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Chapter Twelve

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Chapter Twelve


So, if I can’t use hell as my intimidator, how can I save sinners from it? That’s the whole point here, you can’t save them from something that was misinterpreted in the first place. No where in Scripture does it say Jesus died to keep us from going to hell. We are saved, of that you can be sure. But the saving is not from this eternal place of torment, or even total annihilation. Let’s keep this simple.

The Bible consists of two men. The first Adam, who was created from the dust of the earth and placed in the spirit realm of the garden. But then elected to live according to the laws of knowledge which then severed his relationship with the Father through the disorder he brought on by relying on his own knowledge. He then became the fallen man. He descended from a higher realm, to this lower one.

Requirements of a Sinner
Then the last Adam chose to leave his deity with the Father and come to this realm of flesh so that he could then realign the relationship between the first Adam and God back to its original state. Yes? Okay, question, I touched on this earlier, but it’s quite a milestone in our intimate walk with the Father that really is worth addressing again. The question is, “what did you do to become a sinner?” Did you have to make a conscious decision that you were going to be a sinner? Do you have to follow a daily routine of something in order to remain a sinner? Did you have to repeat a phrase of some sort? Did you have to have someone sit you down and explain the steps that are required to be a sinner? Did you have to admit your clean so that you can now be dirty? Did someone explain to you the things you would have to do differently being that you were a sinner now? See where this is going?

I can happily tell you the answer to all of those questions is the same. It’s a big, NO! You did nothing to become a sinner because you were born into it, and it was born into you. You are not a sinner because you sin. You sin because you’re a sinner. You live in a cursed world. You eat food from a cursed earth. It’s the nature of the realm that was chosen long before you came to manifest in this generation. You, as an individual had nothing to do with the original choice of the first Adam, and you had nothing to do with the redemptive choice of the last Adam.

So why is it then, that you have to go through all those same hoops in order to be a redeemed? You have to repeat the sinner’s prayer, you have to change your habits, you have to be told what changes you must do. You have to admit you’re a sinner so you can be saved. The list goes on and on. This is what I meant when I mentioned earlier the difference between receiving revelation from the Father as opposed to the teachings of men. But where in scripture does Jesus tell you that these are the requirements of your redemption? I’ve read the book, and as near as I can tell, there is no such thing.

Here’s what I “can” tell you though. Just as you did nothing to become a sinner, you need to do nothing in order to become redeemed. Your redemption was not a decision left up to your limited understanding. It was taken care of without you even needing to give your permission or acknowledgement.

Purpose of Salvation
I’m going to just come out and say it. Asking Jesus into your heart will not keep you out of hell, nor will it get you into heaven. Inviting Christ in your heart is not about your final destination in the end as much as it is about your ability to begin reproduction here and now. You have an inheritance and it’s not something you get when you die. It’s something you GOT when HE died. It’s called abundant life in the midst of this realm of death.

Here’s my biggest issue with this whole salvation thing. When you’re told that in order to be saved from hell and to go to heaven, you must invite Jesus into your heart, what they’re telling you is, the effect of the power of the cross will only take affect in your life, if your MIND acknowledges the fact that it happened. It has to be a conscious decision on your part, before any of the promises will ever go into affect for you. It’s taking the power of the cross, and it gives it back to the mind of men. And I just can no longer continue to give that kind of power to my mind.

Scripture does use the terminology that we must be “saved”. I don’t dispute that in the slightest. But to think that Jesus went to the cross and gave his life as a sacrifice to simply give man the “option” to choose salvation, is really a tragic disservice to the finished work and power of the cross in the first place. The cross experience takes affect whether my mind acknowledges it or not. This is not the house that God built. God didn’t build a house that is based on the power of a man’s mind. He built it on the power of the blood of the Lamb, activated by man’s faith in God.

So, if we’re not being saved from hell, or saved “for” heaven, then what is salvation all about? I believe this all goes clear back to the beginning of the purpose of this book. We have been enslaved to doctrines, principalities and powers of religious mind-sets which have disabled us from manifesting the true power of God, by engaging in the kingdom of heaven while living here in this realm on earth.

Like what we saw with the rich man and Lazarus, we too, have been trapped in the imaginations within our religious systems that have given us a false image of the true nature of light and life. We haven’t died to ourselves at all. Our minds have been ruling our decisions from the day we entered into this arena of God. We basically went from the frying pan into the fire when it comes to salvation. We went from being bound by sin, to being bound by religion. Either way, we’re still bound. And when we die, we’re just buried and life goes on past us.

But that’s all about to change. The church, as we know it, is about to get a facelift. A change of identity is upon us. The question is, are we willing to let the master physician make the transformation in us? Or are we going to continue embracing an incomplete message that was the sustenance for minds of labor of our ancestors? Our decision is not going to affect what’s going on around us. The Sabbath day is still going to manifest. What our decision will do is, it will allow us to be a part of the manifestation.

When I ask Christ into my heart, there is definitely a major transformation taking place. I am not being saved for heaven, and I’m not being saved from hell. I am being saved from my “self”. When Peter gave his first anointed speech after his upper room experience, the results were astounding. The question from his listeners who were under great conviction, not because of Peter’s stirring message, but because the Holy Spirit used the message to grip the hearts of the people in such a way they wanted redemption for themselves. And the answer?

Did Peter say “you have to repeat after me . . .” Or did he say “You must first admit you are a sinner before God will let you become a saint . . .” No. All he said was “repent”. To repent simply means to change your mind. It isn’t about openly admitting you’re sorry or confessing your sins. The confession of sins, if you read that in the context with which it was given, you’ll find that the one you’re to confess to is the one who is directly involved with whom you’ve sinned against.

It’s not about listing every fault and failure to some religious leader. It’s simply mending a relationship that was either abused or broken. There was no altar call that Peter gave which required the convicted hearts to parade down an isle in front of others as is the protocol for a sinner to be saved in the church. It simply means you just change your mind. At first, you didn’t believe, now you do. End of story. Your change of direction in your head is evidence there’s been a change of alignment with your heart. “That’s” what salvation is all about.

Your mind does not have the power to choose your final destination in the next realm, but it does have the power to shut off the flow of light and life in you in this realm. The repenting is the realigning between your soul and your spirit that will allow the power of the spirit in you to begin to flow through you once again.

This is why I believe that accepting Christ in your heart is just as important now as ever before. It’s not about going to heaven later when you die. It’s about reproducing the nature of Christ into others while you are still alive. There are only two laws that Jesus lived in, and instructed us to do the same. LOVE the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and strength; and LOVE your neighbor as your “self”. The only way you can do either of those is to die to your “self” and let Christ live in you.

Salvation is still extremely important. But it’s not to be motivated by the threat of hell, nor is it to be an enticement for what’s waiting for you in heaven. It’s so you can have a personal experience with peace, life, freedom and light on your own level in this life, so that you can mature in your relationship with the Father to the point to where you reproduce after His own kind in this realm, in this time. It’s about Christ manifesting His nature in the kingdom of heaven through us upon this earth. Salvation isn’t about us at all. It’s about God the Father bringing glory to his Son.

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