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When things are slow on the forum for you . . .

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I want to just take a minute to promote some of the stuff I've been posting outside of the conversations. Every time I punch up the formatting as I prepare to post the Revelation stuff, it just stirs so much up in me all over again. There's so much good stuff in there that continues to over-whelm me. And it might also help you understand where I'm at with most of my posts as well. I kinda birthed out of what I've exposed myself to in the process of typing all of that out, and then using it for curriculum and just submerging myself in it for the following five years of my life afterward.

There is a more in there than what I could ever explain, but I just wanted to encourage you, when things get slow in the conversations on the forum . . .or you just want a change of pace . . . take some time and do some reading in there . . .you won't be disappointed!! cheers

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