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What a weekend

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1 What a weekend on Mon Nov 19, 2012 9:05 pm


Hey all. Sorry I've been away so much, but life has been crazy.

This past weekend my wife Shay and I went to a Bed and breakfast to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. It was a wonderful experience, we ate out, enjoyed each other. But it was also one of those times that will stand out forever for us.

So on saturday we saw our friends who live out there. They are the "better version of us". By that I mean their lives turned out how we had hoped ours to. They are both chiropractors, we went to school together (my wife is not a chiro). They started out right away with a great practice, her dad was able to buy them a building, and they are very successful. They have 4 boys we were only able to have 1 child, when we wanted 5. Their life has always been just so.

Now don't get me wrong I had success, but I had to squeeze every last ounce to get it. We are not in a wealthy area by any means. Anyway they were the ones we were kind of jealous of.

So we happen to talk about voting, and that we didn't vote this year. We started telling them why. They thought we were crazy. Then Shay blurts out, well thats nothing compared to what started this all. So we proceeded to tell them about how God revealed UR to me. We were met by the usual arguments. We got heated, not angry but heated. It wasn't how I really like things to go. And I was upset that we had not discerned the right time to share this with them. I definitely let my fighting spirit get the best of me. The biggest revelation that we got from it was the intense selfishness, which they both acknowledged. That why does it matter if we all go to heaven anyway. And for good reason, why should they want anything different they have the perfect life. They kept asking why does it matter. I told them the point is to set people free.

So right after that we went to see the movie Cloud Atlas. What is the movie about? Setting people free from bondage. It was pretty intense.

That night Shay had a stomach episode. She has leaky gut, and gets these horrible flu like symptoms with severe cramping of the stomach that lasts for 2-4 hours. I usually pray and then fall asleep because it almost always happens late at night. Well this time I was able to stay awake. And right when I had come to the time to stop praying, it went away. And the next day she said she had just finally said, "Ok God if you don't want to take it away fine, I'm ok with that". that is almost identical to what I'd been praying for her at that time (silently).

Next thing happens as we're driving home this song comes on that feels like it was written for me. Its about the day a man and woman marry and its written from the mans perspective. I've heard the song many times before. This time it brought me back to the moment the door opened at the church and my beautiful bride walked down the aisle. It was like having a vision. I wept like I did when I saw her that day.

Then when I got done with my crying I noticed the beautiful scene driving through the empty corn fields in western michigan. It was around 10 am. There was a mist all around and the sun was shining down. The picture of the silo's in the background was breathtaking. As I began to thank God for such a beautiful scene the download came.

All of the events of that weekend were quickened to me at once. Why had things gone bad at our friends house? We were shown what we could have but we got to see the bad side of it too. The shallowness of it. I wish I could say I haven't been tempted with going back lately. When God told us to grow where we're planted, the pull to go back to being a normal guy, to having the american dream was weighing on me. I had the choice presented to me. Like in the matrix, I wanted to take the other pill. Live comfortably. It was a real possiblity for a bit there as I was doing all the construction on my office for the past couple months I had "lost" some of the treasure that I had received. I was becoming dull. And I knew I had to make the choice to go back or forward. I was tired, kind of lost, weary of another change of plans. When we thought we were going to "go" that motivated me. But when He said stay I began to doubt any of this. Was this my imagination? Why not just be a guy like everyone else who has a little different doctrine.

So that decision was made, I am pressing forward to the higher call. I can't really verbalize all that was made alive from Cloud Atlas yet, its a little overwhelming, but for the point of this post, it was that of timing with us seeing the movie, God caring so much to include me in His story, and having it come out and speak to us so much with where we are. I feel like that movie was written for us right now. That song that feels like he literally stole it from my being. That beautiful scene of the mist and farms, that so many would not even notice. The victory for me of staying strong in prayer for her while she writhed in pain. And for her that she could let go of it.

As I tried to explain what I was feeling to Shay I began to weep harder than before. Oh to be so loved that He speaks to me. And what an incredible thing that He chose me to hear and see. It is so humbling to come face to face with God like that, how can I do anything but weep. Finally I gained my composure and started relaying some of what had just happened to Shay, I was saying how He speaks to us everywhere. I looked up and saw the billboard for a gas station. This is what I saw. Exit 77. Fullness Center (It said Fuel Center but I swear I saw fullness).

Who will not fear you and bless your holy name?

2 Re: What a weekend on Mon Nov 19, 2012 11:00 pm


God Bless you and your wife Jeremy, and Praise His Holy Name!!

What an awesome read of your journey with Him, I absolutely love it!! Like I said before, "When He becomes your everything, then everything Reveals HIM". Sounds like you have chosen to go forward, and I am so glad for you.

We may not be rich in this world, but the riches that are stored in The Heavens for us, is just now being UNVEILED in Him.
I felt every word of your Joy, and wept with you.

I am so sorry about your encounter with your friends, I've been there,....and know exactly how you feel. To this day it saddens me to think about our conversation back then, and their words still ring in my ears today (as I told you on the phone)he said "Well, Sister Scherryl, if what your saying is true then I would have to go back 30yrs. and start over again." And sadly to say, the last I heard they were still sitting in the same pue, the same church, that they said to me, I feel like we're just dying. Breaks my heart. Sad Sad

That whole conversation that night is something I will never forget. And it has never been the same with us. The last time we saw them, their last words to us, was we are still praying for you, as if to say, that we were in such deception, and that has been more than 6 yrs. ago.

But you just know, that you know, that it's from Him, and like you said who am I that I should know Him, that He would choose to Reveal Himself to me in this way? It is a very Humbling thing indeed, and an Honor to bare His Reproach, now you KNOW, what He felt, what He saw, what He experienced, can you see Him look across the crowd, and see the emptiness and the loss in their eyes? I have, ....It is a privilege to See HIM in this way, even though at times it is a cross to bare, nevertheless we take it up with Great Joy, that The World does not know,.... as of yet, but they will one day.

All things I counted as gain, I can now openly see that they are nothing more than dung, compared to The Glory that is now being revealed in me. Paraphrased of coarse from Paul, but nevertheless very true.

God Bless you and yours in your Journey forward with HIM.
And thank you for sharing that with us all.
I praise Him with you tonight.

The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail...Because The Love of God...Will....Never....Fail!

3 Re: What a weekend on Tue Nov 20, 2012 12:38 pm


Thank you so much for sharing that and I can actually say, I know the feeling you had looking across the fields at the sight, it is a peace that cannot be explained.

Being a truck driver, I see things I had never saw before when it comes to looking beyond just the road in front of me. People think I'm nuts if I say that I got a message from what I saw on a billboard, so most of the time I keep my mouth shut.

I love Scherryl's little quote: When He is your all then all displays Him. It is an awesome thing to get swallowed up in those words when they come alive.

Thanks again for your sharing.

Wisdom is not measured by time, it is measured by understanding

4 Re: What a weekend on Tue Nov 20, 2012 8:21 pm


I'm glad it blessed you guys.

Scherryl, I'm so glad the encounter happened just the way it did. I was upset at first until the drive back. Now I'm so thankful. I was given a mirror to look into, and I didn't like it. And I should say I live a very comfortable life. When I was talking about being wealthy (or the lack thereof) I'm talking about those that live the "good life". I should never complain being a middle class american. We are so blessed. But like you said about "when He is your all", its the same thing. When your focus changes from yourself to Him those shiny things aren't so attractive anymore. Especially given the real choice I had. Which btw I believe that was/is the mark of the beast. Christians, those that dwell on the earth, that choose the outward.

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