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How would you.....

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26 Re: How would you..... on Fri Dec 14, 2012 2:57 pm


What a great example you used Y'Israel . . .when David ate the bread of the temple, laws were broken yet no blame was handed down. Bread isn't for the religious activities, it's for the hungry. I love that.

As to the "completion" of our salvation . . . it's pretty tough to put that into natural words of understanding but you're doing a pretty good job so far! As long as we're in these bodies of limitations, we'll never fully grasp the wholeness of God's nature. The only way we can go there to that extent is when these bodies become our permenant dwellings that are not temporary, but when that which is invisible now returns to it's original order, being predominant over that which is now seen.

In other words . . .what is now predominantly natural around us will become invisible and what is invisible around us will become our atmosphere. A reversal of order of ALL things. It's already done in the spirit, the natural is bound to the order of time. When the natural has run it's course, the curse is lifted and every created being and thing will return to our original realm of life . . . everything will truly become "spiritual".

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Thank you Israel for explaining that to me.
And Yes, I do understand now what you were saying.

And I fully agree, I too love the example you used with David. I got a feeling there are depths to you that maybe now, here, you can freely express that haven't been able to come forth before, and we are blessed by it.

You know, I have never thought of it in those terms before, as far as becoming unclean to minister to those without, as laying our lives down for another.

but the way you explained it I see it, and yet we can still approach the Throne, because of Christ.
Incredible, what a treasure indeed, that we have within us.

Again thank you for explaining without the veil Laughing


The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail...Because The Love of God...Will....Never....Fail!

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