pervert every place on the earth that was a revelation of God. So much more to be said there, but all through Scripture we can go from Ararat to Abraham on mount Miriah.

Abraham and Isaac’s 3 Day Journey
He said to his servants, “stay here and the boy and I will go three days journey.” Is that a coincidence by any chance? No, it’s another picture of Jesus death, burial and resurrection. “We’ll go three days into the mountain and there I will offer a sacrifice unto the Lord.” This had to be done on a mountain, it couldn’t be done in a valley. As you follow the story of this particular mountain, you’ll find it’s the same mountain where Solomon made his immaculate temple and again, the same place where Jesus would be lifted up on a cross.

Other References to the Mountain
In order for Moses to look into the promise land he had to climb mount Nebo. (Nebo means “prophet”.) It goes on and on we could deal with these mountains. The beatitudes given by Jesus were delivered from a mountain. There was the mount of transfiguration, the mount of Olivet where he ascends from. Everything that he does that has a powerful and spiritual significance happens from a mountain. Jerusalem itself sets on top of a mountain. Moses got the commandments from Mount Sinai, Elijah saw God’s glory pass by as he was huddled in a cave in the same mountain.

Their Mountains Differ From Our Mountains
So when we see the lamb on mount Zion, what is Zion all about? Zion was the highest place. And here’s where we may cause some to struggle a little bit. Zion was the highest peak in the city of Jerusalem. If you’ve ever been there, you understand that these mountains are not like our western cultural mindset of what mountains are. What they call mountains there, we wouldn’t even consider a foot-hill, because the mountains we have to compare with are simply not the same as far as their majestic nature due to their inhabitable terrain. I’m referring to the Rocky mountains we have over here. The grand Canyon, the Smokey mountains . .so on and so forth. They are much different than Israel’s mountains.

Mount Zion and Jerusalem
However they are named as mountains over there nonetheless. Remember Scripture does speak of Jerusalem being not only on a mountain, but also surrounded by mountains. But mount Zion was a central mountain in Jerusalem and it was the highest elevation in the city. Why is it that John sees the lamb on mount Zion? Because Jesus, the lamb, has ascended to mount Zion, the highest place in the city. Not all of Jerusalem is in Zion. But all of Zion is in Jerusalem.

In Matthew 5 when Jesus says “you are a city” he wasn’t talking about a natural city. He said “you are a city that is set upon a hill” He was talking about Zion. Zion is a place where Kings rule from. David’s throne was set in Zion. It was in the part of the city called Zion. It’s also the place where the tombs of the kings were. If you step in that place to rule and reign with him then there has to be a death of you.

A Picture of a Dimensional Jerusalem
It was the place of the tombs, a city set upon a hill. There are three different levels to the city of Jerusalem. There is ophel, it’s the very lowest elevation. This is the place where the blind man went to the pool of Shalom and he washed his eyes and he returned seeing again. That’s the first elevation, the first dimension in understanding God. Where we first get our eyes open and that’s where most people stop. They’re not much more than babes. But they think they’ve reached their maturity simply because things come clearer to them. But the next level in Jerusalem is called Miriah, the place where again, Solomon’s temple was built, where the crucifixion took place. But that’s not the last. The third is Zion.

The Dimensional Church
Come let us go up to the mount of the Lord. And he will establish his house in the top of the mountains. IF you haven’t clued into this yet let me just put it to you this way. There are people who are content with living and pursuing their relationship with God on one dimension, or on a simple plain, no desire to take it to the next level. There are others that find themselves at the second level, not only are they saved and satisfied, but they’ve pressed in and gotten themselves filled with the Holy Spirit.

Those people who are there in the second level or dimension who’ve been saved and filled with the spirit, they’ve experience Passover and Pentecost, but they don’t know there’s a third dimension in God. I’m not interested in living some lowland experience. I’m not interested in some hill that somebody scaled in the past. Something beats in my heart that causes me to want to go to the top of the mountain where I can have a dimensional experience where my mind can’t limit God’s truths and I can simply stand in awe of him and allow my life to be wholly saturated in the revelation of who he is in me and who I’m in.

Zion means the mountain of light.
Isaiah 11 talks about how the mountain of the Lord. It’s the symbol of how Christ is victorious over everything. He ascended on a mountain and then he descended on a mountain. He ascended from the mount of Olives, and then he descended again. Most of us don’t know that Jesus has already come. He has come . . . won’t that mess you up. He has come, he is coming, and he will come.

Jesus Is Here, Recognize Him?
“What do you mean? I didn’t see any manifestation of that in here?” Just as surely as you’ve missed that, there were people in the days when Jesus walked on this earth in a human body that missed who he was then as well. Luke 19 states they missed their time of visitation. Don’t tell me that Jesus can show up and you not know that he came. When he walked down the road to Emais and the disciples didn’t recognize him either because Scripture says their eyes were holden.

Who is the Body?
You say “oh no, but that was in a physical body” What do you think is happening on any given Sunday morning? There are physical bodies of Christ all around you. Know ye not that you are the body of Christ? The church has been so content with a pie-in-the-sky, euphorial understanding. You don’t see him, he’s here!!! The church is still searching for him among the dead and he’s not there, he’s here, he’s risen and he’s alive and you are his body. You’re bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh. You are his body.

“In” the Cloud
Before you ever see him return with the clouds or on the clouds, you’re first going to have to see him “in” the clouds. You are a great cloud of witnesses. When Scripture talks about him coming in the clouds, he’s not talking about him coming with cumulous clouds that form out there everyday that bring us rain and block the sun. The cloud of witness that Jesus is to come in is the same cloud of witnesses that Hebrews 12 speaks of. That cloud is us.

Last Days, Theirs, Not Ours.
The lamb standing on the mountain. Mount Zion, the highest place, when he ascended he ascended from mount Olivet, when he descended, he descended on mount Zion. Because the upper room where the Holy Spirit poured out because that was the last days. We’re not living in the last days, if we were living in the last days, if we’re living in anything, it’s the last of the last of the last of the last days. Peter said that “they” were living in the last days. Jesus ascended from the mount of Olives and he descended again, to the upper room.

“Wait, that wasn’t Jesus, that was the Holy Ghost.” That’s exactly right. It was not another spirit, it was the spirit of Christ. That’s why Jesus told them greater works shall you do, for I shall go to my father and I will not only be with you, but I will “dwell in you!!” The Holy Spirit is not another entity of Jesus, he “is the manifest presence of God in the body of believers.” There’s not three Gods, there’s one.

True Revelation isn’t About Futuristic Imagery
So, he descended on Mount Zion. And when he did, what happened? He is revealed there with 144,000. There’s been yet another book published with expectations by the Christian world that it will be a best-seller. It’s another updated teaching on the end-time events comparing the technology of the day with the text of Revelation. I don’t have to elaborate much more than that for you to see where that’s all going. The mark of the beast and how it’s going to be implanted in people as a chip with all the information about who you are on it . . .on and on.

But like I’ve mentioned before, this book of Revelation isn’t about tribulation or the mark of a beast. Those things are in there, but that’s not what it’s all about. It’s all about Jesus the redeemer, the King that came, comes, and is coming. It’s not the beast or the mark of the beast. It’s the Christ that is revealed in his people and the mark that is in them. You can’t “see” what has to be seen by the spirit when you’re interpreting through the flesh.

Ezekiel’s Revelation of the Mark – Meaning Cross
Ezekiel was in the spirit when he saw everything come to a halt as an angel stepped forward with an ink horn and Ezekiel heard the instructions being given to the angel to go and mark on the forehead of all them who yearn for the time when God was Israel’s priority. With this ink horn, its’ not a natural ink horn, he wasn’t tattooing things on people’s heads. But Ezekiel saw the remnant being marked. Again, the mark here in the Hebrew is “tov” which means cross. Our minds have been marked by the cross.

I had the mark of the beast. I was born with the mark, until I was born again, then the mark of the beast was transformed into the mark of Christ. We were all born into the nature of iniquity. We were all born to disobedience. The antichrist spirit lived in my spirit until the day came when I invited Christ to come in and the brought the ink horn and marked my forehead with the cross and renewed my mind and gave me a new mind. Not the mind I was born with that was corrupted with the tree of knowledge of Good and evil.

Phillipians 2 speaks of having the mind of Christ. Most of the reasons why people still think carnally and they don’t have a revelation of who Jesus really is, again is because of doctrines of devils that are preached from pulpits every Sunday. You have more preached to you about the sin and antichrist and the coming new world order. I want to talk to you about the coming of the new world order as well. And it’s not going to originate in the middle east or Europe or the 10 countries of the common market.

The common market, that’s another one the church tried to get us to swallow. The claim was that the ten countries that it supposedly consisted of was to resemble the 10 toes of the statue in Daniel. The problem with that is, there are 12 to 14 or more added to it now.

And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father's name written in their foreheads

Satan Is Also a Father
Who’s name is written on their foreheads? “His” Father’s name on “their” foreheads. What was it Jesus said that Satan’s identity was in John chapter 8? “The Father of lies.” Did you know Satan was a Father? In Genesis 3, we see where the serpent is more subtle than any other beast and Adam and Eve have their mind marked by eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Then it goes on to say that God spoke to the serpent and said “the seed of the woman will crush the head of the seed of the serpent.” He’s got a seed! The Father of lies.

Being Born into the Wrong Family
That’s the reason why you were born with his name imprinted. Scripture says you were born and shapen in iniquity. As much as we love to ogle over little babies and their cuteness, and deservedly so, but spiritually, as cute as they may be, they, as we all were, they’ve still been born with their little minds, on their little foreheads, the stamp of the father of lies. A child doesn’t have to be taught to disobey. I understand this is a detour here, but we need to get this.

Ephesians 2 tells us we’re all as a child of disobedience. (Ephesians 5:6, Colossians 3:6)
Sometimes when you look at your little ones that appear to look so innocent and you see some of the things they do and the way they behave and then you consider how righteous and good you and your spouse are, and you can’t believe that they proceeded out of your loins. It’s because they were of their Father, the devil, read John chapter 8.

Eph 2:2
Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience:

Listen to what I’m saying here, I’m not speaking 1st dimensional here, I’m not calling the parents devils, but in your seed, your natural seed, the seed of the serpent, without Christ, all are still stamped with Satan’s name, it’s what controls your very nature. My nature is to want the opposite of what God’s will is for me. But this is why Scripture talks about the “renewing of your minds” once you accept Christ in your heart. That’s why we call it being born again. The old has died, it’s passed away, and all things are become new. This is also not to say if an infant dies that he’s going to hell either. There is also a covering of grace and mercy over those with the inability to understand right from wrong as well.

Marked on My Mind
That’s why the work of the cross needs to become a revelation in our minds. That with that ink horn of Ezekiel 9, when the revelation of the cross is stamped in our minds we realize his death one the cross was my death. He didn’t just die “for” me, he died “as” me. Which means I have no longer the mind that I was born with but instead, I now have the mind of Christ. When I repented of my sins like John the Baptist, from a spiritual standpoint, it was the same as if I laid my head on a chopping block as the sword of David separated my head from my body. That’s the way John also died.

Trading a Carnal Head for Jesus’ Head
When I repented of my sins my head was cut off and replaced by the head of Christ which came to rest in place of where my natural mind used to be. You ask “Then why am I still conscious of sin?” Because your body is still waking up to what the mind of Christ is giving you. Some of you think this is all a new thing, but I’m not teaching you anything new, all you’re doing is getting your memory back. The first Adam in you went to sleep and he never quite got fully awake yet and God is not shaking you to the core bringing you to a spiritual alertness that you’ve never felt before. But this message has been around for years and years.

Maturing in Christ
Seriously, there are so many that think that this is a provocative message that they’ve never heard before when the truth is that everyone of us had been born with a spiritual slumber, our spirits were dormant when we were born into the first Adam and even though we had become believers, we were still immature in spiritual status. Babes teaching babes and all that came of it were larger babes rather than mature adults. It’s the same that God spoke in Genesis, each kind reproducing after it’s own kind.

Just as it takes a good follower to be a leader, it also takes a mature believer to recognize he’s not as grown up as he thinks he is. But this hasn’t been the case, many churches become defiant at the idea that they are not mature, but the truth is, the sermons that they preach are sermons ladled with spiritual milk instead of meat.

Hebrews 5
13And a person who is living on milk isn't very far along in the Christian life and doesn't know much about doing what is right. 14Solid food is for those who are mature, who have trained themselves to recognize the difference between right and wrong and then do what is right.

The Father’s name is in your forehead. Who is the 144,000? It is NOT a separate category of ethnic Israelites. All my life I was taught that. There seems to be a problem even if I’m to believe that mathematically. To say that there’s “exactly” 144,000. Most of us have been taught all our lives that this has to do with the remnant of Jewish people, ethnic Israelites; who’ll be spared during the time of the Tribulation. Which we’ll be getting to that as well if I haven’t already mentioned it, the Tribulation is not a specific seven-year period.

Let me take just a moment to announce to you that if you don’t agree with the things we’re saying, this doesn’t mean that we still can’t fellowship. I understand that many of the things that we’re saying concerning the things of Revelation, is creating a lot of problems for people. Let me tell you that when God began to speak to me over the truths of Revelation, it’s been over a decade now, my mind warred with me almost daily. It’s harder to remodel an old house than it is to build a new one. It’s harder to tear an old house down and build a new one on a different foundation, than it is to build a new one on an empty lot.

So who are the 144,000? Notice they are sealed in their foreheads. When did God seal you? Ephesians 1 tells you he sealed you with the Holy Spirit of promise. When you seal something, it is proof positive of ownership. There are very few things that I have that has a seal on it that verifies that it is mine. I look forward to the day when I sit in the attorney’s office and they hand me that thing called a mortgage and across the front of it it’s signed and sealed, the note is cancelled.

Working to Be Accepted
They have a seal in their forehead. See that’s what I’m trying to get you to understand, the reason why we have so much works—based religion today, so many people have to do things in order to be accepted by God and by people. They’re always having to “do” things and witnessing and do more and they have to do this and do that, and see you can’t “do” anything until you first learn how to “be” something. We’re always “doing” things to “be” before we learn that we need to “be” before we’re empowered to “do”.

A New Dimension of Faith
If I’m doing before I learn how to be, then I don’t have the seal of the lamb in my forehead because Christ has already completed the work. It’s not what I can do for him, it’s what he’s already done in me. Hebrews 11 is faith “for” things. Remember “faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen.

All through Hebrews 11 you have all these things these old Patriarchs did “by” faith. Hebrews 12 is not faith for things, it opens like this, he talks about the “author” and the “finisher” of our faith. It’s faith in things that are “done”. Most of us are always having “faith for – faith for – faith for” What God wants you to grow in to in maturity is not always having faith “for” things bur have faith “in” him in things that are already done. He is the author and the “finisher” of my faith.

Who is this 144,000?
Remember the book of Revelation is a book of symbols. IF that number is symbolic, in fact, later on when we see this city which is not some kind of architectural nightmare from God coming down out of heaven, that is 1,500 miles long and wide, this cube . . . John even asked the Lord, he said, “What is that?” And the revelation came to him that it was the bride that was adorned for her husband. I’ve seen the New Jerusalem and I don’t mean in a vision. I just see and feel sacred cows just falling over everywhere . . . Jesus said “You are a city that’s set upon a hill” right? I’ve seen the New Jerusalem . . with streets of gold . . and walls of jasper.

What’s in a Thousand?
There are 12 tribes in the 144,000 aren’t there. Now, naturally speaking, we know that out of those 12 tribes that could be speaking of a remnant because there was certainly more than 144,000. Whenever you see things numbered in thousands in Scripture it is always in reference to those who are the remnant of God. A thousand has to do with perfection in God. If you’re thinking I’m implying that a remnant means a church within a church, I’m not talking about an “elite” group of people, but I am talking about a people that are not satisfied with one level or the second level, but they want to ascend to mount Zion.

In fact Paul talks about a “high” calling. Everyone has a calling, but there are some people who choose the “high” calling. Every person in this room has a high calling, but you can choose a lower dimension. You can choose to do lesser things. God gives you in his sovereignty, even though he has greatness outlined for you, in his sovereignty, he still allows you to have the ability to choose whether or not you’re going to take this . . or this. Paul said, I count not myself to have apprehended, but I press toward the mark of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

Multi-purpose Mind-sets
There are many in the church that are saved and satisfied and living in secondary purposes rather than primary purposes. There are some of you that are satisfied just to know that you’re saved and if you were to die tonight, you’d go to heaven. That’s where most people live and we don’t realize how selfish and self-centered that is. He wants to bring us into an understanding that while we are here on the earth it’s not so that we can sit in some dimensional waiting room somewhere and wait for him to come and take us back to heaven. He didn’t save you from sin just to sit around and petrify, just to twiddle your thumbs and wait for him to take you out of here.

He saved you so that you could fulfill and manifest all of the glory that is in you in HIM! A high calling. A remnant. There’s 2 and a half million Israelites that leave Egypt for the promised land, how many of those actually make it? 2, and a dead man. A whole generation of them died in the wilderness. 2 men, Joshua and Caleb, and whose the dead man? Joseph. His body’s been packed away in a casket for 400 years. As children would grow up they’d asked “What’s that casket doing over there and who’s in it?” They’d tell them . . . “Joseph”. Why didn’t they ever bury him? Why didn’t they put him in the ground? Because he made them swear that we wouldn’t bury him in Egypt. He made our Fathers swear that we would carry him out one day and it would be a witness and we’d bury him in the land of promise.

God has always had a remnant. Did he love the 2 and a half million? Yes he loved them, and provided for them. Were they saved? Yes they were saved by their death in the wilderness weren’t they, but they chose a lesser way than what he’d already prepared and as a result, only the remnant that had the eyes of the cross burned in their foreheads actually had the ability to cross over the river of death and they were able to leave the life of Egypt behind them and experience the promise God gave them all the way back through their Father Joseph.

Only a Remnant Return
Only 2 out of 2 ½ million only 2 actually got to taste the grapes and drink the wine and eat the honey. Whenever they were released out of Babylonian captivity, after 7 years of Babylonian captivity, there’s several million of them that are in Babylon. And when God turns the heart of that king and the announcement comes that they can go back to the land, Nehemiah says only 50,000 go back to the land, a remnant. God has always had a remnant.

There are millions of believers right now, all across the globe, millions of believers but they’re not willing to leave their wildernesses, their Babylon, they’re not willing to be a part of the remnant that God is calling out. They don’t want to leave from the past moves of God where men have made monuments to what God “has” done. But they are hungry to get back to Zion! That’s what makes me stand up here and scream on Sunday morning and wait upon the Lord and worship him. See, this is the same group of people that sing a new song . .right? Verse 3 says here in Revelation 14 they sing a new song.

Every move of God that has occurred through the centuries has ALWAYS been accompanied with a new song. When there’s a new word, there’s a new song that comes with it. That’s the reason why there’s a new song, a new sound, a new day, a new year that’s coming out of the body of Christ today. It’s a new song. It’s something new. If it’s something new, that means it’s never been heard before. What does that sound like? Would it sound like anything we’ve heard before? That’s the very thing that causes our religious mind to act up so bad. We immediately get offended because the last words of a dying religious church is “I never heard it that way before.”

Isn’t that what the Pharisees said? Jesus was preaching and teaching and he’s preaching out of “their” Bible and they responded by stating “We’ve never heard that before” and they missed who he was. God help us now to get that guile out of our mouths. Because it says here that there was no guile in their mouths. God help me to get out of my mouth and mind the attitude that looks at things or heard things before and I speak I’ve never heard or seen that before therefore I’m not open to it. I choose to stay where I used to be in God and where God used to be generations ago.

The Next Level?
One of the catch-phrases in the church is “let’s take it to the next level”, or “I want to go to a deeper level”. Do you really understand what it is you’re actually stating? Then you’re going to have to get over letting your mind get offended by everything you’ve never heard or seen before. It’s the traditions of men that have made the word of God to no affect.

Gal 5:4
Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the law; ye are fallen from grace.

For if you are trying to make yourselves right with God by keeping the law, you have been cut off from Christ! You have fallen away from God's grace. NLT

1Christ has set us free to live a free life. So take your stand! Never again let anyone put a harness of slavery on you. 2I am emphatic about this. The moment any one of you submits to circumcision or any other rule-keeping system, at that same moment Christ's hard-won gift of freedom is squandered. 3I repeat my warning: The person who accepts the ways of circumcision trades all the advantages of the free life in Christ for the obligations of the slave life of the law. 4I suspect you would never intend this, but this is what happens. When you attempt to live by your own religious plans and projects, you are cut off from Christ, you fall out of grace. 5Meanwhile we expectantly wait for a satisfying relationship with the Spirit. 6For in Christ, neither our most conscientious religion nor disregard of religion amounts to anything. What matters is something far more interior: faith expressed in love.

God. It’s so strange to see it in black and white, but the truth of the matter is, all my attempts at being righteous means absolutely nothing. The reason why this is true is because it’s coming from a carnal mindset and not from the mind of Christ.

The Core of the Conflict With Christ
The mind of Christ did not spend his ministry trying to establish a denomination, nor did he spend his ministry denouncing the existing one. He did have confrontations with it, but not because the church’s operations were a problem, but it was the operators of the church that were in conflict with who he was and what he represented. The church wanted to control, Jesus wanted to free. The church wanted to retain the knowledge of truth, Jesus wanted to liberate it. The church wanted to conform men, Jesus came to reform them.

Even though those church leaders are long gone, the spirit that manipulated them is still in the church today. We’ve not only established laws and pledges and creeds for everyone to submit to and follow, but we’ve also enforced and condemned all who saw things from a different point of view. Why do we have so many different denominations? It’s not because God wanted it that way, it’s because the church as a whole has actually fallen from God’s grace because they’ve chosen to swallow man-made rules and regulations rather than the freedom of life through the true grace of Jesus.

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He That Hath an Ear!!!
And now, there is a remnant church that is choosing to reject those traditional values that our forefathers pounded into our brains. And we’re realizing there’s more to life than regulations and regulators. I can live in the freedom of failure not because I can do what I please, but because there’s growth and increased awareness through the experiences of messing up. When I live in grace, I grow from falling down. But when I live by tradition, I’m shunned because nobody wants to be around someone who’s weak and frail.

But again, the bride of Christ is not one who sees everyone else as wrong, but a bride is one that is willing to lay down your own understanding of what you think is right, and let love become your highest priority. Not religion, not evangelization, not prophecy, none of these things in and of themselves are going to bring righteousness to you or anyone else. But when you become loving, you become lovely. And he that dwelleth in love, dwelleth in God and God in him.

If you would have told me 5 years ago that I’d be doing and saying the things that I’m doing and saying today, I would have laughed at you straight out. I probably would have even said some cute spiritual comment to show my wonderful humility. The truth is however, I want to become that wineskin that is versatile enough to be able to contain the new wine. Not the traditional wine that has become so old that it’s no longer drinkable, but the kind of wine that is alive, fresh, full of vibrant flavor in Christ, may we all understand what it means to let go of our rules and personal regulations and walk freely in the Spirit of Christ so that he may be glorified in every way.

I want to be a new wineskin. Not just any wineskin. An old wineskin cannot contain, it’s so rigid and hard that when you pour new wine into it you’d tear it all to pieces. That’s what’s happening to most churches today, God is trying to pour out a new wine, a new song, a new Word, a new Revelation, a new dimension of him into a particular structure and it’s tearing that church all to pieces. In fact sometimes those things you call church splits is not the devil doing it, but it’s God doing it. He’s trying to pour a new thing in it and remember Jesus said you can’t pour new wine into an old wineskin because it will tear it apart.

Personal Note
With that being said, this is also with the understanding that we’re not talking about a simple difference of opinion which results into a leaving of the church. In fact, I’m not so sure I agree with that statement completely. I agree that a church may split as a result of God trying to pour himself out on it, but I’m not convinced that it’s God’s plan that any church should divide itself over a difference of opinion. The division comes from a hardened heart, or an inflexible wineskin. But as far as church splits, I believe they fall in the same category of church denominations, they are simply a result of enough people agreeing they disagree with their home church that they want to split off and create a new one.

Which may be what he was saying anyway. God brings in a new wind of direction and the church rejects it creating a rift in the church, leading to splits and such, but the origin of the division was God’s voice in the first place. Did God split the church? Yes in the sense it was his voice that the leadership heeded to, and no, in the sense that he didn’t and doesn’t (not his pattern) prophetically tell a church he’s going to split them up. God is unity, not division. He’s in the business of reconciliation, not separation.

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Updated edit . . .
I've never done this up until now, but this has all been a process. It was around 7 years ago that I first wrote these things down. A lot can happen in 7 years. So to this latest personal note, I would still contend that God isn't splitting churches, but what I would like to add is, it's the flesh in man that creates the division, not the spirit. the Word of God in us divides bone from marrow, spirit from flesh, there is a dividing, but when God divides, it causes multiplication within us. When flesh divides, it induces death.

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Church Origin
If you go back far enough in the lineage of the church, you will find the origin of it goes all the way back to the Old Testament temple of Israel. That is the original church, but it had to be removed due to the hardness of the hearts of the very priests that were supposed to be the leaders of life. In Jesus day, there was a split, the actual first split of the church Israel had ever experienced. Up to that time, you were either a worshiper of God, or Idols.

Rejected Blessing Transforms into Curse
An Idol worshiper knew that they were not Christian because they deliberately ignored God’s command to stay away from all other idols. So it was either church, or witchcraft; pretty black and white. But when Jesus came, it was either and unbeliever, or a religious church, established on law, or a redeemed church, established on grace. The religious leaders were not willing to give up their control on religion and as a result, the curse of the cross that Jesus became the ultimate sacrifice of, they rejected his offer of redemption and openly proclaimed the curse to be on them and their children.

But from that day on, the division of churches began and never stopped multiplying to this day. Man consistently rejects the liberty of the message of Christ for another message. “You’re saved by Grace, but maintain through works”. That’s the mentality. And with that comes the thinking that it’s “our” being the shepherd and the flock’s responsibility to keep each other in line with our interpretation of what the word says. If you can’t line up to my belief system, you can’t be a member of my church. We claim to be recipients of the new wine, but our actions prove we are still embedded with old wineskins.

Analogy of a Drunk
So, in a sense, the dividing of a church may be a good thing. Which is worse? Introducing everyone to a religious Jesus as opposed to a gracious source of Love and Forgiveness? Or not having a church at all? In that sense, perhaps it’s a good thing to see churches dissolved as a result of a flask of spiritual new wine being poured out. It’s always man’s nature to water down the power of the spirit. Even your local bartender will tell you that you never sell the good stuff to every drunk that sifts through, but you sell them watered down stuff for full price and they can’t tell the difference because their in bondage to alcohol in the first place.

It’s the same with religion. Our nature, as death-ridden as it is, takes the 100-proof of the spirit of God and we water it down so much that it is of no affect to the congregations because we have them so bound up and enslaved to our belief systems, that they can’t tell the difference between the true word of God and counterfeit. When God does move in our churches, it’s only for a brief time because we as leaders are still blinded that in order for the power of God to remain, we need to change our system to accommodate him. This is the main reason why our “revivals” only last a couple years at best. We denominationalize it to the point that it’s practically unrecognizable.

We don’t mean to. Our intentions are good. What Pastor in his right mind would say to himself “Hey, I can take this unexplainable activity and make a show out of it so more people will fill the church.” Or, “I can stretch this revival out forever as long as I come up with the right program that will keep it fresh.” We don’t say those things outright, but in all actuality, that’s what we do.

Back to the Bible
Verse 3 speaks of a new song. Actually, it says “a song that no man can learn.” Aren’t you more comfortable when we sing out of that which is prewritten? I used to think “Boy, I’ve really come into freedom, when I first experienced the Charismatic renewal, we sang choruses off the wall. I grew up with a red-back hymnal and conventional songbooks and I was really taken back, being born and raised on the fires of Pentecost and on rare occasion someone would sing in tongues. But when I first heard it from a congregational format, being raised in Pentecost, I didn’t know what that was. I thought anytime you talked in tongues, it had to be in a lightning bolt from heaven!

Defining Some Pentecostal Phenomon
I’m not making fun of them, don’t misunderstand, but what I’m trying to say is, the high-pitched, energetic tongues is not God, but it’s simply our way of responding to what God is doing. So when we see our leaders in the church doing that, we’re subconsciously interpreting that as the way it’s done. This is really important for the church now to see this. Because when you see someone who gets bold in worship and begins to dance around and doing strange things, you become a bit hesitant as to whether or not it’s authentic. But all you’re seeing is their response in the physical sense, to what God is doing in the spiritual.

In fact, you yourself may be one of those that do the dancing and even you aren’t sure yourself sometimes as to what’s going on, but all you know is you want to dance. That is your mind, grasping a fraction of the reality that the Spirit is in the house and as a result, you’re body can’t stay still either, but your mind doesn’t fully understand the reasons why. But the key here is to stop measuring people by what you see on the outside.

The same happens through the preaching of the Word. Through the sharing of testimonials, through the worship, through the prayers of the saints. Whether I yell, dance, or throw myself on the ground isn’t the issue. There are times when I’m monotone, there are times when I’m vibrant and can’t stand still. It’s not that I’m trying to emphasize a point or create an atmosphere that’s fake, but it’s that the power of God has different affects at different times and we’re simply manifesting, or responding to his presence, in our own, personable way.

Sometimes God yells at me with revelational truths that are so profound to me that I get emotional and prance around or cry or what have you and there may be some who ask “Is all of that necessary? Is there a need for all the theatrics?” But do you know what’s happening? God is offending your practical and analytical, logical, critical, judgmental mind!! And he doesn’t care what kind of baskets he sends it in.. He may send a rooster to announce your sins. It seems to me that he could have been much more kind to Peter and sent John to him who speaks in nice easy tones. John was loving and tender in his demeanor, but no, instead, God sent a rooster to crow, proclaiming the prophetic words of Jesus as truth.

His Ways Not My Ways
God seldom comes to you in the way you want him to and he seldom speaks to you in the way you want him to speak to you. You’re not God, he shows up when he wants to, in the way he chooses, which is usually not the way you would have chosen. He puts you in places you personally wouldn’t have chosen, he puts you in churches, you may not have chosen, which could very well be why many of you are here now. “Why do you like going here?” . . . “I don’t know! But God called me to come here!”

The Voice
Where’s this voice coming from? Verse 2, it’s from heaven. Why’s that important? It’s not a voice from within or around you, it’s from heaven. Some people again, naturally fall into the conclusion that it was an audible voice. They box God in by saying “Well, if God spoke to me in an audible voice as I walked through my yard tomorrow, “Nathan! My Son!!” You know why God doesn’t speak to you that way? Because they’d probably have to send the paramedics for you.

Is that a voice from heaven? That’s what he’s talking about. It’s not necessarily a voice from within or around you. Even the voice that you do hear within you will be a voice from heaven. What’s the characteristic of this voice? A sound of many waters. The reason for that, in Psalms it talks about his voice thundering on the waters. There’s so many different perspectives on this, but one of the reason why he refers to this voice as the voice of many waters is because if you have ever heard something similar to . . .ever been to Niagra Falls? You literally have to yell at people standing next to you because of the pounding noise of the waters cascading down.

Why do you think God, in Victoria Falls of Africa, Niagra Falls, Hawaii is laced with them, why do you think God created those kinds of places on the planet. Just so we could look at it and go “wow!” No, but because those are natural manifestations in the earth concerning His nature. His voice is like the voice of many waters, it means it deafens everything. Whenever God speaks to you, it’s not necessarily in volume, but it causes you to become deaf to everything else around you. (It removes all the distractions from your normal routine in life.)

Thunder of Change
My wife understands a deaf husband. How many times have I run out the door and jump in the car, only to put it in reverse and go back in the house and ask “What was it you wanted me to get?” Because I heard her, but I wasn’t listening to her. The voice of many waters, and he said it sounded like thunder.

Whenever you hear thunder, you know in the natural, it’s a manifestation of climactic change, atmospheric change. There’s something that’s changing “over” me and whatever is changing over me is getting ready to change things “in” me. We live on the earth, the terapherma, if I here thunder this afternoon I know that change is coming. I know that rain isn’t far behind. Thunder is an announcement that rain is coming. Rain in Scripture again, is a type of teaching. John is about to be taught something new.

Whenever I hear thunder in the heavens, I know there’s enormous power being released in the heavens, a colliding of atmospheric differences. A low pressure colliding with a high pressure. There are things that are changing over me and because things are changing over me, it is going to influence what is going on in me. The voice of thunder is happening in the most Holy place, like we saw in the book of Psalms, the voice of harpers. Remember when in Psalms 137 Israel was exiled from their promised land and the Babylonians said “why don’t you harp to us and sing a new song they couldn’t because they were living in a foreign land.

This is the reason why the church struggles with the sound of the Lord. You struggle with not knowing what the words are or being familiar with the sound. Because even though you may be out of Babylon, Babylon is still not out of you. There’s still a lot of that stuff in you. Even though I’m open, as open as I’ve ever been in my life. Scary free. Even though I’ve come into that dimension of freedom, there’s still times when I have flashback and I hear myself say “this is stupid.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stood up here with this microphone in my hand and we’re pressing in to God, trying to get before the throne of God, that the throne of God is somewhere way off, but it’s right here. But even then, there are times when it may as well be light-years away because there’s all kinds of things clouding my understanding. I’ll be singing and groping and feeling, and some of you are thinking “man, I really liked that last song, or a song we sang last week, but I’m not so sure about what he’s doing up there now.”

But it’s not about the continuity of lyrics, it’s not about the harmony, the connecting of words, because you’re trained your ear to like the sound of lyrics, rhythm, chord progressions but that’s not the new song. The new song comes from the heart, it doesn’t always please what’s going on in your head. Sometimes we sing lyrics that seem redundant and simple and sometimes we’re reaching for rhythm and rhyme but it doesn’t connect yet it really doesn’t matter because we’re not trying to please your ears, your itching ears, we’re simply trying to pour our heart out before God.

You see sometimes when I talk to my wife about how much I love her, I don’t have to be a poet. I don’t have to look at her and make everything I say have meter and rhyme and have everything connecting and she lets out a breathy “OHHHH”. No, but when she looks into my eyes and like that guy in the boat on the commercial, I just simply say “you smell good.” If I do that my wife just looks at me and melts and falls on the floor. Why?! Because it’s not coming out of my head, it’s coming out of my heart.

Religion is idealistic, it’s perfectionism. Religion has everything perfect. I thought about this morning when I came in here and it was 5 minutes before church time and some where mingling around in here, out to lunch, not even church time and some are already out to lunch. And others were up front into the worship and focusing on what was going on and I thought to myself “how much has man so confined God to think that “well, this thing doesn’t start until 10:00 and at 10, service doesn’t actually begin until someone approaches the pulpit and announces it.

Watch Your Toes!!!
The problem with us many times is, we’re trying to begin things when God hasn’t started it yet. If God hasn’t started it, how can we ever end it. I would rather just walk around and look at each other and visit for the first several minutes. We think because we put out on our sign that service begins at a specific time, that we “have” to officially start our “service” at that time. And God is obligated to show up then because our sign tells him when our church starts. So, at that time, people set down and half avoid the others because that’s not why they came, they didn’t come to visit, to converse, to commune with others, they came to have church.

Can’t Work Under Negative Pressure
At the same time, we also have the same mindset as to when we think the church time should end. You want to know where all that junk came from? You want to know why we start church when we do? It dates all the way back to the beginning of this country. The reason why church didn’t start at 6 or 7 in the morning was because they allowed the farmers to take the time to tend to milking their cows and feeding the animals before coming into the church. There’s nothing in Scripture that says we “have” to have church at any specific time.

There’s also nothing in Scripture that says your supposed to stop at 12 either. In fact, most of you that are having a problem as to when we get out might as well go on home now and the rest of us will have church. Little abraisive wasn’t it. Well, it probably upset a lot of people when Jesus ran them all out of the house before he rose the little boy up from the dead.

If you think about that picture, you’ll see that there are simply some things that God just isn’t going to do as long as some people are around. You’ll see and recognize those types of people that we’re talking about. They are the ones that not only don’t recognize life, but they benefit from the dead. There were, what you’d call “professional” mourners. They would come to your house and make a big display of anguish over the death of your loved one for a fee. In Acts 9 we see Peter encounters the same thing.

These other women had already accepted the fact that the woman was dead. They all had memorials of her work when she was alive, but they’d already accepted her death. Peter had them removed from the room. Why didn’t he use their presence as a platform of the power of God? Would it not have been much more impressive to raise the dead with an audience? You can not expect to experience resurrection life, with a logical, death mentality. Life can not shine through us if death has already been accepted by us.

Editor’s Note
See how our subconscious minds can alter the outcome of God’s intentions? Why do you suppose Jesus had to physically turn the tables in the temple? Because if he didn’t, we’d still be entrenched with “how can religion enhance me” mentality. No wonder so many people are no longer satisfied with what they’re getting out of church. They’ve been programmed to think that it’s all about them!

We naturally think things are a certain way and it’s so hard to break from that mold of thinking. We naturally believe that we’re required to be the ones to do the instructing and reproofing, we’ve received life through grace, but enforce rules upon others to be in alignment with our belief system.

2 Timothy 3
14But as for you, continue in what you have learned and have become convinced of, because you know those from whom you learned it, 15and how from infancy you have known the holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. 16All Scripture is Godbreathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, 17so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work

Reemphasizing Truth
In the context of this famous misuse of the passage, we see that Paul is not instructing Timothy to use the Word of God in a manner that enforces others to adhere to, but the Word of God is the focus, not the action of using it on others. The Word of God is first, sent by God, it’s authors are writing words breathed into them through the Spirit. And as such, it has the capability to teach, rebuke, correct and train in righteousness on it’s own merit. “It” does these things on it’s own when the reader absorbs it, not my use of it on others. Paul is simply encouraging Timothy to continue to allow the Scriptures to teach him, to rebuke him, to correct him, Paul was teaching Timothy how to read the Word for himself, not how to use it as a platform to conform others to.

The last verse even points to that in that Paul refers to Timothy as a man of God, not the bride, not the church, not his flock, but that Timothy, the man of God, as he was a young preacher and Paul was his spiritual Father, that he, Timothy would be equipped for every good work. That is the responsibility of the Holy Spirit in our lives through the Word of God. It’s not our responsibility to transform others. We’re to simply love on them.

License to Confront?
Our subconscious minds automatically put meanings in there that were never originally intended. We “want” to believe that we have the authority to reproof each other. Actually, this is the only passage in all of the New Testament where this word is even used. Can you find passages in Scripture where Jesus confronted others who were out of line? Knee jerk response . . .a resounding Yes! Absolutely. There are many, many illustrations where Jesus confronted people all the time.

But . . . if I truly believe that Jesus is my redeemer and liberator, if I truly believe that he purposefully did not confront Judas to make him step down from his ministry of being the treasurer due to his cheating ways, but instead, he washed his feet. Then I must also believe that when Jesus did confront others, there had to be something different in the scenario that would have caused the confrontation in the first place.
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No Forced Entry
When people were brought to him caught in blatant sin, there was immediate forgiveness with no questions asked. There was no coaching as to what was right and what wasn’t. Jesus preached simple truths, but there was no pressure by him for the listeners to have to accept his message. There was even healing with no questions asked. One of the problems the Pharisees had when Jesus healed the woman who had an issue of blood was, they said amongst themselves, “if he was such a holy man, he would have known right off that this woman was an immorally filthy woman. Yet, immediately she was healed with no “conditions” made by Jesus.

Let Go Of Religious Controls
He didn’t tell her she needed to clean up her act if she wanted to be healed, physically, he wasn’t even aware she was there. Nor did he pull her aside later and tell her if she wanted to remain healed, she had to change her attitudes. Here’s a revelation for you, to “be” saved, does not require you to “do” anything. To quit swearing will not enhance my relationship with Jesus, do you know why? Because my works have nothing to do with my salvation. The reason why this is such a problem with the religious church is because, via subconscious carnal mentality, the knee-jerk response is . . then I’m saying it’s okay to live however you please and it’s all acceptable by God.

That is NOT what I’m saying. What I AM saying is, my salvation does not rest on my actions. My actions reflect my salvation, or level of. By that I mean how old I am in Christ. A newborn in Christ is going to have a totally different lifestyle than one who is used to living on the meat of the Spirit. That’s what Jesus meant when he said “by their fruits, you’ll know if they’re my disciples”. By my actions, because my actions on the outside, reflect what has been transformed on the inside. To manipulate by force my actions on the outside, does nothing to enhance my ability to grow on the inside. Only God WORKING IN ME can change my outward appearance and actions.

Inward Transformation versus Outward Cover-up
Here’s an analogy for you. Say we’re all transparent glasses full of water, which in a spiritual sense, we really are vessels built to house the Holy Spirit. But here’s the rule, all glasses that ARE saved, they give off a red color. In our Bibles, or operators manuals, it states that. By their fruits, you’ll know whether they’re my disciples. Those that are giving off a red color, (which is the fruit of my actions, giving off a red glow is my actions) are saved. Okay? Then in other places in the manual, it says, glasses that give off a red color tithe regularly, they don’t swear, they don’t commit adultery, on and on.

So, where we miss it is, we immediately emphasize the fruit of those that give off a red glow and we try to paint the outside of the glasses around us so that they appear red, especially our specific “shade” of red. How are we actually doing that? By telling everybody in order to be a Christian, you have to stop swearing, start tithing, attend a church pray at least once a day, etc IN ORDER TO BECOME RED. because the bible says, all red glasses are saved, right? No, that’s not what I had said, I said all glasses that give off a red color are saved.

Spiritual Cart Before the Horse
Now wait a minute. If I’m a glass and I’m not red, how can I then give off a red color? See, that’s the whole point. I can’t “make” myself red. I only “become” red when I am saved. The thing that is giving off the red glow is not the glass, but it’s the change of my contents INSIDE the glass. Jesus transformed my life from water into wine. My fruits, or this red glow, is not something I can manufacture. It is the result of the fact that I am saved. So, if my actions are a result of me being saved, why would I think that forcing you or intimidating you, or even convincing you to willingly change your actions is going to save you, when the reality is, your actions are what reflects your salvation?

And there inlies the secret the church has missed. This is why the word of God is in seed form. It’s not to be enforced or artificially injected. It’s to be “received” by the spirit. It’s to be planted by the gardener, who is Christ. It is a spiritual transformation on the inside that changes the appearance on the outside. So I can honestly say, it’s not my responsibility to enforce “anything” on you, out of love or distaste. My responsibility is to plant seeds, if they are accepted, then they can be watered and fed, but if they’re rejected, so what, I move on. But to confront you and tell you you’re not reflecting a red image is of no benefit to either of us.

You can’t change your color just as you can’t change your destination of where you end up by actions and works. The only way you can change is to allow it. So, what about those that go to church and swear or lie or cheat? First, pray over them, second, love on them, but let God be the one to transform them.

So, what of all those confrontational moments we read about in Scripture? Here’s the key, and it’s something I myself must learn to discern as well. Of all the confrontations, not one of them were from people who were honestly pursuing life. Not one of them were from people who were a follower of Christ, but were struggling in certain areas where he had to confront them and “set them straight”. Every confrontation Jesus had was either with the demonic, or the religious. Sometimes both in the same person.

The demonic is self-explanatory. Ephesians 6 tells us we’re to put on the armor of God as an empowerment to stand our ground against such forces. But the religious are people. They are not spirits, they’re not demons, they are people. They may be influenced by demons, but they are people and creations of God and we should respect them as such. But at the same time, understand “why” Jesus confronted, and even then, I can’t say that he did confront them. He stood firm and they actually were the ones doing the confronting.

Now, I’ve already covered the whip in the temple, that was a spiritual picture more than just a confrontation. However, it was also clearly something Jesus took the role of the aggressor on. But look at the reasons for the confrontation. The religious leaders that were constantly trying to trip Jesus up through his entire life were those that rejected his life message and chose to live by their laws. So, once this truth was established, Jesus then used their own laws against them. But had they not have already openly professed their allegiance to their law, there would have been no confrontation at all.

So, how does this apply to me in the church today? If you still want to choose a life of law, then you can go confront as many as you see fit. Jesus called it kicking against the goads. But if you truly have found the tree of life, you’ll find that therefore, there is no condemnation for those that are in Christ Jesus. And you’ll leave the role of convicting of the saints up to the Holy Spirit. Let God change them on the inside before judging them on the outside.

Lastly, being a follower of Christ is a process of life. Not all are going to give off the same shade of red because we’re all at different levels of maturity in Christ. Just as you can’t change the color on the outside because it’s a result of what took place on the inside, neither can you change the shade. If I’m not meeting your standards of what a Christian should be, pray for me. You’ll be so much more effective that way than you would in trying to confront me and convincing me to go through the actions of what you think a Christian should do.

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