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1 Intermission on Mon Feb 04, 2013 2:12 pm


We are half-way through the book of Daniel. I think I've mentioned this before, but I have taught this book once before a number of years ago . . .before I came into the kingdom perspectives myself. I found some series that another man had published and I taught from the teaching of another. It was my first experience with the book of Daniel and it ended up leading me to the book I originally had least interest in and that was Revelation. Because of what I've been posting on the other thread of Revelation, I don't intend to do a verse-by-verse on that once Daniel is finished. However . . .

I wanted to take just a minute at this point in the river and point to the fact that if you don't have everything in your boat fastened down already, you may want to be sure things are tied down before going any further. The book is about to take a turn and there is going to be a considerable amount of white-water ahead.

I have never gone through this book in this manner either so Sherryl, when you say you've never seen Daniel in this light, you're not alone. We're all in this together. But I do know that the rest of the book is nothing like the first half. And I want to forewarn you of some pitfalls that so many on the traditional side have gotten themselves trapped into.

What's coming up is much like a roller dam, or any dam for that matter as well as a white-water rapids. Even though the current is going down-hill, there are places where the change of levels is so drastic that it forms a water-fall effect and right at the point of contact, the current will have an undertow that pushes you back into the waterfall itself and it's here where many lives are lost due to the inability to get back into the main current of the river.

In Scripture, we do this same thing by getting caught up or stuck on the wrong dimension of what we're reading. Just like at the waterfall, the current on the surface goes in a different direction than the under-tow beneath. In this river, we want to stay where the main channel is rather than get stuck in back-water or undertows.

The reason this is important at this juncture is because many people try to take a prophecy in Scripture and apply it literally to our own backyards today. It can mess you up if you're not careful.

The things we're about to read in Daniel get really apocolyptic in nature. But when you're reading in dimensions, the key is to pursue the spirit, not what lies on the surface. The message of the spirit is not apocolyptic, it's just the opposite. It's apocolyptic to the carnal nature within us, but it's resurrective to "us" as individuals and as a corporate body. "That's" the place where I want to take this as well.

I'm not looking to try to apply what's said here to this generation today. I belive these things Daniel wrote about have already literally taken place. We may touch on them briefly but I just wanted you guys to be aware that stuff like this can get distractive when trying to make it fit our culture 2,500 years later.

I'm looking for the spiritual truth and inward applications, same as we've done leading up to now. I know there's already been an awakening taking place in you just in the short time we've started doing this. God has used these words to quicken your spirit, to connect with you deeply, to transform how you think, how you see, and it's going to also affect how you walk and talk. You've heard the "sound" of Truth being spoken here and your spirit is recognizing it for the life and Freedom that it is.

Just continue to hold on tight as we allow the Father to navigate our boats through these refreshing waters that lie ahead.

2 Re: Intermission on Mon Feb 04, 2013 2:27 pm


but it is apocolyptic Nate. apocalypse=unveiling, of who? Christ, where? in you, why? that is the hope of glory

and let us not forget, the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy

Sorry to get all semantic-al, I know you know, but I think we need to reclaim the words to their proper meaning as we share these things with people.

Apocalypse to most people means destruction, death, meteors falling from heaven.

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