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Chapter Ten - Hell bound (Part One)

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1 Chapter Ten - Hell bound (Part One) on Sun Oct 21, 2012 7:49 pm


Um . . . I kinda messed up when I posted chapter nine. Chapter nine is actually chapter ten, and this chapter is actually chapter nine. I'm not sure if that's going to make any difference or not, but just so you know, I accidentally skipped over chapter nine when I pasted it.


Chapter Nine


I remember sitting in the back of the school bus as a youth, arguing with my friend who was also my neighbor about his enjoyment of troubling habits. I informed him that he would be going to hell for those actions. And, being the youths that we were, he didn’t take too kindly to that and his response always would be “I’ll be waiting at the door for you . . .” Which always would end our conversation of “the gospel”. And now, 40 years later, he just recently got out of prison for dealing drugs. I was the only Jesus he knew, back then, and all I did in my attempt to bring him light, was inflict him with doom and gloom.

That’s not much different in how the church views the world today. According to us religious folk, we figure that at least 90 percent of the world’s population will end up in hell. That’s why we take missions so seriously. There are natives in Africa that need to hear this gospel so they can be saved from hell. We see and hear preacher’s work themselves into tears warning the world of its doom if they don’t turn to Jesus.

If I did a test in school that had a hundred questions on it, and I got 90 of them wrong, would you consider this a passing grade? We talk about the power in the blood and there being no one greater than God, yet out of the other side of our mouths, we say that God’s hands are pretty much tied. If you don’t ask him into your heart, you’re doomed to hell. The church has built this warped doctrine of what love is. It was warped in Jesus day, and it’s just as warped, if not more so now. Here’s a little something Jesus had to say about it.

Matthew 23 (Message Translation)
13"I've had it with you! You're hopeless, you religion scholars, you Pharisees! Frauds! Your lives are roadblocks to God's kingdom. You refuse to enter, and won't let anyone else in either.
15"You're hopeless, you religion scholars and Pharisees! Frauds! You go halfway around the world to make a convert, but once you get him you make him into a replica of yourselves, double-damned.

Please note that I’m not against the people, and neither was Jesus. He loved all people. But it was the system that they were choosing to identify with that brought him to this rebuke. The system is flawed. Men have taken a spiritual order, and they’ve tried to establish a doctrine with that order, but instead of letting the spiritual order of God transform us, they blended this spiritual order with natural reasoning and logic. So instead of being transformed, we’ve become transfixed. The understanding now is, so long as you view God from the perspective of the church’s doctrine, then you can be a member.

We’ll have to have you take our classes though, because we can’t rely on the Holy Spirit to bring you into truth, you need our help. And if you don’t accept our standards of what a Christian is, you can go down the street to our competition churches and see if their standards are more to your liking. The religious system is doing the very same thing now that the Pharisees and Sadducees were doing in Jesus day. They are keeping the sheep out of the true kingdom, and they’re too unsure to enter it themselves. And those that they do convert, they conform the person into their belief “system” of God, rather than let God transform the convert Himself.

Those are harsh words perhaps, but we need to wake up and realize that the system is broken, and we’re not the ones that can fix it. So long as the system is broken, its point of views are going to be inaccurate as well. Hell is one of those idols worshiped by the system supporters that needs to come down. These ideals are keeping God’s people in bondage. There’s no freedom in the doctrine of hell. There’s no joy, there’s no peace, there’s no easy yoke here. There is not one characteristic of hell that’s even close to the nature of Jesus.

The message of the church to the world is not about love at all. It’s about “turn or burn”. And it’s that kind of mentality that literally shuts down the Holy Spirit. The musicians are talented, the worship is high energy, and the people are fooled into believing that “this” is how church is supposed to be. But the truth is, the church system is not the solution, it’s become the problem. It doesn’t take too long for the buzz to wear off that the people begin realizing they’re still hungry.

The system is built, sustained and protected by men. It got by in the days of labor, but those days are over. The atmosphere is changing. God’s order is returning as a preparation for his glory to manifest in, and on this earth. It’s not going to come through the religious system, it’s going to come to the homes, to the streets, towns and cities. The more I think about this, the more I now realize that the ungodly people seem to have a better perspective of the nature of God than the religious people do. They were the ones that would always question how could a God of love throw everyone who doesn’t agree with, or accept him into eternal torture? And the answer is, he doesn’t.

I used to respond to that by telling them, God isn’t sending anyone to hell, it’s the people who are making that choice. God has made heaven available to us so that we now have a choice in the first place. But I also had a distorted point of view of God’s love and the existence of hell because of the church’s influence in my own life. But the days of distortion are coming to a close. As we see the end to the days of laboring minds dominating and veiling our understanding, we’re also seeing the dawning of the days of revelational rest.

How is all of this going to happen? It’s going to happen as the people begin seeing that the emphasis of relationship is going to replace the emphasis of religious activity. God’s heart is for the people and it’s the people he’s reaching out to. The church is not the organizational powers of religion. The church is the individual people. Paul relayed this to his followers by telling them the famous phrase “What? Know ye not that “you” are the temple of the Holy Ghost?

He’s not talking about brick and mortar. He’s talking about spiritual abodes, not natural ones. Incidentally, the passage in Thessalonians that speaks to the abomination of desolation standing in the temple . . .the church uses that as a foundational tool to support their religious belief pertaining to the antichrist. The problem is, the Greek word used there for “temple’ is the same exact word that Paul used when revealing the fact that we are the temple. The abomination of desolation standing in the temple is the rebellious carnal nature of man defying the spiritual domain in man.

Because the days of Rest have now come to manifest in the earth, Truth is now being made known to those who are hungry for life beyond religion who are open to accept Truth regardless of whether it lines up with their doctrine or not. Jesus stated that he who hath, much more will be given. He who hath not, what he hath shall be taken from him. That’s a King James way of saying that if we’re open and receptive to his message, there’s so much more ready to be given to us, but if we reject the message, even what we thought we understood is going to be tainted. That’s in Mark 4:24, 25.

Because the emphasis is going to be turning away from attending a church, this is going to allow people to be able to follow the direction of the spirit freely. But until then, there is going to be a falling away from the religious system and the leaders of that system are going to use their pulpits and platforms as a means to denounce what is happening. People who are still under the control of the church will be influenced to reject the message of rest because it’s in such contrast with that of religion.

Religion says if you don’t accept Jesus, you’re going to hell. Rest says that price was already paid at the cross for the entire world. Religion says you get out what you put in. Rest says that your works have nothing to do with your status with God. Religion says you must have a covering over you. Rest says you already have a covering “in” you. This could go on all day. Jesus already started this when he first came on the scene by teaching “tradition says an eye for an eye . . .but “I” say turn the other cheek.”

He has a lot of those. His principles are the opposite of traditional thinking. But there’s an invisible bond between the church and it’s people that makes it very difficult to experience any personal freedom. And that bond is what has created the bondage so many find themselves in today. And it’s that bondage that is coming to an end because the day of Rest has come. And as I said, the church is actually going to try to kill it. But you can’t kill eternal life, you can only kill religious life.

There are people leaving the church in droves for two reasons. One, they realize the church they attend isn’t feeding them, it’s abusing them. Ministry has drained them. People have scarred them. The talent on the stage can no longer keep them coming. If you don’t have talent in your church, you don’t have people. What keeps churches active is the talent in the ministries they provide. There is a void in them that their church isn’t reaching and filling anymore. There’s nothing wrong with having talent. But when you use it for the purpose of a broken system, the talent is only supporting the system.

The purpose of individual talent, is to multiply the nature of the Father in others. How many times have you found yourself in church where all eyes are on a stage as an individual is exercising their talent usually in song, and at the end, everyone claps and nods their approval and essentially, the person becomes known for their talent. But you take that same talent and someone goes outside the church with it, the person cuts a cd, goes on the radio, gets all kinds of attention and money, how does the church view that? Because the person didn’t sing songs about Jesus, they consider it a wasted talent.

Does not Scripture state that “all” good things come from above? It’s yet another set of boundaries that we’re advised to conform to. We’re not to listen to country music, rock and roll music, there are also churches that look down on Christians singing Christian songs that have a worldly beat or sound to them. See how much of a distortion to the Truth we embrace?

Even Jesus stated that the greatest darkness is the kind of darkness that people are convinced to be light. How can you mistake light for darkness? Easy. You let your mind do the deciphering rather than the spirit within us. When Scripture reveals that God’s thoughts are not my thoughts and his ways are higher than my ways, it’s not that God thinks a little differently, it’s that his reasoning is the complete opposite of our logic. If we don’t have it backwards, we have it upside down. “All” good things come from above, not just all good things exercised in church.

The second reason people are leaving the church is because the people can’t live under the standards the church has with its rules and regulations. The people know that they’re not fit for the kingdom and in hopelessness, they just give up and leave. All the while, thinking that they’re leaving God. But they’re not. I don’t blame them one bit. They’re not leaving God, they’re leaving the church’s “image” of God. They don’t realize it, but by leaving the church, they are enabling God to reach them now. They are still the church, they just can’t see it due to the veil the religious church has birthed in their minds.

If I told my wife that I loved her with all my heart, but if she didn’t accept that love I have for her, then I was going to beat her to a pulp. Just how long do you think our relationship would last? That’s what the church has tried to get the world to swallow. That God is love, and as love, he gave his only son to die and take our sins away. But if we reject Jesus, then to hell with us forever. It’s time we let God remove the veil of hell from our eyes

So, “if” hell isn’t dealing with eternal torment, then what is it “really”? There is another book out called “Hope Beyond Hell” that is a profound book, very well explained and it breaks down every barrier the church has built up to support the doctrine. . I’m not going to go into great details in this book, so if you need further information, I recommend picking this book up.

This book is more evidence of the proclamation that God is going to take these idols the church system worships, and like he did with Egypt, he’s going to let the very thing they worship, be the same thing that consumes them. The whole purpose here, is to free his people from their bondages so they can be led by the one who’s drawn them out. ( the definition for “Moses” means “to draw out), and in order to be free from bondage of any kind, the first step is identifying what or who it is that has you in bondage in the first place. In this case, the church does hold it’s members in bondage, but the problem isn’t the church, the problem is the carnal minds that have turned the church into the emotional prison that it’s become.

There are several different words originally used, that the translators of scripture chose to call hell. There is hades, sheol, and Gehenna. In addition, Peter refers to angels being bound in “prison” which again the translators took as hell as well. Then we come along, pick up our Bibles and all we see is that it’s all hell and through the eyes of the translators, we come to our conclusions based on that they’ve defined. The only problem is, translators have doctrines to. And the words used to define words of another culture and language can easily be misconstrued and even purposely redirected in order to have scripture fit their own personal belief system.

What Is the Kingdom of God?
There are many words in scripture that have a completely different meaning in the original language than what the translators chose to use. And it does the same thing religion does, it causes us to miss the kingdom of God. For me, the kingdom is not heaven, it’s heavenly principles and patterns. It’s the same as the kingdom of God it’s more about spiritual truths rather than a spiritual domain. Another way to put it is, the kingdom of heaven is the governing principles of the realm of the spirit.

Jesus spent a good portion of his ministry building a foundation of relaying what the kingdom of God was like. That’s where all the parables were derived from. They come from using natural means to explain spiritual truths. It’s Romans 1:20 all over again. Don’t misunderstand what I just said. It’s not using natural reasoning, it’s using natural things as signs pointing to spiritual principles and truths. God uses natural things in our realm, to reveal spiritual truths in his realm. In the natural realm, everything around us is full of signs pointing to the spiritual truths in the heavenly realm. But it’s all spiritual revelation, not mental contemplation.

If I’m reading a sign that is telling me my destination is so many miles away, or that it’s telling me I have a turn coming up, any sign I see means that I’m not at my final destination. The Bible itself is not our final destination. It’s a book of signs that lead us, and guide to in our way of life that allows us to mature in this life and reproduce his nature in this life. The church has taught that it’s all about not going to hell in the end. But the reason they do that is because their take on hell is twisted and contorted from the bending of the imaginations of men.

Hades and sheol mean the same thing. It is simply saying it’s the place of the dead. Ecclesiastes states that when a man dies, flesh returns to the dust from which it came, and his spirit returns to God who sent it. The place of the dead is not the hell we’ve been taught it to be. It’s just, death in general. That’s all it is. Going to shoel is like saying someone died. Their dead. Their breath left them. A grave yard could be considered as Shoel. It’s a place for the physically dead bodies. Again, same with hades. The only difference there is, one is Greek, the other is Hebrew.

Perhaps we could say it’s a realm in and of itself. The realm of the dead. There is the realm of the living, which is spirit, the realm of the flesh, which is this natural existence we call earth, and the realm of the dead which is neither heaven or earth. But it’s not a realm of torment and damnation.

Now, Gehenna is a little different in that it’s an actual place just outside of Jerusalem. It’s their city dump. It’s a place where their garbage and refuse is dumped and they burn it down to keep it under control. It’s their way of controlling disease in the cities. They have a burning dump to control the piling garbage. We do the same thing, the only difference with us is, we bury most everything, and they burned it. But this place called Gehenna is the same place where in the Old Testament, people would sacrifice their children. It was called the valley of Hinnom. Even more interesting is, if you go back further, in Joshua it says that this place used to be inhabited by giants. The offspring of those who were fornicating with spirit beings of Genesis 6. Jesus knew all of that when he referred to it. It was just a garbage dump in Jesus day, but it had a reputation of being a much more evil place in earlier days.

It all stems from the blending of spirit and flesh. But in Jesus’ day, it was called Gehenna. Which now, the fires continued, but instead of burning their children as sacrifices, they burned garbage. And that’s the place Jesus was referring to when he spoke about it being better to be in the kingdom with one arm, than to be thrown into the refuse with two. The point was not about eternal damnation.

It’s about the fact that if you want to enter into the kingdom of God, this place of revelation through relationship and Rest over religion, if you want to have intimacy with the Father, there are some parts of us that we need to let go of. I’d rather see more spiritual truth with one eye, than a religious person can see with two. I can be used in more things in the kingdom with one arm, than a religious person can be used with two.

It’s about the stubborn nature of the carnal mind. It’s not about eternal torment at all. Remember, you’re dealing with God who “is” love. Love does not use torment as leverage to have its will achieved. Yet the church does by propagating it’s doctrine of hell to the world. And, the world may leave the church, but the doctrine goes with them. They may have left the organization, but the seed of death has already been planted in them and all it births is guilt, shame and hopelessness. All going to church does after that is magnify the darkness in them, so the easy answer is, stop going to church. That doesn’t remove the stain of the seed in them, but at least the guilt and shame isn’t so unbearable.

Lets get down to the crux of this right here. If you truly love someone, your spouse, your parents, your kids, whatever the relationship is, if you love them so much it makes you blind, and you saw they were lacking in an area and you had the wherewithal to remedy the problem. Especially, if it was a life or death situation, what do you think this overwhelming love in you that you have for them would cause you to do? Would it cause you to threaten them with death if they don’t change their ways? Or would you take it upon yourself to give them what they lack in order for them to be protected from the life-threatening experience?

I’m pretty sure we’d just take it upon ourselves to solve the problem in front of them so there wouldn’t even be the threat of any harm coming on them. Jesus spoke about this when he was explaining to them the same thing. He speaks of the good gifts of evil men that they give to those they love, how much more does the Father give

Matthew 7:11
If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?

Knowing that Jesus loves you, and gave his life for you, why does the church still want to believe that Jesus went through all of that pain, anguish and suffering, “just” to give us the “option” of going to heaven? Let’s take this a step further and ask ourselves, do we really want to have that kind of ability to make an eternal decision with not just a mind of vast limitations, but with a mind that is to be at enmity against God? The more I think about this, the more bewildered I become at how I never questioned this before now.

John the Baptist doesn’t say “Behold, the Lamb of God who will wipe your sins away if you accept him in your heart . . .” In this limited mind I have, making an eternal decision like that is not left up to me. I don’t have all the facts. Paul even said that he didn’t have a complete, clear picture of spiritual reality. “I see through the glass darkly”. So, in that little window of understanding that we have, do you really think God, who gave his Son in death, would give man the responsibility to make an eternal decision such as that?

Another step, answer this if you can, what was it that you “did” that caused you to be a sinner? Was there one specific act that was the defining moment in your vapor of a life on this earth that determined your final destination to be eternal damnation? There is a phrase that is a real thinker. It goes something like, “you’re not a sinner because you sin, you sin because you’re a sinner.” In other words, I do what I do because that’s what I was born into doing.

And that’s the key. You didn’t “do” anything to be a sinner. You were “born” into it. It was out of your control. You had no input on it whatsoever. We’re not sinners by choice. We’re sinner’s by birth not by choice, nor by actions. This is extremely important to receive because it is here where the fork in the road lies. If you choose that sin comes by what you do, you’re entire belief system will reflect that and worse, it will keep you veiled from experiencing the freedom in Truth.

However if you choose to accept that becoming a sinner was out of your control, then you can also accept that redemption is just as much out of your control as becoming a sinner was. When Jesus came as the ultimate sacrifice, he didn’t die for men specifically, he died for “man”. And in the process of dying for man, all men are now redeemed. What’s the difference between men and man? Man is carnality. Men are the offspring of God. When Scripture refers to the old man, what is it it’s referring to if not the carnal man in men? Carnality is the spiritual cancer that the cross dealt with directly.

Carnality became dominant as a result of the first man’s choice to step out of the original alignment that God established in him. Carnality and misalignment are one and the same. And it manifests in the mind of men. What Christ did on the cross was not remove carnality, it still exists and continues to flourish. But what Christ did on the cross was, he realignment the soul of man with the spirit of God in man. In doing so, that didn’t remove carnality, it removed it’s dominance. Now, the only way carnality can exercise it’s power, is if man chooses to give his God-given authority back over to it.

And even if he does, it still doesn’t affect the final destination. Do you realize, that when Jesus says a man must be born again, it’s not so the man can go to heaven. Nor is it to spare the man from going to hell. That’s all dramatization from within the traditional thinking churches who walk according to their reasoning and logic. That’s not what Jesus said. Here, read it for yourself.

John 3
1There was a man of the Pharisees, named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews:
2The same came to Jesus by night, and said unto him, Rabbi, we know that thou art a teacher come from God: for no man can do these miracles that thou doest, except God be with him.
3Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

Did you catch that? Except a man be born again, he’ll never go to heaven? No, that’s not what the spirit is saying. He’ll go to hell? No, hell isn’t even implied here. So what does the experience of being born again do? It enables you to see the kingdom of God. What is the kingdom of God? It’s the governing principles and pattern that operate in the spiritual realm. Without a spiritual experience of being “reborn” everything else is merely religious activity. And that’s why the church has become the divided boundary-line-making, wall-constructing organization that it’s become.

Just for the fun of it, let’s take a couple more verses from that same context.

John 3
4Nicodemus saith unto him, How can a man be born when he is old? can he enter the second time into his mother's womb, and be born?
5Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.
6That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.
7Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again.
8The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.
9Nicodemus answered and said unto him, How can these things be?
10Jesus answered and said unto him, Art thou a master of Israel, and knowest not these things?

Being born of water and spirit.
There is so much talk in the church about the “second death” as well. There is another passage that states that all men are commissioned to die once. And we’ve all been fed the belief that this is all dealing with natural dying. To be born twice means you have to die once already. What is it that’s dying? Your literal and physical body? No. It’s your carnal nature. That has to die before you, before your mind, can see the dimensions of the spirit manifest in your life.

Does this then mean that I have to live a perfect life with no faults and no mistakes? No bad choices? No catering to my fleshly desires under any circumstances? Religion would have you believe that, but no, that’s what the cross was for. Or haven’t you experienced the same grace that Paul found when trying to have God remove the thorns from his side?

In him we live, and move, and have our, (wait for it) BEING. Our physical bodies are governed by this natural realm. This is not to justify being rebellious or promiscuous, it’s to allow you to come into the freedom of the kingdom and still have your own personality intact. Pursuing Christ does just that. You’re allowed to be human and still have the authority to manifest the power of God at the same time.

Verse eight really speaks volumes to me. Look at the nature of God there. He is like the wind, you can’t predict from where it comes, nor can you guess where it goes. You can’t contain it, you can’t change it’s direction. The church quotes that with ease. But the keys to unlocking you from your bondage comes in the next breath of that same verse. “SO IS EVERYONE THAT IS BORN OF THE SPIRIT”. Does that sound like forming religious systems is God’s intention to you? Creating boundaries, drawing lines that are not to be crossed?

The last part of this passage is also quite telling. Nicodemus, even though he was acknowledging that there was something extraordinary with Jesus, he was still using the tools of reasoning that he was equipped with by the religious system. As a result, he wrestled greatly with the principles Jesus was really handing to him on a platter.

Nicodemus is the epitome of what the religious system does to men. It cripples us. We can’t enter into kingdom domains or even walk on our own so we sit at the gate of the kingdom and beg for others to throw us a bone. I’m here to tell you that you are not a cripple. You have the same spirit in you to rise up, enter into the kingdom and see these treasures of liberation that I have in me. There just needs to be a Patmos experience in you. Patmos is where John received the revelation of Jesus. It’s a god-forsaken island which literally means “place of my killing”. We all have to experience the death of our “selves” in order for the revelation of Jesus to come to us as well.

The church has convinced you that you’re born again. If you were, then this book would not be necessary. I lived in church all my life and I had religious experience after religious experience throughout all those years. I went to the altar countless times, was water baptized several times. I even experienced the phenomenon of speaking in tongues at a considerably early age. But my relationship with the Father was a yo-yo the entire time. It was all based on my ability to perform. And the times I couldn’t or didn’t perform my Christian duties, I was miserable, rebellious, indignant, shameful and sorry all at the same time.

There actually is a day I can look back at and see a drastic contrast in my life because of a very deep religious experience. It changed my direction and my identity. That salvation experience didn’t come until I was in my late 30’s. And even then, I wasn’t born into the freedom of the spirit then either, I was just born into a religious system’s image of Jesus. And through the grace and mercy of God, that experience did indeed lead me to the kingdom, but before I could embrace the kingdom of God, I had to let go of the system that brought me there.

Being born again is not saying the magic words to let Jesus in your heart, it’s not walking down an isle in front of strangers, friends and family confessing your sins and inviting Jesus in. He’s already in your heart. Being born again is dying to your carnal nature, and you can’t even do that unless he’s already in you working both to will and to do his good pleasure. Instead of letting Jesus in, you’re actually letting him out. We’ve got it all backwards.

See, when you deal with hell and the doctrines of hell, there is so much that’s also connected. Because if you take hell out of the picture, what’s that leave you? That’s the church’s greatest leverage. Every religious sales pitch about heaven has to include hell in it. Otherwise they believe that they’ll never keep their audiences attention. Oh, really? You don’t think love is strong enough to keep man’s attention?

Have you noticed I don’t quote a whole lot of scripture? It’s not that it’s not in there. But I want you to hear the sound in you resonating truth to your spirit as you read these words. scripture for me is not just words on a page as proof for your mind Because first, scripture is not the final say. It’s a book of signs pointing to the One who “is” the final say, but it, in and of itself is merely a book. Perhaps that’s yet another idol in the system. The “Holy” Bible.

Proof VS Faith
The Bible is not the final say in you and it’s not intended to be used as proof. God want’s your relationship with him to be built on faith, not proof. Law is based on proof. Life, light and freedom is based on faith. Faith births understanding, which in turn is your personal proof, but we call that “experience”. Looking to scripture to “prove” what the spirit is trying to say is like saying God needs a second opinion before his Word will be taken seriously. I was freed from the control of the literal Word of God when I found that it’s truly written in my spirit. What I do find is, scripture “affirms” what the Holy Spirit reveals in me. I don’t go looking for the passage to affirm, I simply accept the unseen that births within, and then the spirit will lead me across the passage that confirms the birth.

I’m not always going to go to the written word to justify what I’m seeing. I don’t doubt a bit that the Word is there, but I’ve seen to many times when the mind reverts back to its old habits of laboring to find conclusions dealing with spiritual matters, and it just can’t stay accurate when left up to its own logic and reasoning. And once it’s in the mind, it gives us reason to spar with another. I don’t want to spar anymore. All it does is leave nicks and scars on people.

So I chose to live in the sound of the Word and when I read scripture, I’m not looking for proof to justify the sound, I’m just following the sound as it resonates in the passages. And what I find is, the resonation is not coming from the surface of the Bible, it’s coming from beneath the pages. From beneath the story, from beneath the moral value. Under all of that is where the gold of truth is hidden. It’s not hidden from us, it’s hidden “for” us.

So when God does reveal to me that hell isn’t what men teach it to be, I’ll take the new principle he reveals, go back to the stories in scripture, not looking for proof, but letting the Word solidify the truth by overlaying the pattern. That’s all scripture is, it’s a book of three things. It’s a book of patterns, signs and timetables. I’ve already elaborated on one time table in that we have crossed from the 6th day and into the 7th.

Revisiting the Math of the Sabbath
Oh, by the way, there may be some that argue with the math on that, and there is one other thing I’d like to lay on the table about it. Jesus stated “tear this temple down and in three days I will rebuild it.” Because of their religious bondage, the Pharisees had no idea what he was talking about. They thought he was talking about the literal buildings around them. They argued that it took decades to build those buildings and he was going to rebuild it in three days?

Now, if you’d just take that mindset and overlay it in the church, you’ll see that the majority of our sermons and lessons do the very same thing. We take the scriptures and preach the literal meaning of them, rather than the spiritual truth that’s “in” them. That’s why we’re messed up with hell and satan and the devil and the rapture and many other traditional doctrines the church identifies itself with. We may claim we’re not the Pharisees at all, but the proof is in the pudding.

All of the sacred cows in the church that I’m addressing here are a result of men trying to interpret a spiritual truth with a literal meaning. It just doesn’t fit. It either doesn’t fit the nature of Christ, such as the purpose of hell. Or, it doesn’t fit the pattern of God, such as the rapture theory. The Pharisees did it then, and we do it today in the same manner. I believe that’s why many of these stories are written, is for us to see a reflection of how we fall back into the old system that Jesus tore down. Our carnality goes back and takes bits and pieces of it and sneaks it back in the church again. It’s been going on for generations.

So, what “was” Jesus referring to there? As John says, Jesus was referring to his body as the temple being rebuilt. But it goes even deeper. Remember, a day is as a thousand years. This is directly connected with what we talked about in dealing with the Sabbath year, going from 6,000 years of laboring mindsets. To a thousand years of rest, the Seventh Day is Christ, Revelation calls it the thousand years that we will reign with Christ. And then here he says in three days he’ll rebuild his temple. He tells Peter the foundation of this church he’s building is the revelation of God himself to man. That’s the foundation he set 2,000 years ago.

It’s been two days since he prophesied the rebuilding of his temple. This day we’re in is the beginning of the third day. The message is one of resurrection, not death and burial. But to profess that resurrection message, we first must lay aside the death and burial message. To profess the dimensions of God being all about spiritual revelation, we must first lay down our platforms that we’ve built based on works-based thinking.

So if you disagree with the seven day approach I shared, I think it’s going to be extremely difficult to dismiss this third day picture. And quite frankly, it doesn’t matter what people “believe” because its been prophesied by Christ himself and to my knowledge, everything he prays for does come to pass. Are you still thinking God needs to use hell as leverage? Are you still thinking his love isn’t “that” strong to draw ALL MEN unto him? Jesus has been lifted up, 2,000 years ago. It’s not just for an elite group. He died for everyone.

So, if I’m saying hell isn’t for people living in torment for eternity, then what is it? What’s the spiritual picture of hell? What about the lake of fire? In Revelation, hell is thrown into the lake of fire, what about that? Here’s how I did this when my theology of God came crashing down. I heard the sound of truth that broke my foundations, and when I let them go and embraced the sound, I went back to the roots in scripture and reevaluated my conclusions. I went to the end and worked my way back. The end says, God does not destroy men, he destroys “man” in men.

If that’s the case, then hell isn’t destroying men either. Is there a hell at all? Yes, I do believe there is. I believe it’s in our every day lives. Life on this earth is hell. There’s no getting around it. Tribulation is hell. Jesus said “IN THIS WORLD you will have trials and tribulation, BUT be of good cheer, I have overcome the world. So, the message is not focused on hell. Hell exists, but that’s because of the realm in which we live. The gospel message is that Christ has overcome the world.

While I’m at it, do you know the Lord’s prayer? Technically it’s not the Lord’s prayer at all. It’s a prayer he taught us to pray. So it should be “man’s prayer”. But that’s just me. At any rate, if hell is everything the church has blown it up to be, then why wasn’t it included somewhere in that prayer. “And save us from going to hell . . .” You’re not going to find it because it’s not there. The doctrine of hell as we’ve known it, is a doctrine on death and darkness. Yet 1 John tells me there’s no darkness in God at all, only light.

So tell me, how can you walk away with a doctrine of death and darkness from a God who is only Light? I’ll tell you how, because it didn’t come from God at all. It came from the laboring minds of men. My carnal mind is where the darkness is. The doctrine of hell isn’t illuminating and resonating the Light of God, it’s reflecting darkness.

Hell is the machine we experience that makes us strong in him. Sound crazy? Good. If your mind can’t find the logic, that’s a clue that you’re on the right path. Because God’s ways are the opposite of man’s logic. When you become illogical, then you just went dimensional. Go God!! It’s the trials and tribulations that build in us character and maturity. So everyone is going to experience hell in one fashion or another.

That’s why I believe Paul spoke on this several times and his conclusion was, now that he realized the purpose for the trials and tribulations, he celebrated in them. That’s why he could sing in prison at midnight. No bars could contain the life in him. No man could kill him or his message. You think the gospel exploded back on the day of Pentecost? We haven’t seen anything yet, just wait until the entire atmosphere has completed it’s preparations for the ushering in the day of Rest to the world around us.

2 Chapter Ten (part 2) on Sun Oct 21, 2012 7:49 pm



The Fire Cometh
There’s a reason why fire and brimstone often accompanies hell. But it’s not what you think. Let me put it this way. Take your doctrine of hell and turn it upside down. To you, who is the ruler of hell? satan, right? Well, I’ve already introduced the idea that satan isn’t an evil spiritual being, it’s your carnal thinking mind. So, we’ve shot that one down, what is the opposite of hell? That’d be heaven, yes? So am I saying hell is heaven? Not quite, I’m saying the fire that accompanies hell, is God. Hell is the fire in due process removing carnality from our lives.

Take a breath. I know, you want to throw the book down and forget you ever read it, but after you get over that emotion, keep reading. When God appears in the Bible, what form does he usually appear in? Even with Moses, the first appearance was with a bush on fire. Mount Sinai became a mountain of fire. It was a pillar of fire that led Israel through their wilderness. The New Testament describes him as a consuming fire.

Fire was all through the tabernacle of Moses. Fire at the altar of sacrifice, fire in the candlestick, fire in the alter of incense. They were led in the wilderness by a pillar of fire in the night and a cloud during the day. Ever wonder why the fire would transform to a cloud and then back to a fire again? Another book for another time perhaps. Ezekiel saw, and experienced the purpose of this fire. The coals were taken from the fire and they were applied to his lips. To destroy him? No, to purge, cleanse and purify him. Remember, in God there is no darkness. We’re even to be baptized in fire. So when the conclusions end with doom and gloom scenarios, that is direct evidence that the conclusion came from the mind of man and not from God.

Did God not destroy men in the bible? What of all the wars and fighting and bloodshed, didn’t that really happen? Many people struggle with the concept of, how can a God we just described as Love and Light be doing all this killing. That’s not the characteristics of a good God and if you try to explain that God used that as an example for us, they’d argue back and say, well is that really fair, what if you were one of those people, man woman and child were brutally killed?

First off, it’s very difficult to try to explain something to an argumentative mind. They’re not looking for answers as much as they are looking for an entry where they can vent their point of view. It brings us back to defending Scripture. It’s not our place to defend what we see, we simply share what we’re seeing from the position of relationship we’re in.

Now, having said that, the argument does have it’s merits. Perhaps our premise is an inaccurate approach to begin with though? We measure God’s love according to bloodshed. The less people die, the more love of God we believe exists. We view physical death as the ultimate judgment. Death is evil, it’s bad, it’s dark. But what if it’s not? What if death is simply a transition from one realm to another? Essentially, that’s really all it is anyway.

Does this justify suicides? Of course not. Life is a delicate and precious gift and every man who has been given this life, has also been given a great inward desire to protect and keep this life sustained as long as we possibly can. But carnal minds begat evil thoughts and actions. When you leave the mind up to it’s own devices, it will eventually destroy it’s host. It has no emotion or desire to sustain or protect even life itself. Jesus stated that without him we are nothing. He is the only power that sustains life in us in the first place.

So, how does that answer why God brings death and bloodshed? For me, the things recorded in scripture depict the love relationship between God and man. How can God bring death to that which he loves? Again, death is merely a separation of spirit and body. God used enemies of his chosen nation, to cleanse his chosen nation from their own carnality. We view death as a terrible thing, which is why so many can manipulate so many others by threatening death. God isn’t governed by that type of logic.

Death comes due to the fallen nature of man, not to the hard-line expectations of God. We’re dwelling to much on the natural again. It’s not about men dying, it’s about man living. The more life we give to carnal man, the more men that die. We’ve been given the power to bring carnal man down. When the carnal man is dead, natural men will stop dying as a result.

Back to the original point in how we should take the Word and apply it now. Just because men were killed then, in the Old Testament, doesn’t mean God kills today. Men did die, but the Old Testament was the only form of government they had. It was not a government of grace, it was a government of law. And all law can accomplish is death. All it did was separate the godly from ungodly. It wasn’t until Christ came that all things were redeemed and restored. So now, those events and people from the days of old are used as examples and principles for us to take and apply “inward”. They are the clay pots God chose to use for refuse to show as an example, the work he does in every man.

There are armies of adversaries within us that have occupied land and fields in us that God has already given us authority to rule over. Scripture says we’re a city on a hill! But because we’ve always put the blame on a devil, that doesn’t exist like we were taught, we’ve never taken the initiative to free our land, our identity, our personalities, our thoughts, our doctrines and philosophies, we’ve not applied the purging fire to any of it.

Instead, we’ve done just the opposite. We’ve adopted doctrines that teach fire is destructive and you don’t ever want to go there. The end result is, our carnal minds have sold us a lie in order to keep us in a bondage we didn’t even know was there. So, because we live by our knowledge rather than the Spirit, we are consumed by our own imaginations.

The liberating truth is, fire is necessary for every one of us to experience in order for the cleansing to take place within us. That, again, is why Paul says he rejoices in the tribulation. Those three boys in Daniel that were thrown into the fire, that is hell seven times over. And what did it do to them? All it accomplished was, it burned the ropes from them that had them bound. People may have died in the Old Testament, but it was to allow life to come to those still living. If there was no death, then the disease of darkness would never be curtailed. The lake of fire is not for our destruction, it’s for our purification, cleansing and freedom to live, and to move, and to have our being in the kingdom of God.

The lake of fire is the same as the Sabbath Day in that the Sabbath is not a measure of time, but instead it’s the person of Christ. So the lake of fire is not an invisible domain where there is screaming and gnashing of teeth where people are tormented for ever and ever. The lake of fire is, as far as I’m concerned, God himself. The purpose of the lake is to remove and yes, destroy, the carnality in men.

Now, “that” is the end of the truth. It’s complete and it’s glorious. It’s a principle that my mind did not conjure up. It doesn’t emit death, doom and gloom. In fact, it’s celebratory in nature. You want to be like God? Great! But you have to go through the fire because there’s carnality in you that is not in God. And God has made provisions to deal with that carnality. And as it surfaces, let it go. As we hit each of these idols in our religious system, let them go so that God can become intimate in you, and reproduce his nature through you.

Okay, I’ve dealt with satan, I’ve dealt with hell, now let’s take a quick look at the devil. Remember, “satan” means “adversary”. That’s the literal word actually used in scripture. The translators were the ones that deemed it to be read as satan. As satan means adversary, the word “devil” literally means “traducer”. To traduce means to malign, to betray, to violate.

Natural “Being” Versus Natural “doing”
For me, satan is what your mind “is”. It’s an adversary against God. But the devil is what your mind “does”. Again, scripture in its original text never used the words satan or devil. The translators put them in there. But if you switch those words out with the words of their definition, it sheds a whole other light into the meaning of things over all.

I know this is a lot to chew on, but you’re the one who bought the book. All the Bible is really, is the redemptive story between the first Adam who became bound in carnality, which brought death to his relationship with the Father. And the last Adam, willingly entered into carnality to bring redemption of the first Adam back to the Father. Every story has that same plot, its just using different characters.

In one context, the plot sees our mind to be satan, an adversary against the purpose of God. In another context, the plot sees our mind as a devil, it’s always trying to undermine the will of the Father, and it does it so secretly we don’t even realize what we’re doing. But the truth is, your days of slavery to your deceiving mind are over. God is bringing plagues of freedom into your carnal religious system. Are you going to free his spirit within you? Or are you going to choose to keep it bound in the traditional boundaries of men?

I promise you, if you are truly hungry for the Lord to free you from things you see and can’t see, He’ll do just that in you. And if you’re in a position in the religious system, you’ll probably have some decisions to make. It could be that you’re to remain there as a porthole God is planning to use to shine his truth into the surroundings of your religious system. Or it could be that he wants you out before you choke to death on the dust. Either way, if you have a desire to be changed, then change is inevitable.

“Seeing” scripture Versus “Reading” scripture
As I mentioned before, every story in scripture has a spiritual meaning. The story is just packed full of symbols that are keys which lead to the unlocking of the precious truth that awaits us. I mentioned the fact that things come in threes, just like it was with the death, burial and resurrection. The last being the greatest in that resurrection is greater than death and burial. It’s great that Jesus died, but it’s greater than he rose again. It’s great that our carnal nature dies, but it’s greater than he resurrects his nature in us.

In that place of resurrection, the Bible takes on a whole other meaning. Revelation can not be taught. The closest I come to it is sharing the keys that unlock understanding. Your own personal relationship with the Father is the only thing that will bring the birthing of understanding “in” you. Otherwise, this is all just knowledge. But like Peter, there are many out there that “are” maturing in the things of God that need to have the word come over them and enlighten them to the fact that the things they’re now seeing in Scripture are not false teaching at all. But instead, God is revealing the nature of Jesus in them through the very same verses they thought they knew and understood all these years.

It’s really no different than a natural child. They require certain things in their life at the time they’re a child that will mature them into their adolescence. And when they reach another age, the things they held on to earlier they grow out of. Well, it’s the exact same thing spiritually. Just because you memorized scriptures in your youth doesn’t mean you need to as you mature. And you may find yourself nodding in agreement as you read this, but not so fast. I always have a bomb to drop in the end.

The Bible you embraced as you were younger in the Lord isn’t as necessary in the same way now for you as it was then. I’m trying to take this slow because I know this sounds like I’m discrediting the Bible, but that’s not the case at all. Its all dimensional. Infancy embraces simplicity in scripture reading. You just read the stories at face value. But as you get older in your walk, you learn many of the moral values that come out of those stories. And those moral values are a great thing.

They do much to bring you to adulthood. But once you reach adulthood, you need not adhere to the morals so much. I’m not saying that you can now be immoral. I’m saying that as you mature, you find there’s much more beneath the moral truths than just knowing of the ministry gifts, laying on of hands, emphasizing the baptisms and so forth. Have you read Hebrews 6 yet? I know we touched on it earlier, but we’re going to hit on it again.

Hebrews 5
13For every one that useth milk is unskillful in the word of righteousness: for he is a babe. 14But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.

This is one of several passages where I give cause to scratch my head in wonderment as to why the translators chose to divide the chapters “here”. The author was clearly in the middle of a thought, and yet they chose to put a chapter division here in the middle of it.

Milk is for spiritual infants. It doesn’t take a lot of digging or chewing. It is what it is. It’s simple. It’s literal. It’s great for those whose maturity is just beginning. But it’s also supposed to be a preparation for maturing into deeper things. The word of righteousness is revelational. It’s not knowledge learned or earned. It’s the love language of intimacy. So, what are the elementary things of God we’re to wean ourselves from?

Hebrews 6
1Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection; not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith toward God, 2Of the doctrine of baptisms, and of laying on of hands, and of resurrection of the dead, and of eternal judgment. 3And this will we do, if God permit.

Leaving the doctrine of Christ? Seriously? Can you imagine going to the pastor of your church and telling him, that you want to let go of pursuing the salvation classes, the things that got you where you are in the first place? Doesn’t that sound so illogical? Have you ever heard a pastor tell his congregation that the direction he feels God wants him to go is away from the principles of the doctrine of Christ??

This reminds me of what I explained earlier about another Peter moment with the rebuke of Jesus and the command to put “away” his sword. The Word of God is a living word. But that isn’t talking about “just” the Bible. The Bible is included in that, but it’s not the Word in totality. And how we read it makes all the difference in the world. If we are influenced by judgment and destruction, we’re going to read the Bible in that same light. But when we walk in light and life, the Bible then will have a completely different meaning to us.

Because this is such an important key to how we’re to read scripture, I want to go over this again for you. Not everything is grasped the first time around. The first dimension is the infancy stage of our relationship with the Father. It’s the elementary level of understanding, taking everything literally. But as we grow, so grows the word in us so that reading it literally soon gives way to applying it morally. scripture is inspired by the Word of God, and it will also reflect the current state of maturity in the one reading it. Just because the Bible says something, doesn’t make it something to build your walls around, your doctrine on or your foundation on.

That may sound a bit argumentative, but keep it in the context with what I’m saying here. scripture will grow “with” you as you mature in your relationship with the Father. What you may see to be a truth in your infancy, will change in your maturity. Do you see elderly people still running around their house with plastic swords and shields as they play war games with each other? No. Why? Because they’re not physically capable of doing so? Possibly, but I believe it also has to do with their maturity level. If they were physically capable and you decided you’d drop in for a visit, only to find them dressed to the hilt in battle armor, you’d think perhaps it’s time to check out their mental status.

The spiritual has the same principles. Those who walk in the maturity of their faith see Ephesians 6 in a whole new light in the sense that I no longer feel it is my place to dress myself every day in the armor of God. Why? Because I’m not that warrior that must always fight for, or defend the truth that is in me. I don’t need to defend it to anyone.

I don’t need to fight within myself over the principles. I’ve come to recognize the sound of His voice over the noise of men and religion. And, most importantly for me, I’ve come into the understanding that my days have come to where my weapons have been transformed into plowshares.

Trading Sparring for Planting
I still use the Word, but not for warfare, I use it now, for planting. The things I share are spiritual seeds and when I approach people’s fields, their personalities, their reception of the seed, their approachability, makes all the difference in the world as to how deep the seeds can go into their nature. But I don’t force the seed. If the seed carrier forces the seed into the field against the landowners will, in one sense, it’s trespassing. But in a greater sense, remember, your mind is the womb in which this seed is planted. So, your mind is also the field.

But if someone comes to you forcefully and aggressively plants their seed in you whether you agree, accept or are open to it or not, it’s called rape. Often times, pulpit preachers will do this to their congregations and it can be more detrimental than anything else. Relatives, friends, perhaps even a neighbor, people who are in your circle who become very “concerned” for your well-being will sometimes cross the line and can emotionally scar another person and even bring a severing to their relationship, all in the name of God, and walk away thinking they did something good. Maturity brings balance to the sword. Its purpose changes with our growth.

The Womb of a Man
Paul’s early years shows this as well. He imprisoned people, bound them to his belief system, even murdered people just because they didn’t believe the same way he did. Spiritually, we do same kind of thing all the time without blinking an eye. But later in this book, you will learn about the difference between the days of labor and the Day of Rest. It’s a person. And in rest, warfare is no longer necessary. The Word of God in you is in seed form. As it takes root and grows, it will produce fruit in you. In that fruit is the seed that was planted in you. That fruit is not for you, it’s for those around you. And as they receive the fruit of the spirit in you, they receive the seed in the fruit that was also birthed in you. And what you experienced, they will now experience.

The difference between the old and new, the warfare and the planting is, in the warfare years of maturity, it was seen as a believer’s responsibility to “teach/train” the new believers the “how-to’s” of Biblical matters. But when you walk in rest, there is no laboring to raise another into the light. You plant the seed and let the Spirit take it from there and it will mold the seed of truth and their personality together and it will change their nature. Can you see the difference here? It really is Scriptural. Hebrews tells us that in the last days . . .in our maturity in Christ,

In the days of labor, the church has evolved into embedding the idea that there’s only one way to understand scripture and that is through much studying and gathering as much information pertinent to the topic at hand and gathering as much information as possible. At which point, we put all the information together and come to our conclusions as to what was being said. So when the idea now comes in that it’s not about obtaining knowledge, but it’s simply accepting what is being seen within you, the latter throws up all kinds of red flags and “catches” in the spirits of others (us Pentecostals love using the term “catch in my spirit”) This is why my stance is that there needs to be a release, a disconnection of one’s mind from one’s heart in order for the truth of the Word to manifest in us.

I don’t know about other churches, but in our church, when it came to receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit, we actually had people that would stand next to you while you were praying, they’d lay hands on you and they would talk in tongues in your ear so you could hear what talking in tongues sounded like. It went from a spiritual experience to a mental one. And the moment you started stuttering, they got all excited and made it official. You were basically “trained” on how to talk in tongues. You were “taught”.

Even that topic has shifted in me as well. It’s not about talking literally with a foreign tongue as much as it is talking in the same language, but on a whole other plain. I could be talking in perfect English, but the words I’m saying are foreign to the listener because they’ve not yet had the personal experience of the kingdom of heaven manifest in them yet, so the whole language is foreign to them. It’s like trying to talk to your teenaged kids. You need an interpreter to get through all of the jargon they use. It’s the same here, only the interpreter is not a teacher or preacher, it’s the Holy Spirit within you

Seeds that are planted in another is simply sharing what you see, all the while, being aware of the season of the one you’re speaking to. Remember, revelational things are intimate by nature. It’s not something you do on national television. It’s birthed through individual relationships between you and the Father, and then you and another person by way of one on one conversations. So as you share, you share with those who have come into season to receive what you’re seeing. It’s not about understanding, it’s about receiving. Understanding will come of it’s own accord through the birthing and maturing of the seed. That’s not our responsibility to make sure it’s maturing, it is God’s spirit that works that miracle in us, not we ourselves.

Hebrews 8
10For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, saith the Lord; I will put my laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts: and I will be to them a God, and they shall be to me a people:
11And they shall not teach every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord: for all shall know me, from the least to the greatest.
12For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more.
13In that he saith, A new covenant, he hath made the first old. Now that which decayeth and waxeth old is ready to vanish away.

As a planter, I no longer am concerned about the battles with others. I’m no longer concerned about making sure they “get it”. I plant the seed and let the Holy Spirit be the Holy Spirit to them. The difference between man teaching man, and the Holy Spirit teaching man is, only the Holy Spirit can make it personal. When it becomes personal to me, it changes my nature. When it becomes personal to me, it’s no longer just knowledge, it becomes my experience. And once it becomes an experience, it becomes a part of who I am, of my nature. And as we shared before, a person with an experience is never at the mercy of a person with an argument.

For me when it’s speaking of things waxing old and vanishing away, on the surface, it’s dealing with the old covenant and law, but it also applies to these things we’re talking about here in letting go of the elementary principles. The church is quick to identify with the manna that comes daily, fresh and new and that’s a great thing. But I’ve yet to see the church be willing to let go of yesterday’s manna for a fresh word today.

The organized church has positioned itself in such a way that it can’t change. Its established its doctrines with ordinances and it would take a supreme court to modify its belief system to allow any kind of change. And God doesn’t just want change, he wants a complete renovation. We preach about new wine in old bottles, all they while we’ve attached ourselves to an immovable belief system. The bigger the organization, the more impossible it is to accept change. We got the yesterday and today down pretty good. But we’ve not accommodated the maturity and growth to make room for the “forever” to manifest in us.

We watch these documentaries about the kings of Egypt burial sights and how they would take all these earthly possessions and bury them with them with the intent that they’ll need them in the after life. And as “we” watch them, we kind of chuckle at the idea of taking objects with us when we pass on. Then we go to church and do that very thing in our belief systems. When the time comes for us to mature in our relationship with the Father and he’s forever desiring to take us to the next level with him. Just like a guy, always wanting the relationship to go to the next level with his girlfriend.

But we think that we can take the principles and doctrines we had while operating on one level in our relationship with the Father, that those things we embraced and utilized before, we can incorporate into this next level of relationship with the Father as well. Even though, the patterns all throughout scripture are of letting go of the former things in order to receive the latter things. If you mention the idea of walking away from what got you here, there are a few moments of awkwardness before a quiet (hopefully it’s a quiet one) rejection to that kind of thinking is expressed.

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone that you had grown very close to and connected very deeply with and then things went sour and you broke up and you’d hear the famous lovers phrase “I still want to be friends”? You ever do that? It’s nearly impossible to be intimately close with someone emotionally or otherwise, and then “just be friends”. The relationship has evolved too much for it to put everything in reverse so that you could return to a platonic relationship. Well, multiply that by a hundred times or more, and that’s what you have with Christ.

He desires to always take us to the next level of relationship with him. But if we continue to embrace just the platonic side of the relationship, we’ll never experience the intimacy of him in us. That’s what this is all about. It’s not about stating extremely controversial things just for the shock value. It’s about raising the awareness that the platonic relationship the church has had over the years no longer can remain platonic. It’s time to go on to the next level. Yet instead of embracing that, most reject it all together due to the veil over the minds of men.

But I want to declare to you there is a whole realm of God that is yet to be experienced by the people of the church, and it’s the best realm yet. It’s the realm of the holy of holies. It’s the realm of the Sabbath, the Day of Rest. It is the place where we stop laboring and start functioning in Christ. It is the third dimension. It is the realm of the Spirit. And that is the source from where this book flows. It comes from the depths of the Spirit and brings freedom, life and light to the realm of the flesh.

It’s the Peter Experience all over again. When Jesus asked “Who do “you” say that I am . . .” he was opening a door into the realm of the Spirit where Peter’s mind could not enter in, but his spirit could flow out. And the revelation that manifested, now get this because it’s really important, this revelation didn’t come “in” to Peter, it came “out” of him. By the profession of his mouth, he was manifesting the evidence of revelation transformation happening inside of him. And that’s what seeing scripture spiritually means. It means you see an “inward” picture from an outward illustration.

When it talks about men in scripture, it’s referring to “man” in me. When men were at war with each other in scripture, I see man at war within me. And when I see that, then passages throughout scripture begin coming to me affirming that very truth. So when we read in revelation about what appears to be destruction to this earth and the men on it, I now know that it’s actually a celebrative picture of “man” being destroyed in me, along with my own “earthiness”. And instead of God destroying men, he’s destroying “man” in men. It’s all inward. And it’s all about the finished work of Christ. It’s not about doom and gloom.

When I read it spiritually, the things that seemed dark and destructive are now just the opposite. To have the carnal man destroyed in me is a good thing. My mind is a bottomless pit. My mind is an antichrist. You can try to convince the world of a loving God who is going to destroy them if you want to, but it just doesn’t fit for me anymore. I’d like to think that I’ve “matured” out of that stage of death and damnation and been led into the realm of true light and life.

Adam began in the spiritual state in the garden, but when he chose knowledge over life, he chose the realm of death. And that’s just what happens to us now. The minute we’re born, we begin to die. Cancer doesn’t come to people because God sent it as a curse because they did this or didn’t do that. If that’s true, then the finished work of the cross isn’t really finished after all. It’s only active with supplements. The supplements would then be the daily trials and failures that we tend to blame God for.

What we’re really saying then is, yeah, Jesus died for you, but that’s not enough. God still has bad things happen so that he can keep you under control. You make a bad decision, he allows bad things to happen to counter your bad decision. I’m sorry, but that’s not God. The reason why bad things happen is not because God let them, it’s because this is earth, it is cursed due to the fallen nature of man, who is also fallen. The sickness, diseases, trials and tribulations are all a part of what goes with the realm that Adam chose to identify with. My spirit is not part of this realm. The misalignment began with the first Adam, but it ended with the last Adam.

However, what God does do is, he takes that which is death and destruction and he creates light and life from it. For that reason, we go through trials and tribulation, for that is the passage that brings light and life. This realm is the trials and tribulation realm. God didn’t bring it, it’s the result of carnal decisions made of natural men. We have the authority to turn that around. The tribulation gives us strength to mature in that authority. And that is where the church is being led to. Into the realm where spirit once again is to rule over flesh. And that is the path I so greatly long for in my own life every day.

So now, as we hear the cry to leave the labors of our minds behind, to stop listening to the voice of dissention, and cause our minds to submit to our spirit, we can realize, embracing the doctrine of Christ is not maturing, it’s deforming. This is not demeaning the power of the blood of the Lamb at all. It’s putting that power back in its rightful place. Who is satan? It’s the adversarial nature against God, governing every carnal mind in men. It’s the governing force of carnality in this realm. It is the mind of flesh in men. It is the “man” in men.

Who’s the devil? He’s the same as satan. In that carnality, we become traducers, accusers and offenders. Who is Lucifer? Yeah, yet another gnat elevated to an idol status. God simply replicates the gnat in us until it becomes a swarm consuming us, bringing us to a state of brokenness where our minds are ready, pleading for a release from ourselves.

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