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Chapter 13

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Chapter Thirteen

Bringing Closure to Goliath
If you remember, we looked at the natural and moral value of the story of David and Goliath. We looked at the material Goliath wore, the number of fingers and toes, his height, all of those natural things are keys to a spiritual truth. But before we uncover that piece, let’s go back at the subtle location of this confrontation.

1 Samuel 17
1 The Philistines now mustered their army for battle and camped between Socoh in Judah and Azekah at Ephes-dammim.

If you just remove “Socoh” and “Asekah”, you’ll see this all took place at “Ephes-dammim”. It is this place that is the key to unlock the rest. Remembering that for 40 days, Goliath would parade back and forth in front of the Israelite army, with his army at his back. He’d rant and rave, brag and boast, but not once did he commit to combat. Because of all of the details given to his fingers and toes and garments, it’s easy to see Goliath is more than just “a” man, he is representing the “nature” of man. He is all men, he is the carnal mind, the flesh, the natural logic.

But in all of his ranting, not once did he actually approach. But at the same time, his intimidating had a huge effect on those who were present and heard his booming voice, and his overly dramatizing gestures. They were so caught up in the natural opposition, they were clothed in fear as well as blindness to seeing Goliath for what he was. But then this little shepherd . .who was it the angels came and declared the birth of Jesus to? Another pattern in that it was shepherds hearing of the arrival of “the” Shepherd.

David was bold in approaching the entire situation. There are so many things beneath the surface of this story, but right now, we’re wanting to understand the secret to Goliath’s weakness.

It wasn’t in his armor or his height, it was in where he was. He was in Ephes-dammim. And David knew it. If you noticed, all through out Scripture, men were never far away from stones.

Stones in the Stream
Whenever they wanted to kill, they were always within reach of rocks. The reason this is important is because David didn’t get his stones from the earth, he got them from the stream. It’s a picture. The stone is Christ, the stream is the spirit. He chose five stones. Traditional teaching would tell you that the reason he did this was because Goliath had four brothers. But so what? That neither proves anything, nor does it edify Christ. In fact, all it does is subtly tell me that there’s always the devil just waiting around the corner to pounce the first chance he gets.

No, the reason why 5 stones were chosen is because 5 is the number of grace. God was about to deliver Israel through an act of His grace. The stone, which again is Christ, penetrated not the heart or the lungs of the natural man. But instead, the stone violently broke through the rock-hard surface of the head and into the mind. That is a picture of Christ coming to the carnal man, and breaking the curse of his mind. Remember the crown of thorns? A picture to proclaim his victory over the curse of your mind That was why he wore them as well. . But still, that was not yet enough for flesh. David took up the sword of Goliath, what is the sword?

Living “In” the Word Vs. Living “By” the Word
When using Scripture to interpret Scripture, make sure that’s actually what you are doing. Many men will claim that is how to interpret Scripture, but those same men will go on and use the verses to say something all together differently than what God wanted them to be saying. No, Ephesians clearly says, the Word of God is the sword of the Spirit. David didn’t use his own sword, why? Because the Word was “in” him. He used the sword of Goliath to remove his head. Goliath used his sword to intimidate and murder. As the Scripture says, those who live by the sword, will die by it. Another misunderstood Scripture. If you live in the Word, you will live. But if you live “by” it, you will die by it.

This is the predominant reason why it’s so important that you not let your mind interfere with what the Spirit is trying to reveal to you. This is why it’s so important that you “experience” the kingdom rather than learn about it. Knowledge is only productive when it becomes the fruit from your spirit. Otherwise, it births control, religion and bondage. Let your mind be in submission to your spirit so that you can see what God is saying to your heart.

The reason why Goliath never engaged upon the Isralites is because of a hidden power of God. Ephes-dammim means “the edge of blood.” It’s a spiritual picture that no matter how much the enemy tries to intimidate you, there is a blood line that he can not ever cross. David saw this and knew he’d already won the fight. All he did was throw a rock and the battle for him was over. Our battle was never ours anymore than this battle was up to David to win. If we learn how to effectively apply the stone of the kingdom to our own life, in our own spiritual walk, we’d learn that there is no war that isn’t already won, we just need to enter in what’s already been done through Christ.

Identifying With Forty
One last thing, Goliath ranted against Israel for forty days. Why forty? Why not thirty-nine? Why not forty-one? To understand this, is to understand how the natural woman works. Every woman can relate to the number forty. It is the number of weeks from her conceiving of a child to it’s birth. From the time the baby is a fertilized egg to the time when the baby’s head breaches the womb, every woman is given forty weeks for the baby to grow and mature until it’s time to be birthed.

In ever instance in Scripture, when you see this number, stop, take a step back and look for what is being birthed. There is something beneath the surface of the story that as the story progresses, you will see it emerge. In this case, what could it be that up to now, was invisible but was about to become most visible? What was it that was different after this encounter with Israel than before Goliath began his ranting and intimidating? For forty days, Israel went through labor and birth pangs as she laid on that hillside. She was in constant turmoil over this potentially life-threatening situation.

Jesus was tempted for forty days. He had waited thirty years for this moment. In the Jordan river, where life resurrected from death (Jordan means “to descend” or death) the Holy Spirit landed on him and drove him into the wilderness. Life was conceived in the river of death and for forty days, that seed came full term and in the end, Christ returned in “power”. It was there that his ministry began. After he resurrected from the grave, he was here for another forty days. Another baby was conceived. At the end of this forty days, the Holy Spirit birthed a baby church in the upper room.

Israel Has A Baby
The moment David took the field, the baby’s head began to breach the womb. The seed of life was planted in Israel the day when Samuel poured the oil of anointing over this scrubby little kid. And now, the time had come where it was time for that baby in the womb of Israel was to be birthed. She had experienced the pangs as turmoil was aggressively threatening her life. But as that giant’s sword severed the head of that giant of a man, Israel birthed a king.

In Closing
We hope this introductory manuscript has planted something in you that only God can grow. We hope your heart was open and your mind was silent as the conception of truth made it’s way to your heart so your heart can then plant this truth in the womb of your mind where it can, and will grow into a completely different form from what the seed was. When you pursue the spirit in the kingdom, you will find it’s impossible to do an exhaustive study on anything in Scripture. Everything is connected to everything else and there is no end.

This is a new life that has no boundaries other than the ones your mind inflicts. There are many places this arena of the kingdom will take you as long as you are willing to let it. This is not just an attempt at making empty promises to you. The more you pursue the spiritual nature of the written word, the more you will see the original truth God intended for his bride to have from the very beginning. Let your relationship with Christ take you to heights your mind can never imagine. There is no final end to understanding spiritual truth. The book of Revelation ends with complete focus on Christ. “Even so come quickly Lord Jesus” The act of revelation begins when you are completely focused on Christ.

In Genesis, God used days, an evening and morning to be curtains, or distinctions from one day to the next. Whenever he finished a work, it would end with an evening and a morning. But when it came to the seventh day, there was no distinct conclusion to the end of that day. Each day previous was in preparation for the last. When we enter into the last day of the nature of God, we find rest is not an activity, but it’s a person. In the day of the Lord, there is no end, there is just “I am”. Let this be the beginning of the no ending for all the earth to experience.

This concludes Ground Zero.

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