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Food for thought

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1 Food for thought on Wed Nov 21, 2012 11:36 am


Good Morning everyone,

I would like to try something different on this Topic.

Have you ever met someone, even if it was just a brief encounter, that you were drawn to like a moth to a flame? I'm sure we all have, after all that's how I met Nathan, and all of you and what a blessing it is to run across our Brothers and Sisters that share our desire for Truth. (outside of the norm).

Well, I had such an encounter with one several months ago, and even though I didn't understand with my mind what he was saying all the time, I just knew, that I knew, that what he was saying had real substance to it. I just received it as SEED, and I kept these things in my "Keepers" folder to go back to and maybe be able to glean from at another time.

Which leads me to this, I have recently been going back over them again, and the things that he is saying is still so profound and deep, I thought they were worth sharing here with us all. What I would like to do is list them here and if there is anything that comes alive for you, to paste and copy it into a "New Topic" for discussion. You will see, even though these were PM's from another forum, his replies to me were topics of their own and stand alone for thoughts to ponder separately. My half of the conversation is of no importance as you will see by his replies, may they be a blessing to all who read. (Just a suggestion but,..... please read them slowly).


When the spirit does reveal things to you, you become what he has revealed to you ... if that makes sense. The revealing is a casting of leaves or a satan falling from heaven revealing that the son of man is in heaven and that the son of man is the son of God and always has been.

Jesus (the living soul) was femine to the christ that was in him, and to his father, coming out from him, yet he is the son as well, so to speak. Just as we are femine to the son and this also within ourselves. It is not a matter of gender but of order.

There is the truth and then there is the perception of truth which is cast down becoming a serpent or a path. In genesis, God, Man and the serpent are as passover, pentecost, tabernalces.

We can not hold any one single truth as being the absolute, this kingdom has no end of it's/his increase in us. If we do like Cain (the femine or earthly depending upon the angle we view it from) we build a city and by naming it expose our nakedness.

I hope I have not offended you by what I wrote. I see so much everyday that I can't put it into words. The last thing I wrote you is not even what I had first wrote to send you, it was much larger yet still so incomplete.

As God opens the heavens to us we limit the opening by drawing it into the earth or our soul and it becomes cast down and the truth vanishes like smoke. I know you know what I am talking about. You preach within you to to a people who are not there, saying things you have never heard anyone else say and when you think moments latter on what was said you barely remember it. It with suddeness becomes a pit and if you allow, continue in it, you find that it has no bottom, no foundation.

Again, please forgive me if I have offended you in anyway, very few see, very few hear and many who hear will turn back into the wilderness to a bloodless altar, an altar that has no life and will settle for this as their inheritance.


The union between you and me, us and them, our soul with our spirit, we as one with the son and the son as one with us with the father is what the spirit and bride say come to ... that which was before the heaven and the earth in genesis. It is the river of life we drink of. The three rivers of genesis, or the garden that was not enclosed are summed up in the fourth, the euphrates, which is of the north country or babylon. It is the river of death or the narative of the truth cast down.

It is our soul that has a beginning and an end, for the moment that he hid his face from us ... this is passover or the sending forth. There is a sending forth, a point in time (the cross) and a returning. We are now becoming aware of the gathering into one which is as the feast of tabernacles which the heavenly jerusalem is the picture of, is a feast prepared by a woman/virgin, who as virgin's we don't give birth, we are delivered in the birthing.

I am glad that you have the perception of god under subjection, here there is no left or right, good or evil, greater or lesser.


The first birthing was a coming forth, a virgin is without form and void, we are in the returning or gathering and this is within, where there is no height, depth, length, width ... these would be the four rivers of the first garden, where pleasure is parted or of despensation. The way back is the same way we came out, passover or a pouring out of the soul or the perception of life/father.

It is not a bother ... as children our angel/angels always behold the face of our Father.

As you said, the ascending and descending upon our son of man is speeding up, everyday, multiple times I am overwhelmed and with every moment (he is revealed in the moment) I sacrifice the truth of my three days/feasts etc. of the promise Seed and God always provides his own sacrifice which is the beast that tills the ground.


The entirety of Jesus' life in the flesh was a descending and ascending of truths that played out before him revealing the way, the truth, and the life of which he was.. These were not with steps so his nakedness was never discovered. When Mary said they have no wine, Jesus said what have I to do with thee, yet as her words, which were the Father's words became clean to him the scenario played itself out in real time before him as he ate of the father.

I have had the same experience's, different, but the same, not all the time. It can not be held down to any one way that he provides the table. These are not things of labor but of a freely eating of any tree of the garden. It is when we eat of our own that process or labor begins. Each thought is as a child, but the child of labor is not the truth. Hence we are a virgin who gives birth, by being delivered from the labor, if we rule over the process. If not the steps are revealed and we set up a stone ourselves and call it the house of God, bethel or the house of two calves .

Jesus' nakedness was revealed on the cross with the words Father why have you forsaken me, but he was revealing our nakedness of which he took upon himself and became sin. Even in this, the parting of his garments like the river out of the garden not enclosed but his coat had no seam. This is the truth that Peter never ate of when the four corners came down to him in the order of three feasts. The truth of one father .... etc.


John was a Benjamin to Jesus as Judas was a Dan or serpent in the path to him ... the one who makes merchandise of God, guy who holds the money bag, and one of the reasons why Sodom is mentioned in revelation ... Joseph's mother had two sons of which Benjamin (of course) is the younger ... the elder serves the younger. The woman's Seed/Son is Christ and for John his mother was the heavenly Jerusalem of which Mary was a picture of ... the mother of all living. Joseph's life from the dreamer being thrown into a pit to ruler over Egypt and father over pharoh ... Joseph as the seed that impregnated Egypt, etc ... the over lapping of these things become, as the whole book a coat without a seam and one of many colors. The first woman/soul/Eve/night (God's day begins in the evening ... you can not ascend unless you first descended), gave birth to darkness or the truth cast down, after the image of Adam/serpent, tiller of the ground, the elder of which Jesus became this to us (serpent on a pole which has power over us unless we have become partakers of the ressurection of one, which power over us is the wandering/process of time though death has lost it's sting). Which brings Paul's words up ... mother of us all. The heavenly Jerusalem is our soul even as it was Jesus' dove that rested on him. In the mind of the first soul the son was not complete. In the mind of the second one or new one there is no temple.

John's gospel/narative is the fourth one, unlike euphrates is of the life/son.

I'm sorry if this is somewhat jumbled together ...


Notice that when Eve produced an Abel it never says that Adam knew her and again when Adam produced Seth he never knew Eve.

As you know, sin is a perception of lack and seeded by a serpent that produces a wandering after the promise of a son.

What Jacob was to Esau, Esau was to Jacob, what Laban was to Jacob, Jacob was to Laban. Laban overtook his Jacob after three days when he was counciled of God not to speak good or evil to him ...

This is the process woven throughout scripture, a carrying away into babylon through the eating of one's own tree. Jesus is the last elder who serves the younger ... a beast that they wander after ... but he has taken captivity captive, but gifts are given to servants eventually like Abraham did for his servants, the servant mentaltiy is sent away.

Like Sarah (name change) the bondwoman and her son are not partakers of the promise. When you work for the promise of a rachel what you get is a leah or a weariness of flesh.


We each have a Ruth that gleans in a Boaz's field, as we are this to each other. It's a narative/river/commandment/gospel of life. John saw this fellowship of the father and son as a blood that constantly cleanses us. A drinking of blood, that the perception of our soul, might be continually cut off that the life of the son, the son of whom we are might be revealed.

Don't feel as you have to write back ...



The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail...Because The Love of God...Will....Never....Fail!

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