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Chapter Ten

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Chapter Ten

We’ve elaborated on two of the three things that we said the Bible was. First, it’s a book of seeds and we’re the planters that accept this spiritual seed and take in into ourselves, let it grow and feed the fruit of what has matured to others. But these seeds are not to be forced on others, but simply offered. If they receive what you’re saying, then you can open up more to them as long as they’re hungry for more. But if all they want to do is debate, save your seed for another who is receptive rather than argumentative.

The second thing we said the Bible was, is a book of patterns. And we will utilize these patterns more and more as we move on to other things. Numbers, Colors, even signs in the heavens, the sun, moon and stars fall into specific patterns that God laid out at the foundation of the earth for all the earth declares his glory. Numbers, colors, and signs ever so neatly intertwined with each other, all the while proclaiming the gospel of Christ based on relationship. Not to mention metals, stones and garments also are all keys very relevant to the message that lies beneath the story. Sadly, man has twisted this relationship into religion. But no matter, nothing man does will ever prevent God’s plan from being fulfilled. We saw a prime example of that at the cross. Which brings us to the third thing the Bible is, it’s a book of time-tables.

Psalm 90:4
For a thousand years in your sight are like a day that has just gone by, or like a watch in the night

2 Peter 3:8
8But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

Even the mainline churches will refer to these verses at times. It’s another key that unlocks even greater underlying truths. The traditional churches will use this passage to pad their theories of the rapturing of the church. They do okay with it until they get to the seventh day, then they jump into something a man revealed to them, and say it was God, rather than remaining consistent in their assessments as to what is literal and what is not. Their theory is that the seventh day is in connection with the millennial reign of Christ after the seven year tribulation. Let’s just say this now. Everything that was to be taken literal, was not written for this generation to take it literally, but for the generation it was originally and literally written to.

Knowing Naturally, Applying Morally, Pursuing Spiritually
From Genesis to Revelation, it’s all written for the people of that day to take it for it’s literal understanding. What “our” generation is to do is, learn what it actually says historically, or naturally, apply it morally, but pursue it spiritually. Unfortunately, what has happened is, they try to apply it literally and enforce it morally and call it spiritual. Once again, the logic of men have over-ridden the spirit of Truth and Love. But let’s get back on course ourselves and read with understanding that spiritual tumblers turn in us every time we open this door of the kingdom when dealing with a time-table.

Changing of the Guard
Since the day Adam was created to Jesus, it was 4,000 years. It was on the 4th day of creation that God created the Sun, moon and stars. What God created on these days in Genesis, are all patterns of Christ. The Sun, moon and stars, all illuminate light, be it by radiating light themselves, or reflecting light as it reaches them. Both are spiritual pictures of the nature of Christ. He obviously is the light and life, but he also reflects the light of the Father upon all men.

Since Jesus, it’s been 2,000 years, or, 2 more days. That makes a total of 6 days. At the turn of the century mark, there’s been what is called a changing of the guard. Without getting to technical with this, it is understood that our calendar today is not the same calendar that was used by the Jews and that’s all taken under consideration with the fact that we’re not here to debate natural time frames, but we’re here to see the spiritual pattern. You will see more on this changing of the guard later on.

Secondly, it really doesn’t matter on this just how precise this is particularly because it doesn’t change the truth that we are entering into the 7th day. This is where the mainline church splits off from truth. They have to. In order for the Bible to fit their charts, grafts and time-tables of their own, they have no other choice but to claim that Jesus is coming at any second to take the bride away. And then the earth is going to literally fall apart, even though men will survive after all the stars have fallen from the sky, the sun and moon no longer give light or heat, on and on and on. But in truth, the entire earth is being exposed to a Sabbath Day Light in our generation.

Very Effective at the Wrong Things
Thousands of books have made millions of dollars and invoked fear in millions of people over the years, as a result of their warped proclamations of the same thing generation after generation of religious leaders have been proclaiming. “Any minute now, Jesus could come back and leave you behind!!” And being the sheep we are, we are quick to accept that kind of banter, all the while, never once giving the thought or question the point that, if God is Love, why on earth would he woo me with intimidation and fear tactics?

That’s a very elementary way of addressing a very broad issue of which we don’t want to get to deeply in here at this point. But at the same time, it’s a perfect example of what happens when you take a book of spiritual seeds of truth and try to dissect it with a natural logic. Mixing oil and water is a perfect spiritual picture of spirit and soul. It just doesn’t work.

Let the sword of the spirit divide the soul from spirit, the natural from spiritual. And as your relationship grows and it becomes more mature in Christ, your ability to see through the spiritual eyes of Christ will become less second nature to you and more primary nature. It’s all about order. Not control, but order. And that order is not what you do, but where you are. It is spirit, soul, then body. It truly doesn’t require a well-schooled mind, just an obedient and hungry one.

Okay, so, it is true that we are, right now, entering into the seventh day of creation. But we’re not going anywhere, not now, not later. He most definitely is coming here, let’s not get carried away or crazy with this. He is coming here, but not to remove us, but instead, to set up his kingdom “here”. Like everything else, once you begin “dwelling” in the spirit, in the kingdom, in the 3rd dimension of truth, your perspective on everything will be transformed. Nothing is being taken away. If anything, order is being restored. Just for the sake of raising the interest of what’s been said, read these passages and we’ll move on. Just who is leaving and who is staying?

Proverbs 30:10
The righteous shall never be removed. But the wicked shall not inhabit the earth

Proverbs 2:21
For the upright shall dwell in the land. And the perfect shall remain in it. But the wicked shall be cut off from the earth and the transgressors shall be rooted out of it.

Converging on the Seventh Day
The seventh day, traditionally, emphasizes the removal of the church; the vengeance of God on the earth, and then the millennial reign of Christ after the earth is beaten, bruised, and eventually destroyed all together. And then that millennial reign with be just us and Jesus. But what if that’s a man’s logical interpretation of a spiritual truth? What if men who were still living in the 6th day, with a works-based mentality, only interpreted the literal story, instead of realizing it is no different than the rest of Scripture?

That it is also a parable; it’s an earthly story with a heavenly meaning? That there’s a much deeper and more powerful message beneath these mysterious pages of dragons and beasts that instill a spirit of worship rather than fear. That could change the face of the religious movement as we know it! And I believe that is God’s intention.

Just as he had to remove the deep religious roots from the Jewish nation before establishing his roots of relationships into the heart of man, as a result of their identity being in their religion instead of their relationship with Christ, so he is also removing the religious church for the same reasons, in order to establish his church of relationship as well. It’s yet another manifestation of the same pattern of God’s nature.

It’s Not the Natural Temple That Should Concern You
When Jesus was standing before his beloved disciples in Matthew 24 and he proclaimed that “not one stone will be left on top of the other . .” he was not just referring to brick and mortar. He was talking about belief systems; religious mindsets; current-day denominations. He was prophetically speaking of “this” temple of flesh.

Those stones were in the natural, part of a natural temple that became the focus of their worship. Instead of worshiping God through the temple, they worshiped the temple and claimed they were the voice of God. It’s tragically ironic that the very thing they crucified Jesus for, that he was blaspheming God, they themselves were the most guilty of all, The very same accusation they tried to bring against him, they were doing themselves. Religion truly does blind the natural mind from spiritual truth.

It’s All In the Condition of the Heart
The Word of God is the seed of life to some, a stumbling block to others. It’s the same Word, but it’s the condition of the heart that causes the Word to manifest productively, or destructively. This kingdom that Jesus began to build at the proclamation to Peter, (Upon this Rock . . .) is one that’s founded in intimate spiritual relationship, not religious knowledge.

This is why it’s said that this vision of the kingdom is not one that can be taught as much as it is simply shared or revealed. It doesn’t come by observation, because the kingdom of God is in you. How did it get there? Through your relationship with Christ, of whom the Father revealed to you as the Messiah, just as he did with Peter.

Keys of truth can be brought to your attention. But only the Spirit of God can reveal to you the truth that’s behind the doors these keys unlock in your understanding. It’s not about teaching information. It’s about personally experiencing revelation through relationship.

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