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"Is our cloth inside out?"

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1 "Is our cloth inside out?" on Sun Oct 14, 2012 5:11 pm


God led me to 1 Kings chapter one today, and this was the result:

I understand this chapter as a whole in line with the parable by Christ in taking the seat of honor at a banquet. But the first verse in itself speaks a lot and then continues the understanding of the process with the virgin girl.

The nature of man in that parable is; man takes the seat of honor before it is given to him by the Father. If we understand that David is us before the joining of the female/man in us (soul and spirit), the clothes (or blankets) that are put upon us is the law and the law could not bring warmth (love) to his body.

Meaning, that if we become like the God of the Old Testament (taking the seat of honor), in what He was teaching mankind, that of obedience to the law, the obedience to the law is not how we get a person to love another, meaning that love for Christ does not come from us obeying His laws, our love for Him becomes love in us towards Him when we do break His laws and we are forgiven by Him when we do break His law.

The forgiveness of sins is how we get another to love us, not through them obeying everything we tell them to do.

Laws are for the purpose of teaching respect for authority but laws cannot teach a person how to love another person. Forgiveness is how a person is taught to love another. If someone sins against us, we can first bring up the law in that they have no respect for us and the proof of that is that they did sin against us.

It is when we forgive them of the sin against us, the forgiveness they received from us is returned as love towards us from them, but if they continue to sin against us, they are remaining in their sin rather than learning from it and by that they learn to take advantage of forgiveness (take advantage of the kindness of God).

Conclusion, Getting a person to respect God; "a respect for authority" comes through the understanding of the law and the obedience of it, but getting a person to love God comes through the forgiveness from God when we break His laws.

Does the cloth that we wear have the laws written upon it that is seen by others, or does it have forgiveness written upon it that is seen by others? God turns it inside out, where what is written on the inside of the cloth (the law) is next to our body, but what is seen by the world is what is now written on the outside (forgiveness), the forgiveness of God through us. (our cloth has writings on both sides).


I sent this as a PM message to Scherryl and she thought I should post it, which when she responded she said something that made sense so that is why it is here.

This was her response:

Brother that was Awesome, I think you should post that.

It reminds me of the ark (Noah's) pitched within and without, and also the Ark of the covenant, wood overlaid with Gold.

Those were my thoughts as I read.

Great insight.end of her response

What caught my attention was the Ark of the covenant, wood overlaid with Gold. The law will be done away with and all that will be left is the love of God that came through forgiveness.

Just wanted to add that thought.


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2 Re: "Is our cloth inside out?" on Mon Oct 15, 2012 3:41 pm


This is so huge, Rick. Thank you for sharing this. You know the message I want my garments displaying. Or better to cast them off entirely in trade for His garments, the ones with the message indelibly crafted into the weave.

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