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Chapter 12

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Chapter Twelve

John 2:19
Jesus answered and said unto them, Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.

The Resurrection of the Bride
When you study up in the gospels this event that occurred, a pattern emerges from under the surface of the story. Applying what you learned about the dimensions of Scripture, let’s read through this verse and watch how it takes on a whole different truth. First, the historical event itself. When Jesus said “temple” those who didn’t know him took him to mean the natural building that took them 46 (40 = testing and maturing, 6 is the number of man) years to build (John 2:20). But like we said, EVERYTHING that Jesus said and did and an entirely different meaning. It had nothing to do with a natural temple. Albeit, the natural temple did indeed get destroyed, but unlike all of the previous occasions when Jerusalem was overrun by the enemy, this time it was never rebuilt. So, you could say that Jesus lied. But you’d be very much mistaken.

1st Dimension of the Story
Jesus was not referring to the natural temple, he was referring to his body as the temple. “what know ye not that “you” are a temple of the Holy Ghost?” And it was, as we all know, three days later that Jesus did indeed resurrect from the grave. That’s still a literal, first dimension truth. It literally happened. It was something he said to that generation in that day for those people to hear. Not something for us to push on each other about the erecting of our temples, but that his temple would be resurrected in three days time. Three is the number of resurrection life.

2nd Dimension
Next, let’s look at that from the second dimension. We are not to live life as though we have no hope. As he experienced resurrection life, so should we also live in life rather than be consumed by death around us. See? We apply the situation that happened back then, to our reality today. It’s a truth that never changes throughout the generations. It encourages, it builds up, but it’s still not where we need to dwell. There’s a whole new realm and it’s for such a time as this.

3rd Dimension
Since Christ was here, it’s been two days time. But the sun has set on the second day, we’ve just past one millennium and entered into another. There’s been a changing of the guard. We are now entering into the day of not only rest, but resurrection. This kingdom truth has been something that a few men throughout the generations of time have known first-hand, but it’s now time for what a few men were blessed to know, for an entire earth to experience. The timetable of this truth has run it’s course and it’s now unfolding in our generation. Jesus is building another temple on this dawning of the third day of creation. And we are the living stones that make up this temple. But it’s not one that’s been made by human hands. This temple is not a result of human effort, or logic. This temple is all God.

Our generation has seen the close of the sixth day. The traditional churches have run their course with the works-based message. We are seeing the dawning of the seventh day. The day that Christ spoke of where he would build his church on the 3rd day. The seventh day, is the 3rd day from Christ. The message has gone from doing to being. From ministry to rest. From the second dimension of truth, to now the Sabbath day is being exposed to all the earth.

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