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Sandy, The Protector of Men

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1 Sandy, The Protector of Men on Thu Nov 01, 2012 4:04 pm


This 3rd heaven people is indeed at the precipice of receiving authority in a measure that has not been seen by us, and likely not even seen in the church anywhere until now. Hurricane Sandy turns out to be part of that transference of authority or at least a sign..

Now, I know that we are talking about huge and serious impact to people's lives there. I do not want to belittle that in any way. I view the natural disasters from multiple perspectives, one of which is that every detail has a meaning and if we can understand the details from a prophetic standpoint, we can gain insight into how the Lord is guiding the world to its destiny.

I said previously that "Sandy" means protector of men. I look for the result of the aftermath to have a huge impact on current events in such a way that men are protected from some form of evil.

We know that Babylon was a walled city and we also understand prophetically that Mystery Babylon is very much centered in Wall Street, being the financial capital. So let me have a few lines here to share some things that you may or may not be aware of.

As a prophetic type person, I never could understand timing. I prayed about this for years and years. Then one day the Lord answered and showed me that timing manifests itself on biblical cycles and not so much the cycles that I would naturally expect. I use easy numbers like 2, 5, 10, 100, etc... He is inclined to use others like 3, 7, 22, 49, 414, 490, etc... and in this fashion, much of what He does remains hidden to the vast majority of people. They cannot easily discern the timing, so the work of the Lord appears to be more random than intentional. When I started to see the timing, I started to see the hand of God in almost everything.

So this morning's revelation of Sandy comes from a friend in Minnesota. Some of you will recognize the source. I will paraphrase it in my own words here.

The point of impact of these storms is key to acknowledge. It hit between Washington and New York. One being the political capital and the other the financial. We know from our study that the financial powers generally control and manipulate the political through the love of money. The storm's inbound winds were much stronger, and to the north where they impacted New York much more severely. We have been looking for some sort of financial event to come that would manifest the jubilee and free the people from all the illegal debt they have been enslaved in. I believe this could be the signal.

On September 11, 2011, there was a meeting held in Minneapolis that was called Operation Jericho. It culminated several days of prayer, fasting, and warfare in a meeting on the capital steps. People drove around the city's loop and proclaimed the fall of the financial beast. Exactly 414 days later, Sandy arrived at the door of Wall Street. 414 is the number of judgment or correction. Combined with 76, we have the completion of forgiveness. 414 + 76 = 490.... 490 being the number of forgiveness. I have kept a diary and even in my own personal life, I was able to identify these same cycles that we see corporately in the news. 414 = correction 76 = cleansing 490 = forgiveness
If indeed the Lord's cycle of 414 fell on October 29th, we now have 76 days of cleansing to undergo that will lead to forgiveness in the land.

So, 911 is a number of grace. The value of the word "grace" is 911. Just like we see the judgements of God leading to correction, we see the grace of God in all this turmoil, bringing a people out of the system to establish His government of peace.

October 29th appears to be a very prophetic date. I will say more in a minute.

The Operation Jericho rally in Minneapolis culminated exactly ten years after the actual 9/11. We know by revelation that 10 years delay can occur for events similar to the story in Hezekiah where God turned back the clock 10 years. In those types of resets, we see that events that are ordained of God can be delayed, but not avoided. At the rally, these soldiers proclaimed the overthrow of the Babylonian government. Now, 414 days delay to the day and Sandy, the protector of men (mankind), slams into the financial capital with a vengeance. To be clear, 10 years delay (10 means order or judgement) and the proclamation came. Afterwards, 414 days (corruption or correction) and the manifestation occurs.

Perhaps you have seen the running water into the ground zero site yesterday? Again another fulfillment of the prophecy given in Isaiah 30.

v25: And on every lofty mountain and on every high hill there will be streams running with water (the spirit is living water) on the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall.

Acts 3:25 interprets for us the meaning of the word blessing. It means to turn to repentance. When the towers fell, the whole nation is quoted as saying "God bless America". The Lord can be quite clandestine. Whether they knew it or not, they were speaking words of repentance upon this nation that has fallen so far. 911 truly means grace and we should know that God's blessing is upon us. Although difficult to discern at this time, I am confident that the many prophecies of an outpouring of the spirit are about to be fulfilled in an unusual way.

Ok, so now it gets weird.

It is 4067 days from September 11, 2001 to October 29, 2012. This number is precisely (God is always precise) 83 x 49 = 4067

49 is the number of Jubilee. Personally, I have been looking for a Divine jubilee to be manifest very soon. At various times and places, we have proclaimed this Jubilee, that both the church and the powers that be have either missed or refused to execute. With Babylon, it is like a Pharaoh thing in that the system will not let the people go willingly. The battles have been fought and won, and that is why we now see the signs of judgement against the financial network.

So it is interesting that 49 is buried in the timing between 9/11 and the hurricane Sandy. (83 x 49)

Even more interesting is that it is exactly 83 years to the day since the stock market crash occurring on October 28, 29 in 1929. 83 x 49 = 4067 - The jubilee is upon us. The stock market in 1929 crashed 13% on the 28th and another 12% on the 29th. This is no coincidence.

So back to the third heaven people and the Government of God. I do heavily connect the sons of God with the government of God. I also believe that at some point very very soon we will see a transference of wealth and authority to the remnant for the purpose of world wide evangelism, which is really the emergence of the Kingdom of God... King-dom = king's dominion

When Israel fell from grace and the vast hoards of wealth were removed from Jerusalem, we find that even though the people did not have access the wealth was still with them, hidden in vaults in the city of their captivity. When Cyrus (a Christ type) presided over the conquest of Babylon, he took from the stores under the city and gave it to the remnant to rebuild Jerusalem. Isaiah 45 documents this. In the same way, vast wealth has been hoarded and hidden in the great city (Mystery Babylon). Now that judgement is coming against the system, we will see our Cyrus, if you will, taking from the secret places and giving to those (Nehemiah) who have the mandate to build the city (a people) of God. This is in no way a prosperity doctrine, but a pattern that reveals how the work will be done. An outpouring, a stream, a river will flow on every mountain in the Day of Great Slaughter. Perhaps this will be turmoil as so many are predicting. I tend to think about it from a higher plane. Israel failed in this regard when the entered the Promised Land. They put the nation to death with a physical sword. Had they inherited the total promise, the rest of God, the fulfillment of Tabernacles, they would have evangelized the nation with a spiritual sword and conquered them in that manner instead. A great slaughter indeed if we were to have authority to effect the death of Christ in others... the only solution for the problems we face. Christ in you IS the hope of glory. The is the labor of Paul who travailed in child birth until Christ be formed in them.

I believe this coming government of God will wield a spiritual sword. At Sinai, a type of Pentecost, 3000 people died. At the upper room, a fulfillment of Petecost, 3000 people were made alive. As this Kingdom government manifests the 3rd heaven people, many people will be made alive. The Lord told me once, "Yea, a billion souls will be swept into the Kingdom". I am confident that I will witness this with my own eyes. The sword cuts both ways. There is a people who the authority will be given who can fulfill the mandate. This is why we are now seeing events occurring so readily with the Babylonian system. The people are being made ready as we speak.
Hope this encourages you today.

2 Re: Sandy, The Protector of Men on Thu Nov 01, 2012 5:26 pm


One more thing.. 83 is the gematria for:

"The flood"

"The bread"

"Man lives"

"My substance"

"Holy covenant"

is anybody listening?

3 Re: Sandy, The Protector of Men on Tue Nov 06, 2012 12:00 pm


Major documents destroyed by Sandy...

News from 55 water street...Folks this is hugely prophetic....


The system is collapsing...

4 Re: Sandy, The Protector of Men on Tue Nov 06, 2012 4:43 pm


todosan wrote:One more thing.. 83 is the gematria for:

"The flood"

"The bread"

"Man lives"

"My substance"

"Holy covenant"

is anybody listening?

Sure. These attributes are written all over your latest post. It seems that it happens just as it is said it did.

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