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Chapter Twenty House of Resurrection

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1 Chapter Twenty House of Resurrection on Thu Feb 07, 2013 1:55 pm


Chapter Twenty


The title of this book you’re reading is called “House of Resurrection”. It’s based on the statement that Jesus made as He was about to be taken to the cross and His accusers were beside themselves at this remark He’d made to them. “Tear down this temple, and in three days, I’ll raise it up.” I’ve already referred to this earlier in the book. It’s all about the resurrection of Christ in us.

Many people have heard the term and are quick to nod in agreement that yes, we are resurrected. We’ve been water baptized as our token of showing that our carnal nature died and we’ve been resurrected in Him. And that’s all fine and good, but I’m not all that convinced that people actually “live” in that resurrection.

The principle of resurrection is to be “elevated” from death and blindness into spiritual vision and freedom. It’s to see things through faith as opposed to physical proof. To live in the resurrection of Christ is to inwardly break away from just about every organized religion we currently have in our day.

It’s not to break away from people by any means. Just the religious standards embraced by organized religions that have so many people in bondage. My greatest desire is to “be” the house that Christ built. I’m done trying to build of my own logic and reasoning. I just want Him to build His house in me. Or better yet, I want Him to build His house “of” me.

Revelation talks about 12 gates of pearl. For me, 12 symbolizes divine government of the kingdom. The pearls represent us. A pearl is simply the result of foreign matter becoming lodged within a living organism. The oyster is a bottom feeder of oceanic proportions. But upon closer study, it’s proven that the oyster’s diet is the algae in the water. It’s a living filtering system. In fact, because it’s so efficient at cleaning the water, it’s actually an extremely useful tool for us, so much so that we use oysters in specific areas of costal waters that are polluted. The oyster just does what it was created to do, and in return, it cleans and regenerates the water system.

In the process of life, a foreign object or material will become lodged inside the oyster and immediately, the oyster will secrete a fluid that coats the object which in turn, protects the oyster from infection. The longer the object remains, the more the oyster releases these secretions and adds more coatings which causes the foreign material to become larger and larger. After time, the end result of this process creates a pearl. Just as men use the oyster to purify the water in polluted areas, they also use the oyster to cultivate pearls.

They intentionally insert a foreign material, either a bead from a fresh water mussel or mantel tissue, and they place it inside the mollusk or oyster, after which, they tie these oysters to strings and suspend these oysters in water for a period of time and let the oyster do what oysters do and after a period of time, they pull them up and retrieve the oyster which now contains their pearl. Interestingly enough, a cultivated pearl never has the illustrious and vibrant glow that an oyster in it’s natural environment produces.

Scripture states that we to, are foreigners in this land. In this realm in which we live, it does what it does to us in our experiences and labor, pain and sorrows, and tribulations and so on. But it’s all a process that actually creates something of great value to us and through us. The spirit is the coating that continually manifests through us and protects and matures all the while we are in this world, but never become “of” this world. Interestingly a pearl is generally mostly white, but they can be pink or cream with undertones of a rainbow of colors in their iridescence. The reason for that is it derives from their environment.

In short, a pearl is actually the end result of an irritation from a foreign material being introduced inside a living organism. We are pearls in that we are not of this world and it is through trials and tribulation that we experience growth and maturity. Again, seeing the number twelve connected with the gates of pearl, we can see also that we are of the new government of God. We are the gateway that lead others into the New Jerusalem. It’s the kingdom of God in men. As we introduce others into the true kingdom, we manifest our purpose as the pearls.

Understanding what the government of God is will also lead us to the revelation that everything we see, say and do is motivated by one thing and that is love. The foundation of the walls of Jerusalem speak of the same thing. There are twelve foundations. It’s not the twelve foundations of the city of New Jerusalem, but it’s the twelve foundations of the “wall” around New Jerusalem.

The wall is not to keep people in or out, nor is the wall there to keep evil out and purity in. It’s simply what defines the outside of the city from the inside. Walls in the spiritual realm have different purposes than walls in a natural realm. When we think of walls in the natural, we immediately think of separation, isolation and containment. But this city of New Jerusalem illuminates the glory of God, so it can not be contained. And the blood of the Lamb has been applied to all the world, so we’re not to be kept out either. The walls for me are simply a differentiating factor between one dimension and another in the realm of the spirit.

What is the dividing line between your spirit and your soul? Is there one? Scripture states that only the Word can divide it. The Word is the discerning factor that identifies what is natural and what is spiritual. What brings life, and what doesn’t. You’d think that this would be pretty easy to do without the defining Word, but we forget, the most subtle beast in all the field lives in every one of us, and that is the carnal mind. It does not have the capacity to not only discern spiritual matters, but to define spiritual from carnal.

It has its images of what is spiritual and what is natural. But when you leave your decisions up to your carnal-thinking mind, just how far do you think you’ll get into the spiritual principles of the kingdom of God? Is not our mind always at enmity against God? So yes, there are walls around New Jerusalem. They don’t protect it, they define it. They illuminate it and we are not only the New Jerusalem, but we are also the walls that define it, that set it apart from other realms. We are the gates of pearl that usher other souls from one dimension of relationship with the Father to another. The New Jerusalem is in alignment with the Holy of Holies of the tabernacle of Moses. It’s the innermost part of the nature of God.

But its foundation is built on love. That’s the key for us to embrace. We’ve built walls of doctrine and denomination that we use to set ourselves apart from each other. We have walls with now gates of pearl. Our foundation is not built on twelve corner stones, our foundation is built on our doctrine, on our image of God. When people believe in something other than our doctrine, we either conform them to our thinking, or we suggest they go elsewhere and worship God inside some other walled system.

But this foundation around New Jerusalem is God’s government which is only one commandment given by Jesus himself. Love. God is not just one who loves, he “is” love. When the church really gets a hold of this, it will dissolve every doctrine of the existence of eternal torment or annihilation, whichever you prefer. Because neither of those doctrines are birthed out of love. Love does not torment you for ever and ever, nor does love simply remove you from your existence. Love is a builder, not a destroyer. That’s what this wall around the New Jerusalem is all about, illuminating love.

Scripture also states that we are all living stones used to construct this spiritual house that Jesus is raising up. This third day that our generation is just beginning to experience, is ushering in a completely different standard of principles and realities. I read the same scriptures as I always have, but when we enter into that upper room experience, those verses that used to be understood as saying one thing, now have a completely different meaning to them.

I believe it all has to do with Jesus raising His temple, which is us, He’s elevating her from the mire and debris of carnality. His breath of fire is burning her down to the original core from which she once was. In the end, all that will be left in the presence of God is the creation of God. Everything else will be purged, purified and cleansed so that our very presence of being will illuminate the nature of God in man.

There has got to come the day that everyone talks so much about where all things come into full completion in this realm, as it already has been accomplished in the Spirit realm. And I do believe this generation is the first generation to see the dawning of the original plan of God to come into its full maturity.

In that sense, I do agree with the thinking that we are in the last day of the last days. I’m just not so much in agreement with all the traditional rhetoric that follows that thinking. This being the Sabbath day, that is the last day of the week of creation in Genesis. After God created the Sabbath, he rested from his labor. We just need to allow our minds to enter into that resurrected state in order to see the principles of the kingdom of heaven.

It is from this elevated place that I’ve chosen to write this book. It’s not that I see myself as elevated above others. Who am I to consider myself to be above any other? I haven’t the credentials or the authority to think that I’m above the church, church leaders or organizations in the church. But what I “do” believe I have is vision, and that’s pretty much it…but that’s enough for me. I’ll take that and embrace it with all my ignorance and confidence combined.

So where does one go from here? Do I leave my church? Do I stop reading my Bible? Who can help me take the next step? I was in a pastor’s meeting recently and most are still pretty traditional in their thinking, but we had a guest speaker come in, who has authored several books, and what he shared with the pastors was very much in the same mindset as some of what I’ve shared here.

At the end of his time with us, one of the Pastors asked that same type of question. He said “What you have brought to us is very different from what we’re accustomed to hearing and seeing. What do we do now? Are there other people who’ve written books that we can read that will be able to help move us along in this?” Very quietly, almost under their breath, someone quaintly remarked “Paul?” They got several chuckles out of that, which I think was mostly what they were going for.

But the truth is, nothing I’ve said here came out of a book of another man. I must admit, the passages of scripture I just posted dealing with saving “all” the world, I did borrow that from a forum I was very active in. I just added my own comments in between. But the profound truth is, all other people can do is show you what’s already inside you. These are kingdom truths, and they don’t come by way of one man teaching another. They are within you. All I can do is speak from my own experience.

Mostly what I’ve done is I’ve just laid the majority of it on the back burner until the rest of me could catch up with it. In the mean time, I stopped practicing the religiousness of the Bible. I stopped forcing myself to fast, pray, even read. I did what Jesus instructed Peter to do, I laid my sword down for a while and just focused on building relationships. I learned that just because I wasn’t praying my heart out for an hour everyday in an isolated room, didn’t mean I stopped praying.

I became aware that my mind became more active in godly thoughts throughout an ordinary day, than it did when I was in great meditation and prayer. At the same time, I did however, have to train my mind to think differently. And there were still many scriptures that seemed to contradict what I was starting to hear and see. So I had to train my mind to lay it aside and just let it mature and simmer a while longer.

And God did bring other people across my path who were much further into the kingdom awareness than I was. But even then, our communication was very minimal. I have a spiritual father that God again has brought into my life. But in our relationship, there’s never been a “sit-down” discussion on how to read, how to see, how to think. It was more of a spiritual release of life I felt come through him, and into me, more than anything else.

If God led you to this book, He did it to free you from yourself. And if He led you here, He’ll lead you into the kingdom on your own level of relationship and understanding. The only thing you should really do now is, live. Be yourself in your pursuit of Christ, and pursue building relationships with others. Make friends and enjoy the friendships you’ve made. The major factor in all of this is building relationships with others, not building another doctrine. If anything, work at allowing the Spirit to tear your doctrine down, believe me, you give him your submission, he’ll move mountains in you.

Pray to the Father to help break the religion off of you so that abundant life can manifest through you and into others. There ‘is” a river that is welling up in you to flow out, but until you have a place for it to flow into, it remains a stagnant pond rather than a living river. The one thing about manifesting peace is, there’s no rush. Religion has caused us to almost live in a frenzy because loved ones are going to hell unless we do something about it.

But when you enter the kingdom and see that they’re not bound for eternal torment as we’ve been taught, but instead, in the end, we’ll all glorify Christ as one voice where every knee will bow, every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. If I’m not mistaken, I think that may even be scriptural! So finally, you can now relax in that truth, live in this life, pursue Christ in all that you do, and as you mature, the abundant part of that life will become a part of your identity.

Don’t give up on reading scripture. But one, do it because you want to pursue Christ, and two, look for the spiritual pictures. Get on the internet and do some digging on numerical patterns. Don’t jump to conclusions. Let the Spirit form truth in you. Look at the materials used in scripture. Look at colors, elements, body language, meaning of names and cities. It’s all there, all we have to do is let the Spirit illuminate its spiritual truth to us. If He wrote it, I guarantee you, He’s more than willing to reveal it. We just have to be mature enough to accept the change of understanding.

If there is any shadow in your conclusions, if darkness seems to manifest in the doctrine, such as fear, shame, condemnation or control, if your belief evokes those kinds of thoughts and reactions, just back away from them a bit and wait upon the Lord to bring in the light. His yoke is easy, and His burden is light. Truth is supposed to set you free, not bring you under more bondage.

And if you are afraid that embracing this perspective I’ve presented due to the idea that I’m saying that you can do whatever you want without any backlash whatsoever, you’re missing my whole message. This isn’t about seeing how much you can get away with and still be righteous. If that’s what people are doing, then they’re not pursuing Christ in the first place.

This isn’t about what you can or can’t do. It’s about just letting it all go, and seeing what God will shape you into after its all said and done. Let Him mold you. Let Him put His nature in you. Is God’s nature one that is destructive? Or one that is uplifting? If you struggle with that answer, then you need to have a personal experience with true “love”. It’s not a verb or a noun. It’s a person. God “is” love. Just rest in that for a while….

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